Will the Third Election be Different?

Israelis are contending with the prospect of a third election, after an unprecedented repeat election left the country's two main political parties deadlocked, with neither Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor his biggest rival Benny Gantz holding a clear path to a coalition government.

While weeks of negotiations to form a coalition government lay ahead, conditions set by the parties could hobble the task within the allotted time, prompting a never-before held third election.

Neither party can form a government of at least 61 seats without the support of the election's apparent kingmaker, Avigdor Liberman of the Yisrael Beytenu party. (But nobody wants him as a partner!)

Gantz's Blue and White have pledged not to sit in the same government as Netanyahu, as the long-serving leader is expected to face indictment in a slew of corruption scandals. The fiercely loyal Likud is unlikely to oust Netanyahu. (And, it is a shame, as he is disliked by many Zionism-minded, ideological supporters of Likud!)

The vote was largely seen as a referendum on Netanyahu, who this summer surpassed Israel's founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to become the country's longest-serving leader. During the campaign Netanyahu cast himself as a seasoned statesman who was the only candidate able to steer Israel through a sea of challenges. (Unfortunately, he is not a Zionist leader!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

For quite a while, I and many other activists have been calling anti-Zionist Jews as “self-hating Jews”. But the description is too broad! From now on, I am going to call all Jews, who support enemies of Israel and actively promote creation of another Arab terror state on Jewish land, denying Jewish people the right to live in peace on our ancestral land, by their true name - “JEWHADISTS”. It describes voices, calling for surrender and destruction of Israel – Jewish national existence, by some misguided Jewish individuals and self-hating organizations like JStreet! (This is the new term – please, make it stick)!

When Traitors Join Enemies!

The Blue and White party promised the Joint Arab List that it will repeal the Kaminitz Law in exchange for the Arab party's recommendation of Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz to President Reuven Rivlin for prime minister. The phenomenon of illegal construction on public and private land has plagued the state for many years. Every year thousands of buildings are erected throughout Israel in contravention of the Planning and Building Law. Kaminitz proposed a series of legislative amendments to improve the ability to deal with the phenomenon and enable more effective enforcement of planning and construction laws. (What next? Leave half of Jerusalem? Leave the whole of Judean and Samaria? It will be a political suicide for Lieberman if he joins this alliance!)

Pro-Iran Forces Threaten Israel from the East

Population Mobilization Forces (PMU) taken over Iraq’s Saudi, Jordanian borders. By posting its Iraqi proxy PMU forces on the two border regions, Tehran directly threatens the Saudi capital Riyadh from the north and Israel from the east.

First Israeli-Saudi Air Force Collaboration?

The latest round of attacks on Iran’s military complex in Syria’s Abu Kamal region was a joint operation by the Israeli and Saudi air forces. An estimated 100 Iranian and militia combatants were reported killed in the joint operation and several hundred injured. The US is providing air cover, as well as running intelligence. (Is it the first step toward co-operation in removal Iranian regime?)

'Palestinians' Tired of Abbas

A large majority of Palestinians rejects Mahmoud Abbas’s presidency and believes that large scale corruption exists in the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority. More than 60% demanding his resignation, only a little more than the third wanting him to stay. (There is no difference between Fatah and Hamas; Abbas and Arafat - they all are mortal enemies of Israel and the Jewish people! Nothing will change them!)

Gantz Rejected Appeal for Unity Government

Benny Gantz, Blue and White party, rejected Benjamin Netanyahu's appeal to form a unity government as the country’s two main political parties remained deadlocked at the end of an unprecedented the second election and the prospect of the third one is looming.

Four in Five Israeli Arab and Druze are anti-Israel

Israel Democracy Institute finds that only 17.6% of Arabs and Druze who participated in the last elections voted for Jewish-majority parties, compared to 28.4% in April. (Israel has to abolish the practice of having political parties based on religious affiliation or the background origin of voters!)

There are also Many Crazy Jews!

Leaders of fringe ultra-Orthodox cult Lev Tahor requested asylum in Iran. Sect members swore allegiance to Khamenei last year, according to documents filed in US court ahead of the kidnapping and child abuse trial. (There are many self-hating Jews who are against Israel and ideals of Zionism, but this lot is beyond any normal or abnormal definition!)

Armenia is Planning to Open Embassy

Armenia has decided to open an embassy in Tel Aviv. The mission is expected to open “at the earliest possible time,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced. (Israel must show self-respect! No more new embassies in Tel-Aviv - Jerusalem the capital of Israel! Armenians have been using Israel and Jews in their campaign for recognition of genocide committed by Turkey in 1905 – if Armenia is a true friend of Israel, not just another user, it could open its embassy in Jerusalem!)

