Will Europe Learn the Lesson?

Twelve people were killed in a shooting in Paris after masked gunmen shouting "Allahu akbar!" stormed into offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper. (The publication had been firebombed in the past after publishing cartoons in 2011 joking about Muslim religious leaders.)

President Francois Hollande admitted that this was a "terrorist operation" in which journalists were "cowardly assassinated."

How many times can we say “We told you so”? Not long ago, on November 18 2013, French President Francois Hollande laid a wreath at the grave of (the terrorist) Yasser Arafat in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Appeasement of Islam, especially Muslim terrorists, does not work!

Will the anger created by this atrocious Islamic attach unite Europe in its fight against Islamic invasion and on slot (the real on) or will it be another ‘white-wash’ and many words will be said but nothing done to put the end to the travesty of Islamic global ambition? It can only be achieved by delivering a clear, unambiguous blow to Islamic terrorist organizations and to their sponsors - so-called moderate Arab states and Iran!

Time to Admit Islam is a Problem

by Geert Wilders

To defeat IS we should do more than just bomb its strongholds in the Middle East; we should no longer turn a blind eye to the violent nature of Islam. We should demand that those who settle in our countries cast aside values incompatible with ours. There is a huge problem -- also in our countries -- caused by the violent exhortations of Islam (crime, drug trafficking, rapes). Only when we face this truth will we be able to win this war we are in.

Although the majority of Muslims are moderate, thousands of innocent civilians all over the West (and Middle East) have fallen victim to terrorists inspired by Islam. IS has announced that every citizen of the West is a target (as are others, even Muslims, who do not subscribe to their brand of Islam).

70% of Dutch Muslims consider the religious rules of Islam more important than the secular laws of the country where they are living

We Must Unite to Confront Terrorism

“This attack on France is an attack on all of us. Free peoples everywhere must unite to confront radical Islamist terrorism and to protect ourselves against this threat to our common civilization.” - PM Netanyahu tells French president in a letter of condolences.


Joining President Obama, the United Nations avoided associating Islam with the deadly attack in Paris.

France is at War - but Jews are on the Frontlines

Some 700,000 people rallied throughout France on Saturday night and even more on Sunday, but most rallies appeared to focus on the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and not on the killings of Jews at the Hyper Cacher kosher store on Friday.

Jewish Cartoonist Among Victims

Among the victims of Wednesday's terror attack in Paris was a Jewish member of the Charlie Hebdo staff, Georges Wolinski. The son of a Tunisian Jewish mother and a Polish Jewish father, Wolinski was a well-known caricaturist in France.

Insult to Victims - Terrorists Invited to Paris!

The last person who should have been invited to the million-plus rally in Paris on Sunday, said Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett, was PA chief Mahmoud Abbas. “If we want to fight terror, we have to call it by name. Both Abbas and the Emir of Qatar, who was also invited to the rally, have their hands full of the blood of terror. How can the West fight terror if it is willing to live with terror?” (This is the prove that France, as all world, has no intention to fight Islamic terror!)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The recent terrorist attack in Paris highlighted that Europeans can’t buy the ‘protection’ from Arab countries and Islamic terrorists by supporting enemies of Israel, the fake Palestinians, any more. They have been warned that the aim of Islam is world domination. Islamists, with full support of the non-existent Muslim “silent majority”, have declared the war against all infidels! Recently, ISIS clearly declared its agenda and the bloody, horrifying ways it is going to achieve it. “The War on Terror” is global - join Israel and start to fight it with complete commitment!

Israel Freezes PA Tax Funds

Israel is delaying the transfer of taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinians in retaliation for their application to join the Hague-based International Criminal Court. The move involves $127m in VAT and customs duties on goods. Israel has delayed payments in 2012 after the PA won a November 29 UN vote recognising Palestine as a non-member state and in May 2011 after Mahmoud Abbas announced a reconciliation deal with Hamas. (Delaying the tax payment does not work! Collected funds must be used as compensation for Jewish victims of PA terror and for financing anti-terrorist IDF operations.)

