Why Does Israel Wait for Casualties?

The footage from Al-Manar TV shows a Hezbollah fighter launching a Kornet guided missile at what appears to be a moving Israeli armoured personnel carrier patrolling along the border fence. An additional launch at the APC is seen from further away. While the Hezbollah-affiliated network stated that the two strikes destroyed the APC, the footage does not show that the military vehicle sustained a direct hit. (There were no casualties!)

Israel was ready to launch a massive retaliation against Hezbollah’s precision missile system in Lebanon, and only opted against carrying out that plan because no Israeli soldiers were hurt in a Sunday cross-border attack by the terror group.

Israeli air force jets were flying over the Mediterranean Sea armed with dozens of tons of explosives in preparation for a counter-strike. The warplanes were ready to bomb many targets linked to Hezbollah’s missile production, and were waiting for a green light from Jerusalem.

A FaceBook comment on the article: I can't figure out for the life of me, if we know where Hezbollah has their missile program why we continue to let it exist. While we play nice with the rules of war, and the political opinions of the West is that they are arming for war, and every missiles Hezbollah has will be used against our civilian population.

So, ask yourself, how many missiles is Hezbollah allowed to have before it becomes too many? If our intelligence tells us of tunnels in the South and North why do we let them continue? If we know where their missiles factories are why do we have to wait until they attack and injure or kill someone before we act? How many Jews need to be killed before we get angry, how many parents will lose a child before the line in the sand is past? (Hezbollah has placed its missiles in civilian areas, including houses. The worthless UNIFIL has done nothing about this and the UN silent!)

Imagine in 1967 if the Israel leadership waited until Syria, Jordan, and Egypt attacked us before we acted. What a difference history might read. It seems our generals, and politicians need to grow a pair, and lead rather than worry about Western or Arab feelings. Not to mention the UN, the EU, and the ICC.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Message to Anti-Zionist and Israel-hating Jews:

How many lessons do Jews need to realise that only we, not even our best and powerful 'friends', have to deliver the real change and build a better future for Eretz-Israel. After so many lessons: Expulsions, Inquisition, Pogroms, Eager and enthusiastic participation in Holocaust by Europeans, and over 70 years of Israel-bashing - isn't that enough?

There is NO Difference between Enemies of Israel

1. Three teenagers from Gaza armed with knife infiltrate Israel.

2. Police units were attacked by Muslims, who threw firebombs and rocks at them in Jerusalem's Isawiya neighbourhood.

3. A 17-year-old Israeli and his 60-year-old father were injured after a PA Muslim teen approached them and asked if they were Jewish.

4. Stone-throwing Muslims attacked visitors to an archaeological garden next to the Western Wall in Jerusalem after Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Political Fight Against ant-Zionist Legal System

The cabinet unanimously approved proposed legislation pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to have voting booths monitored by camera in next week’s elections. Netanyahu argues, "Every grocery store has cameras, so voting stations can’t?"

Jewish Self-Hater Recruits Jew-Hater!

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced that he had recruited anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Arab activist Linda Sarsour to campaign for him as an official surrogate. (Jews do not want that traitor in the White House - through history we have suffered a lot from his kind! Too many Jews still like Bernie Sanders, not realizing how bad socialism has been bad for Jews.)

Questionable Loyally of Druze

Israel Police arrested 170 Druze men, a convoy of buses and cars set out from the northern Galilee and Mount Carmel regions, at the border with Jordan as they tried to reach Syria via Jordan, allegedly to meet with Syrian government officials. (Israel should let them go and not allow them come back.)

'Deal of the Century' has no Chance

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said that Israel is weaker during the election period. He added that "Israel and the US administration understand that the unified Palestinian position does not allow the implementation of the ‘Deal of the Century.’" (No surprise here! Any deal that has been agreed by the PA and Hamas was never honoured by them. Therefore, there is only one solution - removal of enemies of Israel from the Jewish land!)

