Why are We Apologizing?

MK Yariv Levin (Likud) expressed confusion over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's apology regarding construction in Jerusalem. “We have the absolute right to build anywhere in the land of Israel and especially in Jerusalem, there doesn't need to be any policy of apologizing.” Foreign attempts to dictate Israeli policy in Jerusalem are “blatant interference,” Levin said.

“This is an internal matter, not an international matter,” "How can it be that we need permission from the Americans every time we want to build a neighbourhood or a house in Jerusalem?” "The time has come for us to stand up for ourselves. I have no doubt that if we do so, the world will see us differently.” The American condemnation of Israeli plans to build in Jerusalem exposed the real problem, the problem of Israel's willingness to accept foreign meddling in domestic affairs, he stated. (The time has come for Israel to regain self-respect and behave as an independent country!)

‘Peace’ Rocket Fired from Gaza! Gaza terrorists fired a rocket at the western Negev on Wednesday evening. The rocket exploded in an area open between the town of Sderot and a nearby kibbutz. "The incidents that happened this evening and throughout the last week are reminders that we are still at war.” Said Alon Shuster, Shaar HaNegev Authority Head. (Where is Obama’s outrage now?)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The hate toward Jews has been used to keep people from thinking about their miserable existence and the injustice that was and is being perpetrated by their rulers and governments. It has always been used to control and misdirect the anger of the mob! Christian churches of most denominations have been doing it for 1800 years, since the Roman Empire. The hate is so embedded in the mainstream Christian psyche that even now many of them (Church officialdom, ordinary anti-Semites and brainless ones) support Islamic thugs, who are mortal enemies of Christianity, in order to keep the flame of their inherited hate toward Jews alive.

Yes, She was a Jewish-Palestinian! In its official statement in honor of International Women's Day, the Fatah movement listed a group of "Palestinian" women of whom it is proud: Martyrs, fighters, prisoners and the Virgin Mary.

Egypt's Gaza Wall in Final Stage. The reinforced underground steel wall which Egypt is building along its border with Gaza is nearly completed. After the construction phase is complete, cameras and detection devices will be installed. The observation towers along the border are currently being replaced by new steel towers which employ bullet-proof glass. Egypt says it is building the barrier to stop illegal arms smuggling. Smugglers have also used cross-border tunnels to bring basic commodities. (Because Egypt builds this wall and not Israel there are no genuine demonstrations organized by the PA, international protests or condemnations by UN or other governments. Where has their deep concern about ‘poor Palestinians’ gone?)

Rare Reprimand to PA from the US? The State Department said it was "deeply disturbed" by agitations made by officials from the PA against Israel's reopening of an ancient synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City: "We call upon Palestinian officials to put an end to such incitement." (Is it a genuine concern or just a ‘smoke screen’ the White House has put up trying to appear more even-handed?)

What was all the Fuss about Syria? Robert Ford, who is set to become the U.S. ambassador to Syria, said that the fact that Washington was sending him to Damascus did not mean that America's attitude to Syria had changed; it was still a terror state, as far as the U.S. was concerned. (After all the efforts of the Obama administration to ‘normalise’ its relationship with Syria, this is not really diplomatic statement, is it? Another failed policy?)

The Less Oil, the Less Terror. Israeli Deputy Minister for Regional Development Ayoub Kara said that renewable energy – solar, wind, and others – were good not only for the environment, but for the geopolitical situation. "The more we increase our use of renewable energy, the more we weaken terror, and the more dependent we are on oil, the more we strengthen terror." (The Wahabi regime of the Saudi Arabia, the best friend of the United States, is the main sponsor of international Islamic terror!)

Another International Pretender came to Israel. Brazilian President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva landed in Israel. He has refused the customary diplomatic visit to Mount Herzl and the gravesite of Theodore Herzl, but during his visit to Ramallah, he visited Yasser Arafat's grave. (Must Israel receive these types of cretins and suffer this indignity?)

