Anti-Semites Unable to Leave Jews Alone!

1. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed concern over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s plan to apply sovereignty to the Jordan Valley if re-elected. “Such steps, if implemented, would constitute a serious violation of international law,” he said.

2. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are deeply concerned about the announcement of a possible annexation of areas in the West Bank, particularly the Jordan valley and the northern shore of the Dead Sea.  (Anti-Semites are always ‘concerned’ about Jews – but not when Jews are killed! They never say what laws! Arabs rejected the UN partition resolution 181 and all other resolutions of the 'Useless Nothing'. The Oslo Accords expired long time ago, brought only more terror and Jewish deaths, and it was about autonomy only not another Arab terror state! Judea and Samaria is a disputed territory - Israel could make claim to Saudi Arabia too, after all, a big part of it belonged to Jewish tribes of Medina!)

End Stupidity - Reclaim Jewish Land!

1. Israelis Race for Cover in Ashkelon Coastal Region

2. Israeli School Children Race for Safety

3. Rocket Fire Damages Home and Greenhouse

4. Red Alert Due to Machine Gun Fire in Gaza.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The break down and fragmentation of Israel’s well-established  political parties is another proof that political affiliations should not interfere with Zionist ideals of the Jewish people. We are one people with one National Goal!

-        Israel needs leadership that cares about the future of the Jewish people and be brave enough to do what is necessary in order to secure it!

-        Leadership that has a plan, which will bring the end to terror against Jews in Israel, and ends enemy occupation of the Jewish land.

-        Leadership that is able to unite Jewish people behind this plan.

-        Leadership that have a will to execute the plan!

Unfortunately, most Israeli political leaders remember about Jewish national aspirations only before elections, and find justifications and excuses not to do anything after election!

Trump Supports Israel Defense Treaty

President Donald Trump publicly expressed support for moving forward with discussions on a U.S.-Israel mutual defense treaty, giving a boost to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu days before election.

Disgusting Support of Jewish Self-Haters for Foes!

100 Israeli academics endorsed the Joint Arab List in a pre-election ad, published in leftist Haaretz. Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu, said: “It is nothing short of disgusting that these academics would urge the public to vote for an anti-Israel party... It’s not enough that these radical academics set the tone for Israeli academia, now they are trying to decide the future of Israel.”

The PA Practices Apartheid and Hate!

According to the relevant Palestinian Authority law, only Jordanians, Palestinians or “foreigners of Arab origin” are allowed to purchase land in Judea and Samaria, while Israeli Jews are not permitted to carry out real estate transactions in the same area, and must rely instead on intermediary companies with the approval of the civil administration.

Israel Has No Reason to Spy on the WH Now

President Trump has dismissed a report, which claimed Israel had planted spy devices around the White House. A new Politico report claims Israel was behind multiple surveillance devices planted near the White House last year. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling the report a blatant lie. "We have a directive. I have a directive: no intelligence collection in the United States, no spying". (Another anti-Israel smear campaign - an attempt to spoil the relationship between Israel and president Trump!)

Overthrowing Hamas is not Enough!

Speaking ahead of his flight to Moscow, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said there’s no other option but “to overthrow the Hamas regime” in the Gaza Strip. “There will be a military operation but I will only launch it when we are ready and not a minute earlier. I don’t base my policy on tweets." (After so many years of terror attacks, he is still not ready? Israel needs a true Zionist leadership, which is prepared to remove enemies from the Jewish land and stop this travesty of perpetuating terror!)

It is OK to Reject the UN 'Opinions'

Holland slammed the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) “unacceptable and disproportionate singling out of Israel”. Agenda Item 7 requires the body to discuss alleged Israeli human rights violations at every UNHRC session and it is utilized to condemn the Jewish state regularly. Dutch representative Bahia Tahzib-Lie stated that “we must apply objective criteria when assessing country situations.”

