Who to Vote for?

by Steven Shamrak

Quite often, during election time in Israel, I have been asked: “Who would you vote for?” As a true believer in democracy and the Jewish tradition of respect for the rights of individual to “Free Will”, I am reluctant to advise people who to vote for, but I have no problem about pointing out who Israeli voters must not vote for.

Based on the experience of many decades and the performance by the Labor party and recent political creations like Kadima, I would strongly recommend voters in Israel to remove from the Knesset as many as possible members of:

Labor party. Since 1948, the Labor party has been the dominant political force in Israel. For decades it has used its political power to corrupt and infest governmental infrastructures, including defence and the Israeli judicial system, by its own cronies! (That is the reason why vitamin “P”- Protectsia – has become the most important ‘product’ in Israel). And now, the Labor party is actively promoting the bogus idea of a Two-state solution. It is willing to sacrifice more Jewish land and betray Jewish inspiration for the National homeland just for the need to stay in power and appeasement of our enemies, both old and new!

Kadima party. This is a new political innovation, just like the Shinui party of not long ago if you still remember it. Kadima was formed by corrupt and unscrupulous ‘political survivors’ who had opportunistically run away from the Labor and Lukud parties. These self-serving personalities, like Olmert, wanted to stay in power at any cost and needed to keep themselves protected from the law. That is why members of Kadima are in political unison with the Labor party.

Unfortunately, there is nothing can be done to change the ideologically skewed minds of the Meretz party supporters. I have never been able to understand why seemingly intelligent Jews with political affiliations to the Communist or Leftist ideologies are so motivated to facilitate the destruction of their own country and people. Don’t they understand that Islam is repulsed by their principles and hates their guts even more then Zionism! How is it compatible with their ideology?

I just hope that this time common sense and true political integrity will prevail, and parties like Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Habayit Hayehudi, Ichud Leumi and Shas will set aside their differences and focus on the achievement of the Jewish National goal, Eretz-Israel!

Vote for the Future of Israel. Many Israelis are disillusioned with the alternatives and may not vote as voting is not compulsory. It is of the utmost importance to inform the Israeli voting public that the following parties that have made a commitment to Mattot Arim (Israel) that they will not support the creation of a Palestinian State on Jewish soil: Yisrael Beiteinu, Habayit Hayehudi, Ichud Leumi, Shas. (This message brought to you by the United Torah Bloc)

‘Moderate’ Fatah Fired Rocket at Israel. Al-Aqsa Brigades, Fatah movement's armed wing, said that its terrorists fired one rocket at the town of Ashkelon in southern Israel last Thursday. Another rocket landed near the southern Israeli town of Sderot. (It is time for “Reality Check”!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The pro-Zionist parties of Israel must remember how the Second Temple was lost to the Romans! Stop fighting each other and focus on winning over those voters who are sadly still supporting the Kadima or Labor parties and their policy of appeasement of our enemies.

Police to Influence the Election. A police investigation into Israel’s “Our Home” leader Avigdor Lieberman right before the elections is inappropriate. The police detained seven people connected to Lieberman. (It is a well known secret in Israel that the police and justice department are well ‘stocked’ by supporters of the Labor party.)

The missile fired from Gaza out to the Mediterranean last week was not a Qassam as reported but a C-802, the Iranian shore-to-ship Nur C-802 missile

What is the Rush For? Israel hastened its pullout of troops from the Gaza Strip, aiming to have the last units out before Barack Obama was sworn in as US President. (Why must security and the lives of Jews in Israel be ‘synchronised’ with the inauguration of the president in the US?)

While World ‘Sleeps’. While the world's nations dilly-dally around dealing effectively with the Iranian effort to acquire nuclear weapons with which to wipe out Israel, the Islamist regime continues to race ahead in its efforts to get "the bomb."