UAE, Bahrainis, Saudis Condemn Hezbollah for Attacking Israel

In what seems to be another indication of thawing relations between Israel and Gulf states, several prominent figures have come forward and publicly condemned the Hezbollah terror group for attacking Israel and expressed support for the Jewish state’s right to retaliate. (They and Israel have a common enemy - Iran. ‘Support’ of Israel is not genuine, and it will not last after Iran is dealt with. The want that Israel would deal with Iranian regime.)

TRUMP Factor

1. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Lebanon - Get rid of 2nd Iranian missile factory or face US-backed Israeli attack!

2. US Blocks UNSC Statement. The US called for Hezbollah to be specifically condemned in the text, and demanded that criticism of Israel be deleted!

Hezbollah is a Regional Problem

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri claims Lebanon and its government are not to blame for Hezbollah and its attacks on Israel. “Look, Hezbollah is not a Lebanese problem - only - it is a regional problem,” Hariri said. (Is it an invitation to Israel to destroy Hezbollah, or he is just trying to absolve Lebanon from its responsibilities?)

Obama Admin Spied on Israeli Military

In the run-up to President Barack Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran, the US military under the Obama administration reportedly used American spy satellites to monitor Israel Defense Force actions out of concern that the Jewish state would strike Iran’s nuclear program. The Israeli government was initially kept in the dark about the early talks with Iran!

Why Wait for Casualties?

Israel was ready to launch a massive retaliation against Hezbollah’s precision missile system in Lebanon, and only opted against carrying out that plan because no Israeli soldiers were hurt in a Sunday cross-border attack by the terror group. (True leaders act, wimps React weakly!)

ICC to Reopen War Crimes Probe Again

The International Criminal Court’s top appeals chamber on Monday reopened the case of war crimes allegations relating to the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla, after years of attempting to go after top Israeli political and military officials in Turkish and European courts and before the ICC. ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda can go further with criminally probing Israel, or she can decide to try closing the case for a third time. (International anti-Semites can't resist a temptation to smear Israel again with bogus charges!)

Quote of the Week:

“Today Israel observes 90 yrs since Hebron Massacre-67 Jews murdered & many more wounded,” Friedman tweeted. “This attack was long before the creation of the State of Israel & the Six Day War. Important lesson: Terrorism is always about hatred & violence; never about vindicating political grievances.” - David Friedman, US ambassador marks 90th anniversary of Arab riots which left 133 Jews dead, noting that massacres preceded establishment of Israel.

Stupidity of 'Tit for Tat' Policy Must End!

IDF has struck back at Hamas targets in Gaza in response to 5 rockets fired at Israeli civilians - border communities as well as the city of Sderot. This round of hostilities followed Friday’s Hamas disturbance on the Gaza border. Two youths were shot dead and scores injured before this week’s exceptionally violent outbreaks by 6,000 rioters were finally brought under control.

The rocket fire came after several thousand Palestinians joined protests on the Gaza Strip border earlier Friday, with several hundred rioting and throwing stones and explosive devices at Israeli troops.

In a span of 10 days, six armed Palestinian terrorists — many of them current and former Hamas members — got through the security fence surrounding the Gaza Strip before being killed by Israeli troops.

A week ago, a group of four heavily armed terrorists, carrying assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and rations, attempted to infiltrate Israeli territory.


Jewish Leadership - Message from the Rabbi

Dear Friends,

The last week’s Torah portion contains several discussions regarding the importance of Jewish leadership.

The Jewish people have a long history of great leaders, but we are also not afraid to question them. An authentic leader, someone like Moses, is able to take criticism from his followers and turn it into something productive. When the critique is authentic and purposeful, the real leader will use it as the impetus for growth.

In truth, every Jew is a leader in his or her own way. We all have the ability to help others and to guide those that require guidance. We all have something to give, and in that sense, we are all leaders.

But like any good leader, we must be open to new ideas and directions. Learn from mistakes, take responsibility, pick up the pieces and grow from there. Like Moses did! You have it in you, trust me! (Israel urgently needs a true Zionist leadership!)