Why is Annapolis a Priority?

"Priorities for the United States right now should be three or four major crises that are reaching the near acute stage," said David Wurmser, former adviser to Dick Cheney on Middle East issues. Wurmser cited nuclear crises in Iran and North Korea, instability in Pakistan and the radicalization of the Venezuelan government as high priority issues. He expressed amazement at seeing "a secretary of state almost tearing a hole in the atmosphere flying to Israel and the Palestinian territories trying to negotiate a peace treaty." (1. Is it to hide the failure of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror”? 2. Make the name for the outgoing president with another useless Mideast agreement, riding on the symbolism of Anwar Sadat's visit to Jerusalem 30 years ago? 3. Deep-rooted anti-Semitism entrenched in the blood of American political elite? 4. Or the rising ‘stench’ of petro-dollars, due to a devious deal made with Arabs?)

Tragi-Comedy or Ambush. 40 countries, among them Syria and Saudi Arabia, have received invitations to attend the Annapolis conference. Mahmoud Abbas has said that the PA will not attend the conference if representatives from the Arab League are not present. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has made several “good-will gestures” in an effort to placate the PA. (Not a one gesture came from Arabs and no end of terror in sight! Why is Olmert so eager to betray the Jews’ future? Why is the US so keen to sell Israel out?)

Still the Same Game Plan. In the course of recent negotiations, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni asked the head of the Palestinian Authority's negotiating team, Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala), to accept Israel as a Jewish state, reminding him that it was accepted as such by UN Resolution 181 on November 29, 1947, for the partition of the Land of Israel. – The partition which Arabs did not recognized! Therefore, legally and historically, they have no right to claim the land they have rejected. PLO still aims to obtain control of all Jewish land - Palestine, including Jordan!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Under the Road Map plan, the PA's main obligation was to put an end to terrorism. It has not happened! Why is Olmert’s government so eager to give up the Jewish land to enemies, who have no intention of honouring any agreement, thus legalizing their bogus claim to Jewish land?

‘Gesture’ or Act of Treason. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has approved the supply of 50 Russian armored vehicles, BTR-60PB, BTR-70 or BTR-80 – combat vehicles are armed with turret heavy machine gun mounts designed to hit targets on the ground and low-flying air targets, to the PA as a “good-will gesture.”  Olmert also approved the passage of 1,000 guns and 2 million bullets to PA forces. (In the West Bank Fatah does not need to dig tunnels to Jordan to smuggle weapons. Olmert is eagerly supplying them to terrorists and they will ‘export’ them to Israel by killing Jews!)

The Word of a Snake. Ido Zoldan, 29, of Shavei Shomron, was killed at the wheel of his car in a drive-by shooting in N. West Bank Monday night, Nov. 19, claimed by Fatah-Al Aqsa Brigades. The attack took place hours after Abbas met with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and assured him that his organization could and would combat Arab terror.

Jew-Hating America. The number of hate-motivated offences committed against Jews in USA are the highest compare to any other group (per capita and often in absolute term) in 2006: Anti-Black 3,136; Anti-Jewish 1,027; Anti-White 1,008; Anti-Male Homosexual 881; Anti-Hispanic 770; Anti-Female Homosexual 192; Anti-Islamic 191 (Americans still hate Jews more than Muslims.)

Quote of the Week:

“Abbas has no mandate to take decisions on behalf of the Palestinian people.”  - the Hamas leader,  Mahmoud al-Zahhar. - They are an artificially forged people and no one has a legal mandate to represent them. Well, whom Israel is negotiating with and why?

Failure is a Success? Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the visiting French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner that the upcoming Mideast peace conference could not possibly fail because the very existence of such an endeavour is a success in itself. (What a masterful spin! In this case, the policy of Israel’s government is not a failure or treason, but unadulterated stupidity!)

Profit from Gas Chambers was not Enough! Fifty German companies have been selling nuclear equipment to Iran. The transferred nuclear equipment is worth approximately $150 million.

An Accident or Spying Mission? A Russian cargo plane strayed into Israel Air Force airspace last week after taking off from Ben Gurion International Airport.

Hamas New missiles for Next War. (Debka) Stocks of primitive Qassam missiles are low because Hamas has stopped making them and is now fully engaged in setting up the production of a new generation of missiles upgraded to a range of up to 25 km, armed with 3-kilo warheads - one-and a half times the range of the types in current use and more than double their explosive power - and greater accuracy. Production lines are also going up in several towns on the West Bank. The new missiles bring half a million Israelis within range of Hamas fire. (Must Israel wait?)

Shamble of ME Agreements. Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to a new plan that skips over the first stage of the Road map – eliminating terror and dismantling the settlements - according to PM Ehud Olmert. (They “Agreed to Disagree”! The agreements signed by Israel’s enemies, including the peace treaties, have not been honored. The pretence of peace negotiations only hinders the actions needed to bring peace to Israel!)

Olmert Must Go. A majority of Israelis believe that the Knesset should suspend or topple Prime Minister Ehud Olmert due to the criminal investigations against him. A majority (53%) agreed with the statement that the main reason Olmert was seeking an agreement with PA President Mahmoud Abbas was because he was worried about his personal and political future and not about Israel's national interest. Even 57% of Kadima and Labor supporters disagreed with the statement. 55% believe the territory would be used to fire rockets at Israelis and 65% believe there is a high or very high chance that Hamas would take control of the area. (Security of a country should not depend on current public opinion polls, but democracy MUST!)

Rules of the Middle Eastern Bazaar.

by Moshe Sharon,

Professor of Islamic History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

…when the time comes for serious negotiations, after the Arabs have lost all hope of annihilating the Jewish state, here are ten rules for bargaining in the Middle Eastern bazaar:

1. Never be the first to suggest anything to the other side. Never show any eagerness "to conclude a deal."

2. Always reject, always disagree. Use the phrase: "Not meeting the minimum demands" and walk away, even a hundred times.

3. Don't rush to come up with counter-offers. There will always be time for that. Let the other side make amendments under the pressure of your total "disappointment."

4. Have your own plan ready in full, as detailed as possible, with the red lines completely defined. However, never show this or any other plan to a third party.

5. Never change your detailed plan to meet the other side "half way." Remember, there is no "half way." The other side also has a master plan. Be ready to quit negotiations when you encounter stubbornness on the other side.

6. Never leave things unclear. Always avoid "creative phrasing" and "creative ideas" which are exactly what your Arab opponent wants. Remember the Arabs are masters of language. Playing with words is the Arab national sport.

7. Always bear in mind that the other side will try to outsmart you by presenting major issues as unimportant details. Regard every detail as a vitally important issue. Never postpone any problem "for a later occasion." If you do so, you will lose. Remember that your opponent is always looking for a reason to avoid honoring agreements.

8. Emotion belongs neither in the marketplace nor at the negotiating table.

9. Beware of popular beliefs about the Arabs and the Middle East - "Arab honor" for example. Remember, you have honor too.

10. You should aim at making the highest profit in real terms. Remember that every gain is an asset for the future because there is always going to be "another round." 

The Arabs have been practicing negotiation tactics for more than 2000 years. They are the masters of words, and a mine of endless patience. In contrast, Israelis (and Westerners in general) want "quick results." In this part of the world there are no quick results; the impatient one always loses.