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Dear Friends,

I began publishing my editorial letters about the Arab-Israel conflict at the end of 2001.

Most people, including many Jews, are driven by emotions and by pre-conceived ideas. Often opinions are formed under the influence of the world media manipulation. Facts and logic are ignored and distorted. Neither Israeli governments nor Jewish leadership have been doing anything about the PR side of the Arab-Israel conflict.

I try to disseminate several points in my letters:

  1. Israel is the front-line defense in the war between Wahabism – Islamic expansionism and Western democracies.
  2. UN anti-Israel bias and double-standard is applied to Israel by the International community.
  3. Jewish people have the right to live in peace on the all land of their ancestors.
  4. Israel is the only Jewish state. There are many Muslim countries, including 22 Arab ones. They have enough land to accommodate all Arabs.
  5. Negotiation will not stop terrorism, it only makes it stronger.

Elie Wiesel said:

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference.
The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.
And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.

As members of the Western democratic society, we all have an obligation to fight indifference and to protect our way of life – Democracy, Social justice and Freedom of Speech.

The blind bashing of Israel is not a part of a true democracy. It is ugly leftover of the “Old World “.

My Best Regards,

Steven Shamrak

OBJECTIVE – Statement of Purpose

This site distributes facts and ideas to let people gain the knowledge and understanding of the Arab-Israel conflict, as well as expose anti-Semitic lies, concealed as anti-Israel propaganda.

The main goal of this site is to build support among both the Jewish and non-Jewish community, regardless of their political and belief affiliation, in order to help them become active defenders and propagators of the Jewish National Goal – Eretz-Israel – the Land of Israel.

Our intent is not merely to present educational reading. This is a call for all decent people to rebel against the hypocrisy of the international community.

There is an urgent need to fight apathy and indifference. Jewish leadership and Jewish communities must be encouraged from within, to regain self-respect and recognise the existential danger Jews are facing at the moment.

It is vital to emphasize and understand the following points:

  • The Jewish claim for the land called The Palestine Mandate has religious, historical, moral and legal foundations. This fact was recognised in July, 1922 by the League of Nations.
  • Since then, the Jewish people were systematically robbed of their rightful inheritance. At the moment, Israel is in control of only 18% of the Mandate, including Judea, Samaria and Gaza!
  • There should be no difference in political Left or Right attitude in relation to Jewish national rights to the Jewish ancestral land and to the right of Israel to exist.
  • The International community, the press and political establishments, are biased against Israel and apply double standards where Jewish and Israel rights are concerned.
  • Negotiation with the enemy will not bring peace to Israel. The policies based on appeasement and self-delusion only escalate the terror and encourage violence against all Jewish people and not in Israel only.
  • From the beginning, our enemies, not only the Muslim states, have never been interested in survival of the state of Israel. Indeed, their objective is the annihilation of Israel.
  • Only well-planned decisive actions toward achieving the Jewish National Goal can bring peace to Israel and end the Arab-Israel conflict!

The World must understand that Israel is the front-line of defence in the global war between Wahabism, the philosophy of Islamic expansionism, and the world of Infidels! The war is energised by continually fostering hatred toward Israel and the Western countries by Muslim radical leadership. This is a war between civilisations! This is not just a Jewish problem.

HA’UMA – The Nation

The word “HaUma” is translated into the English as “the Nation”.

Writing letters, articles or fighting anti-Israel bias in the media are important activities, but hardly enough to achieve the shift of political direction!

Ha’Uma is the concept of creating a grass-root network of people and organizations, of various political views, with commitment to active and determined work toward the achievement of the Jewish National goal:   

Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land – Eretz Israel

There are many individuals, groups, organisations and even parties who share the same inclination. In order to change the status quo, Jewish people and our true friends must be united in one formidible force.

We must disseminate the truth about the Arab-Israel conflict and fight apathy within Jewish communities. We can start promoting the idea among the members of our own family, friends and within the organisations we belong to.

Remember, we are creating our own reality. Just imagine, if Moses, Joshua and Jabotinski had resigned to the ‘current reality’ and had given up their dreams.

There are no legal, historical or moral grounds for the Arab claims. Compromise has not worked and will not work. It will only bring the annihilation of Israel and Jewish people. Only by uniting Jewish people and our true friends behind the idea of Eretz Israel – Land of Israel, it is possible to bring peace to Israel and to the region.

If you would like to actively participate in this endeavour, please send a message to: shamrakreport@gmail.com (and type “Re: HaUma Membership” on Subject line).


Dear visitors,

My name is Steven Shamrak. I was born in the former Soviet Union, where for several years I was an active participant in the Moscow Zionist movement, particularly in the Jewish Law seminar. I worked as a Construction Engineer at the Moscow Olympic Games projects and as a Computer Engineer in Australia.

Since 2001, I have been publishing a free Internet editorial letter on the Arab-Israel conflict. I am not a journalist or a political science academic. This allows me express freely ideas about the right of Jewish people to regain full control over the land of their ancestors without concern for rejection and banishment by my learned and distinguished colleagues.

I am not affiliated with, reporting to or sponsored by any organization, political party or movement. Often, I find association with them unproductive, as most Jewish organizations, even Zionist ones, are apathetic, dismissive and even hostile toward the original Zionist idea – the Jewish State on both banks of the river Jordan.

In my letters, I inform my readers about news, which are not predominantly covered by the mainstream media, and publish my own articles and opinions. Occasionally, I send some of my articles to the web-based publications.

I hope you find the information covered in this site and my editorial letters interesting.


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