The physical departure from Egypt was brief and relatively painless from the historical perspective. On the other hand, the concepts of national unity and the chosen Jewish nation, living on the land given by G-d, is the one which many Jewish people are still struggling with, even those living in Israel. This self-doubt, which is perceived as lack of self-respect, is the main reason for continuation of anti-Semitic ugliness and for the enduring Israeli-Arab conflict. Jews were admired and respected, even by enemies, after the War of Independence, the Six Days war and even the Yom Kippur war, when in spite of all odds, the young Jewish nation defeated superior Islamic forces. But each time these achievements were negated by consideration for wellbeing of our enemies more than our own and by caring too much about what our enemies think or would do.

Jewish people, community leaders and the political hierarchy of Israel must remember that nobody respects those who have no self-respect!

Jewishness - Who Do You Think You Are?

by Steven Shamrak

For several decades, the question about Jewish identity - “who is a Jew” - has been buried and conveniently forgotten - due to fake political correctness, in fear of being called “racist”, and to appease some prominent members of the community - by Jewish leadership and Jewish communities. 

Recently Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman expressed strong opinions, as it should be when someone has an opinion, on the role of religion in the State of Israel (and Jewish identity). "When talking about the Jewish state, is important to emphasize that in the national sense and not in the religious sense," Liberman said. He added that Yisrael Beytenu is very much for Jewish tradition in Israel.

"We respect the religion and Judaism," he said. "Without Judaism and tradition, we would not be standing on this podium. Without Judaism we would not be here and have not established the State of Israel and therefore we can do no harm to Jewish tradition in Israel."

"In the state of Israel you cannot separate religion and state," he said. "As Jews, we do not distinguish between religion and nationality." This principle is applicable to all Jews, regardless of their current residence!

The story of the Four Sons is read at the Passover Seder table. Each of the Four Sons symbolizes a different kind of Jewish person, from the "Wise" one to "the Son who doesn't Know Enough to Ask". The story of the Four Sons reflects that no matter what religious or political views a Jew has all of us are important and intricate parts of the Jewish nation!

Diversity of the Jewish people with emphasis on national unity is addressed again during the celebration of Sukkot when four fruits and plants must be united in order for Jews to make a prayer for peace and prosperity for all people, not just Jews!

Enemies of the Jewish people have given us many derogatory and demonizing names in order to rob us of our true spiritual names: “Israel” - "Triumphant with God", and “Evrim” - “one who have crossed over”.

Jewish spiritual and national unity was shaken after Napoleonic times. When loyalty of French Jews was questioned, rabbis gave an ambiguous answer to prove Jewish loyalty to France, which implied separation of religion and nationality. After that Napoleon had granted Jews some degree of equality in the French Empire, although, this ‘equality’ experiment did not last long in anti-Semitic Europe!

Not long ago, being a Jew meant both: religion and an ethnicity - that is, how all our anti-Semitic ‘friends’ have always treated Jews. Most of them are still thinking and behaving this way! Being Jewish is not just praying to one G-d, or having Jewish parents. It is belonging to a rich spiritual, cultural and national tradition. It is being a member of the nation which in spite of all odds, persecution and relatively small population, survived for several thousand years and made immense contribution to spiritual, intellectual and scientific development of  Humanity.

Jewish ethnicity, due to the lack of traditional spiritual education, had secured the continuity of family traditions and national belonging even in secular countries like the Soviet Union… (cont. below)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

During interviews with international political officials and news reports anti-Semitic bigots are always vocal about what Israel must do to keep the useless peace process going. Not much said about what so-called Palestinians should do (no demands, and pressure and expectations are low). Rockets are still fired at Israel, stones are thrown at Jews and knives are still piercing Jewish flesh. The PA has been violating and ignoring with impunity all undertakings and agreements made with Israel. The PA and Arabs are confidently relying on international complacency and support. So, who is a villain here!

Israel Launches 'Ofek 10' Satellite

Israel launched the spy satellite “Ofek 10” into space. The launch was conducted by the Ministry of Defense at the Palmachim Air Force Base in central Israel. (“Little s… country” has a big stick, but is still afraid to use it!)

