Whose Fake State is it?

by Chana Ya'ar

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas submitted the entity's formal request for assistance in achieving “the Palestinian people's just demands” in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. However, within hours after the news hit the media, the umbrella Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) rushed to deny the letter constituted an official launch of the PA's statehood bid at the international body. PLO spokesman Xavier Abu Eid said the letter from the Ramallah-based PA government headquarters was not “official.” Only the PLO, he said, was authorised to submit the final, official request for recognition as a new Arab country, and ask for membership within the ranks of the UN. “The PA does not have any international relations mandate,” Abu Eid told the DPA German press agency. “The only one that can negotiate or sign agreements is the PLO, so the PLO is going to submit the official request.” 

At the end of the day, however, it may not matter much. The PLO was founded at the 1964 Arab League Summit in Cairo. The PLO was designated upon its inception as the “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people” by some 100 Arab nations - although Hamas is not represented, nor is the Islamic Jihad or any numerous Islamic terrorist organizations.

To this day, its charter continues to call for the destruction of "The Zionist Entity" despite numerous unfulfilled promises by Arafat to international leaders to remove the call for the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

Due to the fact that at the time of its inception, Jordan and Egypt occupied Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the PLO charter also states its agreement to the fact that there is actually no justification for an independent Palestinian country in those areas: “This Organisation does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank (Judea and Samaria -ed.), the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area (part of Jerusalem).” (Article 24) (The intention has always been to destroy Israel and deprive Jews of their right to Jewish ancestral land!)

Till Death of Israel Do Us Part!

Mahmoud Abbas announced that he would ask the UN Security Council to recognize a Palestinian state. While citing the 1967 borders for a future Palestinian state in reference to his UN application, Abbas stressed that the real Palestinian borders were laid down by the UN in 1947. (This is next step in the plan of destruction of Israel!)

They Oppose Statehood Bid, because It Recognises Israel

Palestinian Authority unity is further away then ever as the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups unite to denounce PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for his “unilateral moves.” Statements by the two terrorist groups highlight the split in the Palestinian Authority and find Hamas and Islamic Jihad in rare agreement with Israel and the United States, although for contradictory reasons.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

It was disgusting to watch how TV news broadcasters were trying to justify the action of the Islamic mob, upon reporting the attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo. Predictably, international anti-Semitic hypocrites have not demanded an apology nor compensation from Egypt for ransacking of the embassy.

Statehood Bid is Just a Propaganda and Blackmail Ploy

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas went back on his assurance 24 hours earlier to Saudi, European and Egyptian officials and decided to go through with his application to the UN Security Council on Sept. 23 for the admission of a Palestinian state to the world body. This was a pointed rebuff to the Obama administration whose envoys offered to renew US ties with the Palestinians if they refrained from applying to the Security Council.

PA Apartheid State, where Only Muslims are Welcome!

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has instructed Israeli embassies in Europe and the U.S. to file strong protests with the governments of their host countries against comments by the PA official, Maen Areikat, who said that Jews would not be welcome to live in the PA state. The implication, said Lieberman, was that more than 350,000 Jews who live in areas the PA claims for its state would have to leave their homes. The Palestinian Authority and the PLO are not on the same page regardling whether their hoped-for new state will welcome people of all faiths. (If the PA feels that it can ignore the Geneva Convention and transfer Jews from Judea and Samaria with support of international anti-Semites, that gives Israel a green light to implement the Sinai Option and free Jewish land from Arab occupation!)

Arab MK does not Defend Israel’s Honour

An Arab MK, Ibrahim Sarsur of the Ra'am-Ta'al party, said that Israel in effect will cease to exist if it does not see the break-in at the embassy in Cairo and sanctions by Turkey as “only the beginning” of a reaction to its “crimes.” He charged that Israel’s reactions to the break-in at the Cairo embassy and Turkey’s recent sanctions against Israel “are a death blow to peaceful relations.” The Israeli legislator from the Israeli Arab community accused Israel of behavior that “damages the Arab people and their national honour” (It is clear that Arab members of Knesset do not represent Israel. They are enemies within! Turkey sponsored the terrorist flotilla, Egypt allowed an escalation of the attacks on the Israeli embassy, but he blames Israel for damaging Arab honour?)

Learning from Israel about Healthcare

Israel provides better healthcare than the US and at half the cost. With President Barack Obama’s health care bill finally passed in the US, top US medical groups are looking to the Israel healthcare model to learn about the country’s success in ensuring that all its citizens receive quality primary medical care.

Attack on Israeli Embassy in Egypt

Egyptian government declares state of alert early Saturday, Sept. 10, after thousands of demonstrators using sledgehammers smashed through the wall outside the Israeli embassy, broke into the building, hauled down the flag and dumped hundreds of documents through the windows before setting it on fire.