Quote of the Week: “…any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” – Obama, speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee – Empty words, just a fake PR spin in front of Jewish voters and donors to the Democratic party.

PA Frightened by Escalating Riots. Fearing that Arab riots around Jerusalem will spread and target their unpopular rule, PA police, largely members of the Fatah party, have deployed forces throughout the streets of Arab towns throughout Judea and Samaria in fear that the protests will spread and challenge the PA’s authority.

Policy of Blackmail and Dictate. Commissioner of Foreign Relations of the European Union Catherine Ashton offered to Israel to upgrade economic ties with the EU in return for renewed talks with the Palestinians.

Traditional Criminal Arab Business. 1) Police have found a laboratory in the Palestinian Authority (PA) town of Yatta, south of Hevron, that was used to forge documents and license plates. The lab was used to disguise stolen Israeli cars and also provided individual PA Arabs with fake ID cards. 2) Israeli Arabs are responsible for almost three times as many car accidents as their numbers would warrant. According to police statistics, Israeli Arabs account for 40% of all traffic accidents in Israel though they only make up 15% of the overall population. (Is it their result of the hate toward Jews or disrespect for the rule of law of the country they live in, or just an inability to drive?)

UN Criticizes Israel and Egypt for Keeping Terrorists in Cage. United Nations humanitarian chief John Holmes claims that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza region is not succeeding in weakening Hamas’ hold on the territory. Holmes also warned about hundreds of tunnels that bypass the blockade. Egypt is reinforcing the area with underground metal plates to shut down the tunnels.

Insulting Bigoted Behaviour of the US.

People who heard what Biden said were stunned: “This is starting to get dangerous for us,” Biden castigated about the effect of the announcement about new housing constructions in Jerusalem. “What you’re doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace.” It is reported by a top Israeli journalist, Shimon Shiffer, in the conservative Yedioth Achronoth, the largest circulation newspaper in Israel. (1. Don’t blame Israel for an inept and stupid war that the US started in Iraq! It was not about “War on Terror” and it has nothing to do with Israel but about the control of oil flow to the United States, a ‘big stick’ policy and revenge. Solve your own mess! 2. Biden snub Israel by deliberately coming two hours late to dinner with the Israeli PM. Out of self-respect Netanyahu should cancelled dinner! It is time for Israel to start snubbing the international bigots unapologetically, remember Turkey, when they deserve it!)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Israel’s announcement of new settlement construction in ‘disputed’ (it is Jewish land in the Jewish capital, Jerusalem) territory in East Jerusalem was “insulting” to the United States. (Why? And must Israel be always on receiving end of international insults? For how long should the life of an independent country, Israel, be kept on hold?) She said: “Our relationship is durable. It’s strong. It’s rooted in common values.” (Yes, but only while Israel does what it is told! If not, reprimands and insults follow immediately.) and continued: “But we have to make clear to our Israeli friends and partners that the two-state solution - which we support… - requires confidence-building measures on both sides.” (Is this solution in the interests of Jewish people? Why must terrorists be allowed to create another Arab state on Jewish land? What confidence-building measures have they made so far?)

Gary Bauer, president of American Values, released an open letter to President Obama accusing his administration of “manufacturing a crisis that weakens Israel on the eve of new peace talks.” The letter defends Israel’s right to build homes for its own people in its own capital. Bauer said he was deeply concerned by “the fact that at the same time you are bludgeoning Israel, your (US) administration has yet to present any viable policy to stop Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons… We call on you to immediately stop your attempts to weaken our ally and turn your efforts to the real security threat facing the US and Israel – the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran.” (Obama is not the first US president who has created an anti-Israel ‘storm in a teacup’ to distract public attention from the real problem!)

Don’t Call Us… The diplomatic rift between the United States and Israel appeared to widen over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's failure to call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she phoned Netanyahu and strongly criticize Israel's announcement of new Jewish housing in east Jerusalem during Vice President Joe Biden's trip. Clinton requested answers from Netanyahu on how Israel was planning to proceed. (Reminder: Israel is a sovereign state!)