Where are Watch-dogs of Democracy?

by Steven Shamrak

There is no real democracy in any Muslim country. Islamist movements are driven by ideological hate and terror. They will not bring, and are not intended to bring democracy or even the appearance of economic or social normality to their countries.

Considering an international policy point of view, including the treatment of Israel, there is no real difference who is sitting in the White House, Democrat or Republican. I am more concerned about the guardian of the democracy - the so-called free press! Where are brave investigating reporters?

Why don’t they ask tough questions about the current president of the United States? Like - Who did pay for his education? Why have he and his wife dropped their Illinois law licenses? Why was he awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for his ‘intentions’ to bring peace?

Following the same pattern of selective reporting, the press also does not scrutinize the true agenda of Islamic expansion and terror, lead by the ‘friends’ of the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran; the failure and unwillingness of the Western democracies to effectively fight the “War on Terror”. Why is the extent of crimes committed by Muslims in the West swept under a carpet, as well as the persecution of foreign workers, including Westerners, in Arab countries?

Where are those watch-dogs of democracy? Why are they scared? Who paid them off? Or, have they been betraying us and our way of life willingly?

British Anti-Semitism comes from the Top

British MP Patrick Mercer, shot by hidden camera, describes a security check in Israel: “You don’t look like a soldier to me. You look like a bloody Jew,” he told a soldier

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

For many years, enemies of the Jewish state, the so-called Palestinians, perfected the Islamic terror weapon - suicide bombing, while the predominately anti-Semitic world turned a blind eye or even was quite supportive of this despicable action of Judaist thugs! Their experience and know-how have been exported and used by all Islamist organizations. This is the most successful product of the PA so far, exported to most Muslim countries. How long will it take to become a common occurrence on our streets?

‘Peaceful’ Reality in Israel

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed that Israel has foiled five suicide bombings since the start of the year, and the IDF has prevented many attacks and 30 attempted kidnappings of soldiers. (This never makes it into the papers outside Israel, or is buried, so when Israel takes action, it looks like they are causing trouble)

Israel is Blackmailed by Traditional Anti-Semites

Senior Israeli officials reported that the Europeans warned them that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is expected to resume the Palestinian campaign for unilateral UN recognition, if Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria isn’t stopped. They also threatened that Europe would increase efforts to label products made in the Jewish settlements and that Europe is ready to boost efforts by the Palestinians in the UN in general and the International Criminal Court in Hague in particular. (Anything goes in order to facilitate the demise of the Jewish state!)

Hezbollah is Branded as Terrorist Organization by Arabs

The Gulf Cooperation Council took the lead against Hezbollah and unanimously declared it a terrorist organization, a designation that the European Union is considering. “All GCC countries are convinced that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization,” Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Ghanim bin Fadl Al-Buainain told reporters. (Years of terrorist attacks against Israel were not enough of a reason for this proclamation. Even Hezbollah involvement in Syrian Civil war is still not compelling enough for European anti-Semitic bigots!)

Israel has Wrong Compensation Priority

The State of Israel compensated two families of PA Arabs who were killed in 2005 by a Qassam rocket fired by Gaza-based Hamas terrorists. Two Arab men who were killed worked in the greenhouses of the Ganei Tal, one of the Jewish communities that were later evicted during the “disengagement”. (Why is it that Jewish state gives compensation to Arabs but not to Jewish victims of Arab terror? Hundreds of millions of PA tax dollars can be withhold to compensate all victims, including PTSD sufferers in Sderot!)

PA is Unwilling to Talk

As Kerry plans to return to the Mideast for the 5th time, deputy foreign minister Zeev, blames the PA for stalemate. Instead, PA is opting to pursue a strategy of international recognition alone. Last year, the PA won recognition in the UN General Assembly as a nonmember state in those territories. Although it is mostly symbolic, the upgraded status at the UN granted the PA an upgraded diplomatic status that allows them access to key bodies of the world organization. The US and Israel viewed the move as an attempt to bypass negotiations with Israel for a peace agreement. (Doesn’t Kerry have more important issues to care about? Why waste so much time on the pursuit of useless and hopeless peace agreement, nobody wants or believes in?)

New Age of Cyber-Warriors

Amid a rapid rise in cyber attacks on Israel, the state is accelerating efforts to recruit and develop the cyber expertise it needs to keep pace with emerging threats in the Middle East and beyond. With double the number of scientists and engineers per capita compared to the US and 10 times more active-duty soldiers relative to its total population, Israel already has impressive human capital in scientific fields such as cyber security. But now it is also tapping everything from high school classrooms to venture capital firms to extract cream-of-the-crop cyber experts,

Saudis Reopened the Sex Slavery Trade

Rich Saudi Arabian men - some of whom are closely associated with the Saudi royal family - have been purchasing for their sexual pleasure Syrian girls and young women from among the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war conflict to Lebanon and Jordan. Most of the Saudis suspected of such atrocities are in their 60s and 70s. When they tire of the girls, these Saudi men often hand them off to other men, or the girls somehow just disappear. (This is how they express the Halal proved brotherly love)

Why Bother Helping Enemies?

