Where is Jewish Leadership?

by Gil Solomon

The Israeli leadership, unfortunately, does not argue its case well in the hostile international arena, in spite of ample historical evidence supporting the Jewish narrative (especially the Zionist one).

We have to ask ourselves, for how many more decades will we be watching Israeli leadership continue in fruitless discussions with people whose only objective for peace with Israel is the peace of the grave?

The claim of Jewish sovereignty to the land of Israel is clearly established by the historical record – Jewish and only Jewish well before the birth of Christianity or Islam.

There are stolen Jewish artefacts from the time of the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 CE by the Romans in Vatican, and this fact has not been aired publicly by any Jewish organisation or even Israel. The Vatican needs to be publicly shamed into opening its vaults for historical scholars to inspect all they contain as it relates to the 2nd Temple period.

Israel refers to Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel, but at the Temple Mount, Jews are not allowed to enter to pray. How can this be? After 55 years Israel must take control of the Temple Mount!

The “Right to Exist” (but not for Israel) is a phrase that the Western World applies to Israel and Israel alone. The strangest part of this is that Jews worldwide and Israel itself have continued to re-iterate this degrading terminology.

Jews not only take this lying down, but they repeat this nauseating phrase ad infinitum. What is wrong with us?

Of course, Israel has a right to defend itself, (as any sovereign country, it is the fact we should not repeat again and again) - “We have a right to defend ourselves”.

Even during a war:

- Israel never seeks the unconditional surrender of the enemy but fights one war after another to a negotiated ceasefire orchestrated by the UN or whoever. This is one way of ensuring this conflict will never end.

- Electricity is still supplied to the enemy from the Israeli grid, thus ensuring that tunnelling and other hostile acts can continue unabated.

- Israeli truck conveys are lined up with medical and other supplies to rush in to help those trying to kill Jews, once hostilities cease.

Unless Israel takes the lead, stands up for its rights and forcefully confronts the historical reality at every opportunity on the world stage, then the political impasse with “Palestinians” will never end. If Israel takes the lead, the Diaspora will follow.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

As it is written in the Torah, Israel will be the king of all nations. Israel has always been a front-line defence of the West against Islamic/Arab expansion! Therefore, the only way to stop expansion of Islam to the West, as well as destruction of the democracy and our liberal values, is for Israel set its Jewish national goal to reunite Eretz-Israel - the Promised Land as it was clearly defined in the Torah or, at least, how it was legally designated as the Jewish State by the League of Nations! In the process, Arab/Muslim enemies will be defeated militarily and morally. This will stop their advance on the West!

‘Ugly Nazi’ at its Best!

Days after two people were killed in twin bombings of Jerusalem bus stops, The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Francesca Albanese addressed a conference organized by the Hamas-affiliated Council. Albanese told the crowd (consisting of known members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, both of which have been designated as terror organizations by the United States and European Union): “You have a right to resist this occupation.” (He was not reprimanded or removed from his position!)

UN does not Mark Jewish ‘Nakba Day’

The UN General Assembly voted - 90-30, with 47 abstentions - in favour of holding a commemorative event in honour of the 75th “Nakba Day,” the Palestinian name for Israel’s establishment. Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan called in his address ahead of the vote for the UN to “stop ignoring the Jewish Nakba,” referring to the 750,000 Jews expelled from Arab and Muslim countries. On November 29, 1947, the date of partition of the British Mandate into Jewish and Arab states, which the Jews accepted and the Arabs did not, and opted to declare war on the fledgling State of Israel the following year. (It was an attempt, supported by international anti-Semites, to commit the second Holocaust after WW2.) The PA has not condemned the twin bombings in Jerusalem. In fact, its leaders stopped denouncing terror attacks against Israel a long time ago. Instead, Palestinian leaders often praise terrorists who murder Jews as “heroes” and “martyrs.” They, in fact, offer stipends to the terrorists and their families as part of the PA’s “Pay-for-Slay” program - which serves as an incentive, especially in an area that is not wealthy, for its citizens to continue their violence. (The US tax payers, the UN and other anti-Semitic states pay them for this.)

Rocket Fired from Gaza - Here We Go Again!

In response to the firing of rocket towards Israel, Israeli army bombed two sites belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip with no casualties reported. "The warplanes attacked a weapons workshop, which is a significant center where rockets belonging to the Hamas are produced," Avichay Adraee, Army spokesman, twitted. Warplanes also targeted a tunnel belonging to Hamas in southern Gaza. (Empty buildings are bombed again. No plans to destroy all the rockets our enemies keep in storage, their leadership, or remove them from Gaza completely.)