Qatar Expels Hamas Chief

Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal was expelled from Qatar along with Muslim Brotherhood members. Turkey (a NATO members) is also a leading sponsor of Hamas, said it would welcome the seven leaders. As Qatar continues its shift away from the Muslim Brotherhood and its Gaza-offshoot Hamas in favor of stronger ties with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. (It proves again that so-called Palestinians are just pawns in a geo-political game of Arab/Muslim countries!)

'Friendly' Interference Again

The United States said it opposes a move by Israel to freeze the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority in retaliation for its bid to join the International Criminal Court. "This step is one that raises tensions as others do," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. The PA regularly fails to stand by its agreements, and owes Israel staggering sums, including over 1.4 billion shekels (over $360 million) in unpaid electric bills. (“Tensions” were never low. It is time for the PA to pay its bills!)

Future of Israel/Jews as Envisaged by Fattah

The political party of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Fattah, posted a drawn image online showing a large pile of skulls and skeletons with Jewish stars on them. It's not the first time Fatah created images have sparked anger. After three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed last year, "The Facebook page for Fatah, the PA's main party, had a number of cartoons, including one showing the three teenagers as Jewish rats, wearing yarmulkes, caught on a fishing line," (‘Friends’ of Israel consider Fattah as more moderate than Hamas. At least Hamas is honestly admits that they want to kill all Jews.)

Even France is Losing Patience with Abbas

France warned the PA against escalating a diplomatic battle with Israel after President Mahmoud Abbas said he would resubmit to the UN Security Council a resolution calling for the creation of a Palestinian state. France, one of the Council's five permanent members, backed the resolution despite some reservations.

Corrupt Leadership of Fake People

The Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of stealing international funds allocated to rebuilding Gaza. The PA is wallowing in at least $4.8 billion in debt due to epidemic mismanagement and corruption. According to Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri the real reason behind the delay in reconstruction of Gaza is that the PA has been messing with the reconstruction money and exploiting the suffering of Gaza's people." (PA and Hamas corruption has never been a problem - international donors are always happily support enemies of Israel!)

Labor Erases 'Zionism' in Arabic Ad Campaign

The recently merged parties Labor and Hatnua have until now carefully listed the name "the Zionist camp" in their ads and posters. However, the two apparently decided the name wouldn't sell as well in Arabic - their new ad campaign targeting the Arab voter removes the name in favour of "the Labour party for peace and equality." (Just like the fake Palestinians - saying one thing to English-speaking audiences and another in Arabic to their own people, the Labor Party also speaks with forked-tongue.)

Another 'Friend' of Israel is Barking

Echoing the US, the European Union (EU) condemned Israel's decision to freeze the transfer of taxes collected for the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a penalty for joining the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Quote of the Week:

"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" - Quran (8:12) - It is not a call to achieve spiritual enlightenment. ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quada and other Islamic groups, organizations, as well as Muslim countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia who finance and support them, just implement the genocidal Islamic instruction!

Goal and Strategy of Islam.

by Steven Shamrak

September 11 and the Bali bombing, unfortunately, did not bring the understanding of the politics of Islam to the Western homes. Only after the Madrid bombing did people of the Western countries come out of lethargic sleep, but for a short time. Too much attention was given to the Arab-Israel conflict during the last 50 years. Too much responsibility for global terror committed by Muslim terrorists is blamed on Israel. Information about the real source of the conflict is still being concealed from the public.

According to Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens, Islam has a simple and direct four-point plan for establishing eventual world dominance. All steps are being implemented simultaneously:

Totally destroy and eliminate Israel as a country.

Defeat or neutralize the power of the United States by terrorism and world opinion. Destroy their will to stand alone.

Bring all Muslim Nations into an Islamic Theocracy such as Iran.

Infiltrate all major European Countries, Canada, US and Australia with Islamic immigrants.

World domination of Islam is the Goal! It is time to realize it. The war is global. It had started when Mohamed began spreading “the true religion” around the world, some thirteen hundred year ago. It is the war for survival of Western civilization and Israel is just caught in the middle of the fight between two giant religious ideologies.