PA Economy in Deep Crisis

The Palestinian Authority faces a financing gap that could top $1.8 billion, the World Bank warned, after the Israeli Cabinet decided to implement the policy of offsetting the PA’s payments to terrorists from the tax money it collects. The PA chairman, Abbas, has in the past called the PA's continued payments to terrorists a "red line" that would not be halted under any circumstances. (The World Bank just needs to retrieve all the money that the PA and Hamas leaders have stolen from the international aid and the problem is solved! International anti-Semites are not interested and do not enforce accountability on the PA!)

Useless Political Maneuvering Motivated by Personal Ego!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has successfully nixed any chance for a unity government. If Netanyahu had truly been in favour of a unity government, he would have turned to Gantz before signing an agreement with the right-wing and religious parties. He has effectively prevented them from going to Benny Gantz – whose Blue and White party. Blue and White leader calls for ‘broad liberal unity government’ and asserts he won’t be dictated terms by anyone after religious parties sign allegiance to PM. Netanyahu to announce he’s leading Right-Wing Bloc of 55 MKs. Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman is continuing to reiterate that a unity government is the “only option”. (Yes, Bibi is a skilful politician, but it is time for him to step down, before the third possible election! Voters sent him the message the second time. He has no vision or desire to move Israel forward and only hinders progress of achieving the Jewish national Zionist inspirations!)

Self-Inflicted Pain

Seven Palestinians were reportedly wounded Wednesday when a rocket barrage from the Gaza Strip, aimed at Israel, exploded near a house inside the coastal enclave. Two of the three rockets struck outside a home in the southern city of Rafah, and a third fell near the fence. (International press does not care about wounded Palestinians, no reports, as rockets were fired at Jews from Gaza!)

Quote of the Week:

“There is now a new operational space and it is in the skies of Lebanon... In the past (Israel) would not tolerate anyone placing a hand on the fence, sending something like a drone back and forth quickly, firing into the air or hurling a bomb into an open area... Israel would respond harshly because those were red lines – but what happened yesterday is that the resistance broke what has for the past dozens of years been the greatest Israeli red line. There are no more red lines!” - Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah – Enemy of Israel becoming bold and arrogant – aggression is the result! Israel must also remove the 'red line' and destroy weapons and rockets Hezbollah has accumulated during ‘quiet’ time and dispose of its hateful leadership!

Why Left or Right?

by Steven Shamrak.

One of the major distinctions between humans and animals is that we have analytical intellect. At the same time. we base most of our ideas and form opinions on our emotions, beliefs and assumptions, not on facts. Blinded by personal psycho-emotional history, people dismiss logic of the facts and create assumptions to fit and support their own belief structure.

Completely opposite ideologies: Leftists, Fascists and Islamic expansionists/terrorists find themselves united on one issue only – Hate toward Jews. Quite often, I receive mail from them. Those messages are mainly just rhetoric based on preconceived ideas and psycho -emotional cocktail.

I have never received letters that would contradict the historical facts about the right of Jewish people to their homeland – “Palestine”. The history of aggression and terror created by Arab: History of UN bias against Israel.

I have been accused of being:

Anti-Arab or Muslim - As a member of the Jewish tribe, with thousands of years being the victims in history of persecution and discrimination, I can assure you that my views are not anti-something. I just express a pro-Jewish point of view based on facts, not legends. At the same time, I do respect the freedom and rights of any religion and political point of view, even the fascist one, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.

Too emotional - Arab leaders and clerics, often seen on TV, fumigating when they talk about Israel. Communists and Fascists are so passionate when they scream anti-Israel/anti-Semitic slogans. This is apparently acceptable. However, when a Jew logically presents facts in support of the Jewish state, suddenly, it is wrong to be emotional.

Too Right wing - I do not consider myself Right or Left wing. I base my ideas and views on facts not emotions. There are too many people (including many Jews) who are very eager to promote, self-destructive, Left- wing views. Actually, I can't understand why, in relation to Israel’s right to exist, there are Right or Left wing political points of view. Isn't it supposed to be a point of view based on historical facts and the right of the Jewish people to live on the land of their ancestors?

The bottom line is, Zionism is the Jewish independence movement! It is not Left or Right political ideology of Socialist or Capitalist system! Jewish people have the rights of to live in peace on our ancestral land, and we must stop be apologetic about it – our enemies do not want our land, they want to see destruction of Israel and kill Jews!