Death of Heroes Must not be In Vain!

On the eve of Israel's 62nd Independence Day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting with a quote from State visionary, Theodore Herzl: "Don't rely on the help of foreigners", contradicting Barak’s statement: “an agreement we need to work with the world, but mostly with the United States." (I wonder who the Israeli Defense Minister is representing? Not the interests of state of the Israel and Jewish people!)

“No More” Now! Since 2000, 968 Israelis have been murdered in terrorist attacks, and 17,000 have been wounded.

During the Memorial Day ceremony at Ammunition Hill, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, 'Heroes who fell here changed our way of life.' "Twice we have paid a heavy price in order to release the blockade on Jerusalem. The first time in the War of Independence and the second time when the city was bombed during the Six Day War," on Jerusalem's Ammunition Hill, the site of one of the fiercest battles. Netanyahu added, "One of the critical battles in this campaign took place here. True heroes fell here. They and their friends changed our country's way of life." "Forty-three years ago Jerusalem was a divided city with a wall at its heart. Today, along that same route the tracks are placed for the light rail, which will connect the thriving neighbourhoods that have been built over dozens of years," he said. "Jerusalem, once a divided city, has become a city of life, productivity and rejuvenation. "Not a day has gone by in which we have not extended our hand in peace to our neighbours. That hand is still reaching out to those who want peace.

Over the years we have learned that olive branches of peace will be obtained only if we remain strong and prepared to defend our country," the prime minister said. "The fighters of Ammunition Hill, as well as the other fighters, gave up their lives for the State of Israel. They believed in the righteousness of protecting the Jewish nation's only state."

Open Gates to Israeli Arabs. A delegation of 40 Israeli Arab community leaders, Knesset members, and journalists was making its way to Libya on Sunday morning, after crossing into Jordan. MK Ahmed Tibi told Israel Radio that the group is planning to ask Qadaffi to “open the gates of the Arab world to Israel's Arab minority.” The group is entering Libya without passports, on Qadaffi's orders. (They went to the enemy state, therefore they must not be allowed back to Israel.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is not enough to be just “pro-Israel” – it does not mean much nowadays! Israeli self-serving governments come and go, policies are changed daily! Only by being pro-Zionist, in the true meaning of the word, will Jews be able to end the ugly status quo, bring peace to Israel and reunite Eretz-Israel!

34 Arab Arm Dealers Arrested. The police arrested 34 arms dealers in Arab communities in the Galilee in a wide-scale operation. The operation began about half a year ago when the Galilee District Police recruited a resident of one of the Galilee villages as an undercover agent.

Idiot has Opened His Mouth Again. Israel's defense minister, Ehud Barak, said in an interview on Israel Radio that the world will not put up with decades more of Israeli rule over the Palestinian people. (He could say that it is time to end the occupation of Jewish land by its real occupiers, so-called Palestinians. The world happily ignores and encourages the occupation of Jewish land!)

US Political Schizophrenia or Tricky Policy? The Obama administration appeared torn by internal debate when on Wednesday, April 21, US deputy defense secretary Michele Flournoy said: "The US has ruled out a military strike against Iran's nuclear program any time soon" - only to be contradicted a few hours later when the Pentagon spokesman denied the United States had dropped its military option. Iranian officialdom believes the debate is a trick to put them to sleep, while the US gradually builds up its Persian Gulf forces to peak in two or three months. In a memo several months ago to top White House officials, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned that Washington has no long-term policy for dealing with Iran's nuclear program. (the New York Times)

Quote of the Week: “Treatment of the Arab refugees from Palestine violates the Mission Statement of UNHCR which says "By assisting refugees to return to their own country or to settle permanently in another country, UNHCR also seeks lasting solutions to their plight." Instead, UN created UNRWA to perpetuate the Arab refugee status. Billions were spent to maintain Arabs in 59 refugee camps, instead of resettlement in their indigenous countries.” - Israel Zwick

Rockets Fired from Jordan. According to reports, two Grad-type Katyusha rockets were fired from Jordan towards Eilat on Thursday morning. One rocket exploded in Jordan’s Aqaba resort while a third one fell into the Red Sea.

Another ‘Change of Policy’. President Barack Obama has given up on tough UN Security Council sanctions on Iran over its nuclear drive, and gone back on the longstanding American commitment assuring Israel of recognized and defensible borders. In congratulating Israel on its 62nd Day of Independence, US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton mentions "recognized borders" while omitting the traditional qualifier "defensible."

Syrian Apple Spin. Syria has been importing apples from the farmers of the occupied Syrian Golan(?) to help support them as the Israeli occupation imposes siege(?) on their products. Syria started to import apples from the occupied Golan in 2005. A total of 8000 tons of apples were transported into Syria this season. Apple production in the Golan is estimated between 50 and 60 thousand tons. (Anything can be justified by twisting facts, ‘smart’ spin, specially when it is unchallenged propaganda: If Israel has imposed a “siege” on apples produced in the Golan, what happened to the remaining 50 thousand tons? – Were they eaten by Zionists as part of the siege? :)

Hypocrisy of the Headlines:

Cost to Palestinians of Israeli security... - – No one is asking why Israel imposed those security measures and what they cost to Israel! What has come first – the chicken, as Arab terrorism, or the egg, as Israeli security?

Not So Little Economic Miracle. The Bank of Israel has pledged to help out the International Monetary Fund in its efforts to ensure that enough aid is available for countries that get into economic trouble. As part of its New Arrangement to Borrow program, the IMF is increasing the amount of money available to bail out countries that need to pay off loans from $50 billion to $550 billion. Israel has pledged to provide up to $750 million in case of need.

Ugly ‘Peace Partner’ in Action. The Palestinian Authority has extended its boycott of Israeli goods from Judea and Samaria to fruits and vegetables. A group of PA enforcers, thugs, have been confiscating and smashing watermelons which were grown by Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria – destroying 7.5 tons of watermelons in the process.

No Protests Against Illegal Arab Constructions Allowed? After coming up against a brick wall at City Hall trying to stop illegal Arab building on private Jewish property in Jerusalem, East Jerusalem activist Aryeh King decided to change tactics. He asked police for a permit to demonstrate in front of the illegal building in the neighbourhood of Samir Al Amis, hometown of the Prophet Jeremiah. But the police refused King the right to demonstrate.

Another ‘Success’ of War Against Terror. Two suicide bombers reportedly dressed in burqas blew themselves up a week ago in a camp for refugees fleeing military offensives in north-western Pakistan, killing at least 30 people and wounding over 60. (Many millions of refugees, more than 4 million Arabs living Israel and the territories, were created during the pretence war against terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet again there is a peculiar absence of condemnations by the UN or public outcry!)

Words Must be Supported by Action.

The Office of the President reports having been inundated with letters from heads of states from across the world, on the occasion of Israel's 62nd anniversary of independence: President Obama's blessing stated, “The United States remains unwavering in its commitment to Israel’s security as we work towards our common goal of a lasting peace. Israel’s prosperity is a reflection of the hard work and ingenuity of its people. I wish the State of Israel a peaceful future so that the dream of Israelis and their forefathers can continue to be realized.” (Thank you Mr. Obama for your support! The dream of our forefathers was to end Arab occupation of Jewish land and reunite Eretz-Israel! Will you support Israel in this endeavour or is your letter just another ridiculous spin?)