Israeli doctors were among the first to set up emergency hospitals in Haiti after its devastating 2010 earthquake. Israel also swiftly dispatched water-purification experts to Japan following the 2011 tsunami and trauma experts to Boston after the recent marathon bombings. Yet despite such high-profile disaster assistance, Israel ranks near the bottom among leading free-market economies in providing foreign aid to developing nations. (The biggest part of most international aid is spent in Muslim countries or maintaining the so-called Palestinian refugees - enemies of Israel. Therefore, it would be self-destructive for Jews/Israelis donate to these ‘Jew-loving’ charities, including UN and Red Cross, which are continually undermining the existence of the Jewish state. Jews has never been able to please bigots before, so why bother!)

Hateful Muslim Scholarly Prostitution

The president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who previously spoke in defense of Hezbollah and Iran said: “When Hezbollah was fighting against Israel, I defended it. I stood against the Muslim scholars in Saudi Arabia, the most renowned scholars who warned us against Hezbollah.” He called Hezbollah the "party of Satan," in a reference to the organization's name, which means "party of God" in Arabic, and accused Hezbollah of trying to sow discord in the Muslim world.

Let Them Die of ‘Starvation’

Ayman Sharawna, a terrorist freed from prison by Israel after an eight-month hunger strike (and he did not die?), has publicly announced that he has returned to terrorist activities. The Al Mayadeen reporter showed Sharawna in his home in Gaza and accompanied him as he took part in Hamas terror operations near the border with Israel.

French Exhibit Glorifies Suicide Bombers

A state-funded museum in Paris is causing outrage among France's Jewish community for staging a photo exhibition that calls Palestinian suicide bombers "martyrs." (Why are only Jews outraged?)

Population Transfer is Common Practice

Kuwait is the first Gulf emirate ready to act on the resolution of the recent Gulf Cooperation Council meeting in Jeddah to punish Hizballah for its “flagrant intervention in Syria” against “freedom fighters.” The Interior Ministry in Kuwait is about to “end the residency of some 2,000 Lebanese Shiite citizens” and shut down their financial and commercial businesses. The mass deportation of Lebanese Shiites from the Gulf region will raise tensions with Iran and Hibzallah and may even spark retribution by Iranian and Hizballah sleeper cells. (This is just one example of Muslim ‘brotherly love’! During and after the most conflicts “Population Transfer” has been used as an effective tool, even after the 4th Geneva Convention, to establish peace or for retaliation, by many countries and the UN. In order to end terror Israel needs to set a policy to transfer enemy population - see the Sinai Option below)

Bedouins have no Loyalty to Israel

Thousands of Bedouin Arabs marched in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, with PLO flags, to protest a government plan to settle tens of thousands of their desert-dwelling people in permanent communities.

Quote of the Week:

Israel’s record of compliance with international law is remarkably strong... Perhaps because Israel’s detractors are aware of this reality, they have undertaken a process of manipulating international law in a way that invents rules that are applied only to Israel and not to other states or in other situations.” - Robbie Sabel, professor of international law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - The Fourth Geneva convention was adopted immediately after Israel surprised the international bigots by winning the Independence war against the superior armies of seven Muslim countries. Most countries ignore it and displace people, transfer population and create refugees whenever they feel like it!

PA Minister Told BDS “Stop Barking"

by Khaled Abu Toameh

Palestinian Authority Economy Minister Jawad al-Naji was forced to walk out of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Conference after participants demanded that he leave for insulting a man who asked a “provocative” question (Arabs do not like being scrutinized by unreserved questioning). The man was later severely beaten by PA security officers accompanying the minister and taken to hospital.

The conference is being held at Bethlehem University with the goal of promoting boycott and divestment against Israel. The conference is also aimed at combating “normalization” with Israel.

Eyewitnesses reported that one of the participants, Nizar Banat, asked the minister why the PA and President Mahmoud Abbas were continuing to conduct security coordination with Israel while fighting “normalization” with Israelis.

In response, the angry minister called on the activist to “stop barking.” The minister’s remark drew sharp criticism from the participants, who demanded that he leave the conference instantly.

When the moderator asked the minister to apologize, al- Naji walked out of the conference.

One of the participants said that PA security officers and Fatah “thugs” later beat Banat as he exited the conference.

Banat was taken to the hospital, where he was being treated for bruises, the participant said.

He said that at least seven men attacked him shortly after he left the conference hall.

“They tried to pull me out of a car,” he said. “When I resisted, they dragged me out and beat me.” He added that some of the attackers were aides to the minister.

The participant said that PA security officers also started searching the cellphones of some participants to make sure they had not filmed the confrontation between Banat and the minister.

 “What happened today at the Bethlehem University conference is very serious,” she said. “The activist only asked the minister why he and President Abbas were campaigning against normalization with Israel while at the same time conducting security coordination with Israel.”