Netanyahu Could Already Annex Jordan Valley

As Netanyahu pledges to extend sovereignty to part of West Bank after elections, Ayelet Shaked, a former justice minister, aid"...this is just a declaration,.. Applying sovereignty [to the Jordan Valley] can be done in a cabinet decision. There is no need for legislation. And if there is a diplomatic need, it can also be done by a transitional government". She also fretted about the potential concessions Israel would have to make in exchange for such a move as part of the Trump administration’s as-yet unveiled Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Look who is Barking about International Law!

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said that the United States did not respect international law when it moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. "Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem was contrary to what had been agreed upon with the former US administrations," Abbas claimed. (‘Private’ agreements are not international law! The PA disrespects almost all agreements it signed, not just with Israel. It breaks international laws by attacking indiscriminately Israel civilians or using 'Palestinian' civilians as a human shield!)

Even Supreme Court Frustrated with Bibi's Inaction

After five years of non-enforcement by the Civil Administration against illegal Arab construction, the Supreme Court's patience is running out. Justice Noam Solberg ordered the state to update the court within two weeks about the date of demolition of illegal Arab construction on state land in Gush Etzion.

Palestinian Democracy in Stasis

When Israelis vote, it will be their sixth general election since Palestinians last had the chance to cast ballots in parliamentary polls more than 13 years ago. In the Palestinian territories, where unemployment is around 30 percent, a combination of factional rivalries, infighting and Israeli restrictions mean no elections have been held since 2006. (Meanwhile, corruption and brutality of the PA and Hamas proliferate!)

Quote of the Week:

"Palestinians bring disaster to anyone who hosts them. Jordan hosted them, and there was Black September; Lebanon hosted them, and there was a civil war there; Kuwait hosted them, and they turned into Saddam Hussein's soldiers. Now they are using their podiums to curse us." - Mohammed al-Shaikh, Saudi author  Even Arabs are fed up with treachery and tired of supporting the fake Palestinians!

Why Arabs Hate Palestinians

by Khaled Abu Toameh

You simply cannot burn pictures of the Saudi crown prince one day and rush to Riyadh to seek money the next. You cannot shout slogans against the Egyptian president one day and go to Cairo to seek political backing the next.

...the Palestinians are known for betraying their Arab brothers, even effectively stabbing them in the back. The Palestinians, for example, supported Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait – a Gulf state that, together with its neighbors, used to give the Palestinians tens of millions of dollars in aid each year.

This disloyalty is precisely how a growing number of Arabs, particularly those living in the Gulf states, have been describing the Palestinians for the past few years...

At the core of this deep sense of disillusionment is the Arabs' belief that despite all they did to help their Palestinian brothers for the past seven decades, the Palestinians have proven to be constantly ungrateful toward the Arab and Muslim people and states.

Such a widespread view as that now being expressed in various Arab states accuses the Palestinians of betraying their Arab and Muslim brothers...

Until a few years ago, it was the Egyptians who were spearheading the anti-Palestinian campaign in the Arab world. Prominent Egyptian media personalities, journalists, writers and politicians seemed to be competing for a blue ribbon on who could attack Palestinians harder.

The Egyptians focused their criticism against the Palestinian terror group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip -- a coastal enclave that has a shared border with Egypt...

Now it seems that it is the Saudis' turn to "tell it like it is" to the Palestinians. Like their Egyptian colleagues, many Saudi writers, bloggers, activists and journalists have taken to social media to denounce the Palestinians in an unprecedented manner. Some Saudis, for instance, are describing the Palestinians as terrorists and accusing them of selling their land to Israelis.

These denunciations are coming not only from Saudis, but from a growing number of Arabs in other Arab and Muslim countries, particularly in the Gulf...

Other Saudis seem extremely unhappy with the Palestinians' relations with Iran. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the two terror groups controlling the Gaza Strip, receive financial and military aid from Iran and political backing from Turkey. The Saudis and other Gulf states see Iran, not Israel, as the major threat to their stability. Because of that, these states have come closer to Israel in recent years. Israel and they have a common enemy: Iran...

What they see is Palestinian stagnation, mainly thanks to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas leaders, who are too busy poisoning their peoples' minds and ripping each other to shreds to have time for anything positive. The Palestinians may just wake up one day to discover that their Arab brothers can truly no longer be duped...