In the face of mounting skepticism over the upcoming American-backed summit, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Jewish activists recently that progress toward a two-state solution is vital to confronting Iran. She had even deliberately misinterpreted recent opinion polls to justify the useless conference in Annapolis. Why are so many elaborate lies being made in order to deprive Jews of their ancestral land and blame Israel for every ugly policy of Arab/Muslim countries and for each folly of US international policy?

Rice said that Israelis must be prepared for “difficult and painful sacrifices” for some of their longest-held aspirations to be met during upcoming talks with Palestinian leaders. She never asked for “sacrifices” from Arabs, only Jews must make them! Arabs may continue with the occupation of the Jewish land; terrorism in Israel and around the world; mafia style blackmail of the world and milking UN and the international organizations as a cash-cow!

There have been many similar anti-Israel stooges before Condoleezza Rice. All of them have used the ‘friendship’ card; economic, political and military pressure and outrageous lies to force Israel into submission. The list includes: Former US president Carter, Hilary Clinton during her husband’s presidency (at the moment she is quiet due to the elections), as well as strings of US envoys, the UN secretaries and endless number of international hypocrites. It is time to say a decisive “NO” to all of them.

Peace in Israel and the Middle East will only be possible after Israel regains control of all Jewish lands and Arabs understand that their deceitful games and manipulations do not work any more. For this, we need an Israeli government that cares about the future of its own people and puts the interests of Israel first. We need that Jews come to the realisation that no one else will bring us peace. The goal is achievable only if we all, regardless of individual level of religiosity or political affiliation, unite and start work diligently toward the unification of our land, ignoring our ‘well-wishing friends’! The ‘old world’ must shake off its historically intrinsic anti-Semitism! They have never been interested in the welfare of Jews. Why should we listen to them?

We all must begin to face the reality. The only way to stop international Islamic terror is by starting to fight it! The pretence approach does not work. It is a Whitewash! Osama bin Laden has not been captured; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Sudan and other quiet ‘achievers’ are still supporting terrorism with impunity. If only all of those anti-Israel stooges had the same devotion and interest to fighting Islamic terrorism? When the world becomes real about the war on terror, Islamic terrorism will be easily stopped!