Islamic Intimidation of the Press

CNN journalists described mob that attacked them during the riot at the Israeli embassy as “animals.” One other journalist was called a spy and was almost raped. The worldwide news site reported a scene that brought back ugly memories of the gang rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan earlier this year during the Arab spring uprising against the Mubarak regime.

Quote of the Week:

"After endless campaigns of delegitimisation against Israel, and attempts to brand it as an apartheid state, it turns out that the Palestinians are the ones interested in apartheid." - Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Yuli Edelstein, referring to statements made by Maen Areikat (or Erikat), the PLO's ambassador to the United States that Jews would not be allowed to live in the future state of Palestine - And no international outrage!

Duplicity of Occupied Lands.

by Steven Shamrak.

There are many lands around the world that have been occupied not so long ago by other countries. Many of them are still subjugated to the rule of an occupying power. They were conquered during offensive or defensive wars, throughout the process of establishment of statehood or as a part of colonial and imperial policy. The following is a far from complete list of the currently occupied lands:

Great Britain still occupies 17 provinces of Ireland, Gibraltar and is holding on to the many residual symbols of her former colonial glory around the world.

France is still holding on to many overseas territories like New Caledonia and French Guinea. France and Spain divided and have no intention to give independence to the Basque people, the oldest indigenous living group known in Europe.

Belgium is an artificially forged country, which was created in order to protect the Netherlands from continuous attacks by France. There is still “no love lost” between the French and Flemish speaking populations of the country.

China - The international community has done nothing to stop occupation of Tibet by China. Eastern, predominantly Muslim, provinces of China are still under ‘imperial’ communist rule.

Chile - From the 1840s, heavy Anglo-Chilean investments were made in nitrate mining on the Bolivian coast. Bolivia lost its coastal region after the war of 1879-1884. Since then, Bolivia has been economically stifled by Chile with limited access to the sea ports.

Indonesia – It was ‘painful’ for Indonesia to allow freedom to East Timor. International pressure was applied only because of the huge oil reserves off the coast of East Timor were found. But there is no pressure in relation to the continuous occupation of Bali, West Papua and numerous islands that would love to obtain independence from the Muslim tyranny of Jakarta.

Panama proclaimed its independence after the US expressed interest in obtaining the rights to the canal, which Colombia refused. US marines landed in Panama the same day when independence was declared.

Russia has no plans to return the Eastern part of Poland it has occupied since before WW2 and end occupation of eastern Prussia, the Kuril Islands and Southern Sakhalin. Russia still retains its status as an imperial power by holding on to Chechnya, Dagistan, North Ossetia, Tatarstan and many other national enclaves which were occupied by Tsar.

USA - The biggest and leading democracy of the world is one of the biggest occupiers as well. There is no intention of even talking about compensation for, never mind returning, the occupied land which used to be, not long ago, a part of Mexico. What about Puerto Rico, Hawaii and other ‘strategic interests’?

The United Nations maintains a list of territories that do not govern themselves. The list was initially prepared in 1946 and adopted in 1986. It has officially endorsed control of these lands by their former colonial powers!

It should be remembered that most countries around the world (including USA, UK, France, Germany, China and Russia) were forged and established their current borders during the last 300 years. Their creation was accompanied by dramatic conquests and destruction of unique and independent cultures. In a Russian play one character asked the audience: “Look, who are the judges?” Yes, who are they to tell Jews what is their land and to force Israel to give away Jewish land to Arab scoundrels?

Israel is the only country that can claim its statehood and ownership of the land. Jewish people have over 3,000 years of spiritual and historical connection with the land. Israel is the only state which withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula after it was conquered during a defensive war. In exchange, Israel received the worthless piece of paper, which is called the Peace Agreement with Egypt. And yet, Israel is the only country under international pressure to surrender her own land to the enemy, a recently forged people - called Palestinians, whose only goal, they are not even hiding it, is to destroy the Jewish state.

There are three reasons why Israel is under such international onslaught – Traditional international anti-Semitism, a desire to sell out Israel in exchange for a steady supply of oil, and an appeasement of Islamic terrorists in order to defer attacks on the West!

Does it make sense? What definitely takes place and make sense is that the world’s economic and political powers (“Puppet Masters”) apply pressure on Israel and use any means at their disposal, including manipulation of international law. An example of this is how it was done after Israel won the War of Independence. Immediately the Fourth Geneva convention ruled out population transfer as a legitimate way of resolving conflicts – but only when it suits their economic and political interests, with complete disregard to historical, spiritual and even legal rights of any people, not just Jews (remember ongoing dismantling of Yugoslavia and non-existence of Kurdistan – the homeland of 35 million Kurds, divided and occupied by five countries). The multitude of international organizations - including the UN, IRC, Amnesty International etc - are at full disposal of the international “Puppet Masters” and only too eager to assist by generating and manipulating public opinion - creating the illusion of propriety. The bottom line: it is all about power, control and beyond doubt, it is about money!