Israel Must not Disappoint Enemy

The PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash said on PA TV that Israel has as systematic plan to remove the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock… The official PA TV News has reported that PA experts on the Al-Aqsa Mosque structure say that Israel spreads chemicals at Al-Aqsa foundations in order to destroy it… The PA's Al-Aqsa libel has been actively promoted since 1998. (Through history, Jews have been accused of ‘blood libel’ by Christians and Muslims many times. This time Israel must not disappoint our mortal enemies and follow their ‘advice’ - remove them from the Jewish holiest site and all Jewish land as well!)

Irony of the Genocidal Idiot's Life?

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who in his genocidal schemes attempted to murder every single Jew in the world, apparently himself married a woman of Jewish descent. Forensic scientists ran tests on hair samples from a monogrammed hairbrush found in 1945 by a US army intelligence officer in Eva Braun's private apartment at Hitler's Alpine residence. The test revealed a specific sequence in the DNA passed through the maternal line through the generations known as haplogroup N1b1, associated with Ashkenazic Jews.

Enemy Within

The Nazareth District Court convicted former Balad Knesset Member Said Nafa of contact with a foreign agent, illegal exit to an enemy country and aiding other to visit an enemy country. The offenses were committed in 2007. Nafa was aided by former Knesset Member Azmi Bishara, who left the country of fear he would be accused of security offenses.


Stupidity Comes from the White House

The White House defended the "tireless" efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry to secure peace between Israel and the PA. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that Kerry’s Middle East peace bid had not been a waste of time. (Most commentators are blaming Kerry for tireless but fruitless efforts he put into the fake peace process, ignoring the fact that he is just a pawn, who is doing what he was told to by President Obama!)

West Can Stop Financing PA Terrorists

Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo have renewed their commitment to give $100m in monthly aid to the government of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

‘Peanut Head’ is still anti-Semitic

Former US President Jimmy Carter expressed support for the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) move to seek membership in international organizations, reports the Ma’an news agency. "The decision by the Palestinians to exercise their right to join international organizations should not be seen as a blow to the peace talks," Carter said in a statement. (He does not care that this is in violation of all agreements so-called Palestinians have signed with Israel. During his presidency he brutally pressured and pushed Israel into political defeat - the Camp David Accords!)

Start Annexation of Jewish Land Now

Bayit Yehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett demanded Prime Minister Netanyahu begin to exercise Israeli sovereignty on major settlement blocs in the West Bank in response to recent unilateral moves by the PA. Bennett requested “to begin the process of applying Israeli sovereignty on areas in Judea and Samaria that are under Israeli control.” More than 350,000 of the Jews in Judea and Samaria live in Area C, some 60% of the area. (It is time to take it all!)

Quote of the Week:

“We have issues with Syria, an issue based on a principle. But let me say it clearly: The Turkish government has never cooperated with Israel against any Muslim country, and it never will.” - Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister - Issue is not just “a principle” but nationalistic. Turkey has a territorial dispute with Syria! Turkey did not cooperate with NATO coalition and the US either, before and during operation “Desert Storm” and even tried to undermine it. Turkey must be expelled from NATO and never allowed to become part of Europe!

Jewishness - Who Do You Think You Are?

by Steven Shamrak

…There are less than 14 million Jews in the world now, almost the same number as 60 years ago after WWII. During this time most nations have tripled or quadrupled their population! This is an unfortunate result of the assimilation process Jews have been suffering due to the national identity crisis, anti-Semitic persecution and lack of self-respect.

Jews population during the Roman Empire was around 9 million, similar to the ethnic Han population of China at the time, several hundred million now. Two thousand years later Jewish population is merely 14 million.

Assimilation is the biggest threat to the existence of the Jewish people! Breaking the duality of Jewish identity is encouraged by Jew-haters and self-hating Jews as the way to facilitate assimilation and elimination of Jewish identity.

There are some Judo-Christians groups that celebrate Charismas and Hanukah. Usually Jews who turned their back on their heritage disappear in one or two generations.

The ‘Integration’ of Jews is still a hidden agenda of our enemies - extermination of the Jews by any way possible! By facilitating disappearance of Jews they - in their schizoid and delusional belief - feel that they prove that their religion, whether Islam and Christianity, is the true Abrahamic one!

PS: Tinok Shenishba ("captured infant") - is a Talmudic term that refers to a Jewish individual who sins inadvertently as a result of having been raised without an appreciation for the thought and practices of Judaism. "Tinok" principle used to be an important part of Jewish life, even in my family - 3 generations of non-religious Jews!