Soldier Imprisoned for Political Statement

Commanding officer of the Southern Command approves reduction of sentence for Givati Brigade soldier who made political statement. The soldier made his statement, in the context of an altercation provoked by leftist anarchist activists in Hebron. In it, the soldier said, "Ben Gvir will restore order here." (No IDF soldiers were imprisoned for making Leftists, anti-Zionist statements.)

US is still Committed to Jerusalem Consulate

The Biden administration’s new envoy to the Palestinians declared Wednesday that the US still plans to reopen its consulate in Jerusalem after nearly two years of delays.  US President Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken informed Netanyahu in May 2021 that Washington wanted to follow through on the pledge. (Why is it so important for Biden to denigrate Israel by supporting its enemies’ claim on the Jewish land? Israel must not allow it!)

UAE invites Ben Gvir to Tel Aviv Reception

Despite being warned against it, Otzma Yehudit chief Itamar Ben Gvir, a controversial Zionist politician, was invited to the United Arab Emirates National Day reception Thursday evening in Tel Aviv. Israel and the UAE normalized ties in 2020. Ties between Israel and the UAE have flourished since the signing of the Abraham Accords. Trade between the UAE and Israel is expected to reach more than $2 billion in 2022, well up from the $1.2 billion last year. (Unlike the Biden administration, Arab states see a brighter future, having friendship with Israel, and do not care much about fake Palestinians.)

Israel the Global Centre for Alternative Meat

The future of Israeli food technology does not include animals. Israel is second only to the United States in terms of start-ups and investments when it comes to alternative protein companies, receiving nearly $1 billion from investors since 2020. Three of the first eight cultivated meat companies in the world started in Israel.

Tunnel Below Gaza Elementary School

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) located an underground tunnel below an elementary school it operates in Gaza. "The presence of a man-made cavity underneath the grounds of an UNRWA school is a serious violation of the Agency’s neutrality and a breach of international law," the organization said. (It takes a while to dig a tunnel. Why was it allowed in the first place?)

Quote of the Week:

"We ultimately want to preserve the vision of the two-state solution, and the dignity and respect of the Palestinian people. I’ve said it a million times: I don’t think we’ll be standing in the Rose Garden getting a Nobel Peace Prize, but we need to keep a vision of a two-state solution that is viable, and take care of the Palestinian people. Giving the Palestinians opportunities to prosper will only make Israel safer." - Tom Nides, US Ambassador to Israel - He has clearly stated what is the policy of the current US government. No dignity and respect to Israel and the rights of Jewish people! He refused to answer the question about what the Biden administration's red lines might be regarding Judea and Samaria. Israel gave control of Gaza to her enemies in 2005. In return, 10,000 rockets were fired at Israel. This UGLY experiment must be cancelled. Israel needs to reunite Erez-Israel and removed enemies from the Jewish land.

Biden Rewards Palestinians for Terrorism.

by Bassam Tawil

The Biden administration’s recent decision to upgrade its relations with the Palestinian Authority (PA) is yet another sign of how the U.S. is rewarding the Palestinians.

The administration notified Congress that it has appointed Hady Amr as a new “special representative for Palestinian affairs.” The move is an upgrade in US-Palestinian relations. It is the first time the US has created a position at the State Department that is solely responsible for Palestinian affairs. The decision coincided with two bomb attacks in Jerusalem, in which a 16-year-old Jewish boy was killed and 14 other people wounded.

One would have expected the Biden administration to demand that the Palestinian leadership dismantle the terror groups operating under its auspices in the West Bank.

The Biden administration, which resumed financial aid to the Palestinians - without any conditions attached - has chosen to ignore the Palestinian leadership’s role in encouraging violence, hate and efforts to eliminate Israel, and to erect, in its place, yet another Islamic state.

The payments to the terrorists and their families successfully encourage many Palestinians to carry out attacks against Israelis: they know that they or their families will be added to the Palestinian Authority’s payroll.

By upgrading US-Palestinian relations, the Biden administration is also sending a message to these Arab countries that it stands behind the Palestinians’ rejection of normalization and peace between the Arabs and Israel.

Biden Working to Limit Independence of Israel

While the White House has sought to be more subtle and tight-lipped about its discomfort with the rise of the Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit party leaders, Democrat Chris Van Hollen, revealed that the administration is not waiting until prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is sworn in to begin acting. “I know that the Biden administration is in the process of doing everything they can to try to limit the potential for damage of the inclusion of these extremist elements within the governing coalition.” (How would American voters feel if Israel dictates the President of the US who he must not appoint as a government minister?)