Same Inaction Produce Same Result! Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said the Gaza war with Israel amounted to a "great victory". "We have stopped the aggression and the enemy has failed to achieve any of its goals." (When will the inept politicians learn?)

The Move is Long Overdue. The Chief Rabbinate has broken ties with the Vatican in protest of the Pope's decision to reinstate Bishop Richard Williamson, who is a known Holocaust denier. Williamson recently claimed that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews were murdered by Nazis during the Holocaust, not six million. (It is Time to Regain Self-Respect and abandon the policies of appeasement)

Leadership with NO Self-Respect! Israeli President Shimon Peres (former leader of Labor party) apologised by telephone to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the latter stormed out of a Davos debate. (Erdogan was rude to Israel and stormed out in order to raise his own popularity in Muslim world. Why has self-disrespectful Peres apologised? When will stupidity end? Israel needs leadership, which respects its own people and country!)

Quote of the Week: “I cannot entertain the notion that any Israeli would tell the Hamas that they basically won. If someone does this, I will face off against him with full force.” – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former leader of Kadima – So what was the ‘Charade’ war in Gaza for? To boost the popularity of Kadima party! How can the people in the Kadima and Labor parties look their neighbours and the parents of the killed solders in the eye? The new ‘Calm’ did not even last a week. Enough of the same ineffectual policies! A new direction must be embraced!

Sour Moral Victory for a Patriot. The Supreme Court has rejected a request by the military prosecutor to revoke leadership ranks from an officer, Reserve Captain Moshe Botavia, who refused to obey orders during the uprooting of Jewish communities as part of the Disengagement of 2005, but he was demoted to Second Lieutenant. (The Kadima/Labor government persecutes Jewish patriots but lets the terrorists of Hamas and Hizbullah off the hook.)

Why Have a Fake Truce? Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the radical Islamic rulers of Gaza will never accept a long term truce with Israel as long as the crossing points remain closed. (so they will be able to bring in even more weapons and break the truce any time it is convenient for Hamas, as has already happened!)

Iran Elite Forces in Gaza. Israel's military killed several Iranian military advisers from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps during the 22-day war with Hamas.

UN fears of 'War crimes'. A UN human rights expert says Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip during its recent offensive there raised "the spectre of systematic war crimes" and needed to be investigated. (‘Useless nothing’ did not worry about “systematic war crimes” committed by Hamas during 8 years of indiscriminate bombarding of civilians in Israel. However, it was quick off the mark to start an anti-Israel smear campaign! This deeply anti-Semitic organization never cares about Jewish children who were killed by ‘Palestinian’ terrorists!)

The Peace that Was Never Offered. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose country has been engaged in indirect peace talks with Israel, said an Arab initiative for peace with Israel was "dead".

When Political Correctness is Cast Out. More than 90 per cent of Jewish Israelis backed the invasion in Gaza, although that view is reversed among Arab Israelis. Attitudes among Jewish Israelis were so hardened that 80 per cent would oppose Israel opening its crossings to Gaza even if Hamas stopped firing on southern towns. "There's no doubt that Israelis feel that justice is on their side," said Professor Ephraim Yaar. (The support among Jewish Israelis would be higher and stronger if the Israeli government would start the implementation  of the Sinai Option! The attitude of the Arab Israelis has just exposed their anti-Israel standing again!)

Qadaffi Exposed 'Refugees'!

In an op-ed piece in the New York Times, Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi states that Arabs who fled the newly established state of Israel in 1948 were not forced to leave by Jews, as many Arab politicians and intellectuals state in the world media. Many of the Arabs who left did so of their own volition, fearing violence that never materialized. Israel has stated many times that the Arabs left because they were prompted to by the Arab governments such as Egypt and Syria, which urged them to get out of the way in order to enable the Arab armies to get rid of the Jews. “It is important to note that the Jews did not forcibly expel Palestinians. They were never un-welcomed.” Qadaffi wrote. (Sometimes Arab leaders are honest by accident!)