Zionists Bought and Built Eretz-Israel

by Daniel Pipes

Zionists stole Palestinian land: that's the mantra both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas teach their children and propagate in their media… The accusation of theft also undermines Israel's position internationally. But is this accusation true?

No, it is not. Ironically, the building of Israel represents about the most peaceable in-migration and state creation in history… Zionist efforts to build a presence in the Holy Land until 1948 stand out as astonishingly mild, as mercantile rather than military. Two great empires, the Ottomans and the British, ruled Eretz Yisrael; in contrast, Zionists lacked military power. They could not possibly achieve statehood through conquest.

Instead, they purchased land. Acquiring property dunam by dunam, farm by farm, house by house, lay at the heart of the Zionist enterprise until 1948 (including most of the land in Judea and Samaria, as well as some Jewish land which is still occupied by Syria and Jordan). The Jewish National Fund, founded in 1901 to buy land in Palestine "to assist in the foundation of a new community of free Jews engaged in active and peaceable industry," was the key institution – and not the Haganah, the clandestine defense organization founded in 1920.

Only when the British mandatory power gave up on Palestine in 1948, followed immediately by an all-out attempt by Arab states to crush and expel the Zionists, did the latter take up the sword in self defense and go on to win land through military conquest. Even then, as the historian Efraim Karsh demonstrates in Palestine Betrayed, most Arabs fled their lands; exceedingly few were forced off.

This history contradicts the Palestinian account that "Zionist gangs stole Palestine and expelled its people" which led to a catastrophe "unprecedented in history" (according to a PA 12th-grade textbook) or that Zionists "plundered the Palestinian land and national interests, and established their state upon the ruins of the Palestinian Arab people" (writes a columnist in the PA's daily). International organizations, newspaper editorials, and faculty petitions reiterate this falsehood worldwide. (All those inflammatory accusations are made in violation of the Oslo accord!)

Israelis should hold their heads high and point out that the building of their country was based on the least violent and most civilized movement of any people in history. (Most of so-called Palestinians, who claim that they owned the land, had been working for or renting it from Arab, Turkish or Egyptian landlords who sold it to Jews with a hefty profit!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Public opinion is deliberately manipulated by bias and skewed news information, but nobody protests. Last week, most news publications ran a headline Assad loyalists kill 10 in Homs”. Only few of them barely mentioned that this major sectarian violence was sparked after the mutilated bodies of three “regime supporters” (members of Alowi sect, which Assad belong to), who were killed by members of ‘democratic movement’, were found in the central of the city. I am not an Assad fan, after all Syria is technically in the war with Israel, but press has been using the tricks reporting news about Israel the same ‘integrity’!

Hate for Israel is Stronger than Hate for Each Other

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has asked Cairo to arrange for him to visit Gaza. Obstacles still to be overcome are concern that al Qaeda operating in the Gaza Strip and Sinai will try to assassinate him; and strenuous objections from Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who sees the visit as de facto Turkish and Egyptian recognition of the Hamas government.

Dangerous Advancing of Hizballah

On the fifth anniversary of Israel's second Lebanon war this week, as former IDF generals and military experts hailed its outcome as the winning deterrent keeping the Shiite terrorist Hizballah at bay ever since, Hassan Nasrallah quietly completed the organization's takeover of Lebanon's security and intelligence agencies and took delivery of advanced ballistic missiles from Syria. Hizballah is therefore going from strength to strength in Lebanon.

Well Done Stuxnet

Intelligence sources report that the Stuxnet malworm which played havoc with Iran's nuclear program for eleven months was not purged after all. Tehran never did overcome the disruptions caused by Stuxnet or restore its centrifuges to smooth and normal operation as was claimed.

What Global Warming - Arabs don’t Care

Dubai's non-stop running air-conditioners help drive the emirate's summer peak demand per person to more than three times that of Spain, where cooling demand from its 47 million citizens has also surged over the last decade.

Greed was a Motivation for ‘Peace’

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has told investigators that Israel pays a much higher price for natural gas than any other country to which Egypt sells the fuel. In fact, Mubarak claims that Israel pays three times as much as anyone else. He claimed that Israel was forced to pay prices three-times above market value.

Corrupt Politicians Protect anti-Israel Organizations

The Knesset voted not to establish parliamentary committees of inquiry into foreign-funded non-governmental organizations NGOs operating in Israel. Proponents of the bills said that such organizations are currently undermining Israel's security and political standing, and are funded by hostile governments.

Arab Dictators are ‘Palestinian’ Supporters

The regime of embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad has recognized the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign state. Syria now regards the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Damascus as the official embassy of the 'Palestinian state.' (Most so-called Palestinians, including Abbas family, came from Syria. Why not make Damascus their capital and Syria their country?)

Are You Ready to be Whipped?

A Sydney man has appeared in court over an alleged Sharia law whipping of a man forty times with an electric flex. Police said a recent convert to Islam was held down and whipped for having gone drinking with friends. Police have arrested and charged another man in relation in relation to the attack, and are still seeking two others. Ritual was performed in accordance with Sharia law, with complete disregard toward laws of Australia. Two years ago there was an international outcry when a woman in Sudan was sentenced to forty lashes for wearing trousers. (Anti-Semites of all kinds must realise that if Israel falls, they are next. Israel is the front line of defence against global Islamization of the world! In some Western countries Muslim communities are already demanding legalisation of the Sharia law.)

Quote of the Week:

"If you make the (UN) General Assembly into something more than what it is, than you are giving it authority and legitimacy it doesn't have." - John Bolton, the former US envoy to the UN - Many sovereign states, including the United States and Muslim countries, regularly disregard unfavorable, unjust or bias UN’s resolutions. It is time for Israel to start exercising its independence!

Endless anti-Israel Support

So-called Palestinians are better off than some of the people who are footing most of the PA bills. Percentage of the population who live below the poverty line:

West Bank (under PA control) 16%

Washington, D.C. 18.9%.

Greece 20%.

Israel 24%.

Palestinians are already receiving more money in international financial assistance than other groups who are struggling in far more dire circumstance. Per capita Foreign Assistance 2009:

Palestinian Authority $725.00

Afghanistan $219.00

Sudan $56.00

Central African Republic $53.00

Ethiopia $48.00

Democratic Republic Congo $34.60

Niger $31.20

Bangladesh $8.00

In fact, the Palestinians are the top per-capita aid recipients in the history of the planet. It’s not just how much, but how long Palestinians have received international welfare that breaks all records. For 63 years, the US, European nations and the UN have been nonstop donors.  While all refugees in the world receive assistance for a few years from the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, Palestinians have their own, seemingly eternal source of UN welfare under the auspices of the United Nations Relief United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).  

Set up in 1949 with a temporary, three-year mandate (UNGA Resolution 302IV) to provide aid and jobs for 700,000 Palestinian refugees, UNRWA has grown into a permanent institution for the only people allowed to hold refugee status for over sixty years.  The number of “refugees” has inflated to 4,618,141 since refugee status is an inheritance which is passed on to all descendants and their descendants no matter where they live. (International anti-Semitic idiots claim that it is all done in the name of peace and humanitarian aid. In fact, they have been assisting Arabs to destroy Israel, the only Jewish state.)