You May not be pro-Israel IF…

by Moshe Phillips

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you support the establishment of a “Palestinian State”.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think that there is any “Final Status” for Jerusalem other than as the Eternal and United Capitol of the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if the words “Final Status” does not sound in your ears just too close to “Final Solution”.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you fail to advocate the immediate relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Te Aviv.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think that “East Jerusalem” is anything but a myth created to wrench Jerusalem away from Israel.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think a return to Israel’s 1967 borders would place Israel in a better strategic and defensible position than where it stands now.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you still think the piece of paper Israel received in exchange for the Sinai’s oil reserves, tourism revenue and strategic depth… in a post-Mubarak Egypt were worth it. 

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think the U.N is fair to Israel.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think the mainstream media portrays news from Israel accurately.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you fail to question the decades old U.S. State Department’s Arabist policies.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas ever sincerely wanted true peace.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you think Israel should be held to a higher moral standard than other nations.

You may not be “Pro-Israel” if you believe that negotiations are the answer.

Action Alert: Support Passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution by US House of Representatives The world kept silent during and after the genocide of almost 1.5 million Armenians by Turks, who are still denying it, during 1915–1917. This atrocity was facilitated by international indifference and silence and paved the way for the Holocaust!

Kingdom of Israel Existed in the 10th century BCE. A recently found and deciphered inscription dating from the 10th century BCE showed that it was a Hebrew inscription, making it the earliest known Hebrew writing.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

If a country has no self-respect why would others respect it? President Carter allowed the humiliation of the United States by Iran, during the hostage crisis, to go unpunished. Eight years after 9/11, Al Quaeda is thriving and Osama bin Laden is still alive. The major sponsor of international Islamic terrorism, Saudi Arabia, is an official ‘best friend’ of the United States! Similar statements can be made about Israel and its 60 years of so-called independence. It is time to regain our self-respect!

Abbas: There is no Difference between Hamas and Fatah. Palestinian Authority PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech a week ago that being in power is the only difference between his Fatah Party and the rival Hamas terrorist faction. “The Palestinian Authority is the legitimate authority and that is the difference.” In a particularly hard-line speech, he boasted that the Arab leaders in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Fatah) “have not offered any concessions from May 1988 until today.”

Israel’s Haiti Hospital Praised: Israeli Field Hospital a Model for Crisis Care (NBC News),  Israel's Makeshift ICU Saving Lives in Haiti (FOX News), Israel's Disproportionate Response (American Thinker), "No One Except the Israeli Hospital Has Taken Any of Our Patients" (CNN), Israeli IDF Hospital: The "Rolls Royce" of Medicine in Haiti (CBS News),  Israelis Save Trapped Earthquake Victim (BBC News), Miracle birth of baby Israel in Haiti (The Australian). (What have the oil rich Arab countries done to help Haiti and during other international disasters? Sponsoring international terrorism is the only thing they are good at!)

Who is Real Self-hating Extremist? The State Attorney's Office has instructed police to launch an investigation against journalist Natan Zahavi after he had announced a cash prize to anyone who would smash the face of settler or Haredi person who he said calls soldiers “Nazis” during his radio program. (The desire of the Jewish left to destroy their and Israel’s Jewishness is treason of the highest degree – Self-Hate must end!)

Congressman Challenges Obama Eligibility. A new media initiative by a group of citizen-journalists reports Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga., has written to President Obama asking him to prove his eligibility to hold the office of president. This is probably the first time in 233 years of American history that a sitting member of the House of Representatives has officially challenged the legitimacy of a sitting president. (Is it really so difficult for the president of the United States to find and produce his original birth certificate and stop blocking access to information about his birth?)

Arab Illegal Settlements Must Go First. Israeli soldiers have demolished 30 buildings in the small Palestinian village of Khirbit Tana, east of the Judea (northern West Bank) city of Nablus. In February of 2009, the Israeli High Court did not recognize the farmer’s ownership of the lands and ruled that all structures in Khirbit Tana should be demolished.

Quote of the Week: “…too many uninformed individuals who like to view themselves as open minded – ‘progressives’. They seem to somehow claim superiority on compassion, on peace, on open-mindedness and on appreciation of other cultures…  They restrict themselves to self-criticism and make politically-correct excuses for Islamism. Regrettably, they show their indisputable acceptance of ‘others’ at the expense of the public’s responsibility to learn the truth about Islam’s detrimental tenets.” - Dr. Wafa Sultan is a Syrian-born certified psychiatrist - It sounds like she wrote about self-hating Jews, doesn’t it?

Muslims Oppose Accepting Israel as a Jewish State. According to a creditable private poll of Saudi citizens taken in November 2009, only 9% of urban Saudis said they would accept Israel "as a Jewish state," even "under the right conditions." Meanwhile only 26% of Egyptians said they could accept Israel as a Jewish state, this in spite of the fact that the poll was taken thirty years after the implementation of a formal Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement. (Muslims love creating monotheistic Islamic states but are intolerant toward the Jewish one and demand freedom of religion in the Christian countries.)

Keep European anti-Semitic Trash out of Israel. Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Storr met last week with the head of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas' staff, Rafik al-Husseini, and PA Jerusalem Affairs minister Ahmed al-Rawidi, at the Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives. It was the first time a foreign dignitary had met a PA government official in Jerusalem since the closure of the Orient House in 2001.

What is Next - Another Round of Useless Sanctions? Iran has rejected a Western proposal that other countries prepare its enriched uranium for use in nuclear power plants. Western countries had said that they would impose further sanctions on Iran if it rejected the plan. But members of the United Nations security council - the US, Britain, France, China and Russia - as well as Germany could not agree on levying a fourth round of sanctions

No Apologies Expected. The Kuwaiti foreign minister Mohammad El Sabah has been quoted as saying, ''the government of Israel is not normal, and the person at its head is an imbecile and a nut case.''

What is Vatican Hiding? Following Pope Benedict the 16th's visit to the Great Synagogue in Rome, Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom called on the Vatican to open its archives from the Holocaust era in order to reduce the tension between Judaism and Christianity. (If the Vatican is so proud of the actions of Pope Pius XII during Holocaust, why 60 years later are the archives still closed and so the world is unable to ‘appreciate’ his ‘saintly deeds’?)

No Apologies are Offered. The Foreign Minister of Kuwait, Muhammad a-Sabah, on Sunday called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a "stupid and crazy ruler”. (Israel must stop apologising to arrogant enemies, including Turkey. They never do!)

Why Israel Humiliated Turkey.

A diplomatic spat is threatening to worsen Israel’s strained relations with Turkey, traditionally one of its most important allies in the region. The rift exposes growing Israeli frustration with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who in a bid to increase Turkey’s regional standing has increasingly spoken out against Israel.

This latest crisis included a showdown at Israel’s Foreign Ministry: Breaking with diplomatic protocol, Israeli officials failed to include the customary Turkish flag on the table between them and the Turkish ambassador, whom they seated on a low couch. “The message was, ‘We’ve had enough,’” says Ephraim Inbar, an expert on Turkey-Israel relations at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. “Erdogan has taken things too far. It might have not been the best treatment for an ambassador, but it came from the gut. The signal is that we’re not going to take it anymore.”