When Will They Ever Learn?

by Batya Medad

Has life become more peaceful? Will they ever learn? Throughout recorded history, we've seen that giving in to aggressors, bullies, has only brought on more trouble, violence and death.

Did converting to Catholicism during the Inquisition save Spanish Jewry and allow them to live in peace? Certainly not! To this day, the Spanish Church has kept records of those "new Catholics," considering them second-class, secret Jews, at best.

Did it help the Jews of Germany when the German Jewish leaders cooperated with the Nazis? It certainly didn't. Discriminatory laws against Jews got harsher and then six million Jews were systematically murdered.

Has life become more peaceful in Israel since: 1. Menachem Begin's Camp David agreement and subsequent Sinai withdrawal? 2. Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres's Oslo Accords, which gave the Arabs rifles and other arms? Against whom were they used? 3. the Disengagement from Gush Katif and northern Shomron?

That's a very short list of the numerous Israeli attempts to "bribe" or "sweet talk" the local Arab terrorists into agreeing to "peace." They all have something in common. They caused the level of violence against Jews to rise.

Thirty years ago, when Begin was elected Prime Minister, the first time that a party other than Labor won Israel's elections, Israelis were complaining that the "front" was too far away. I remember a Jerusalem neighbour who said that it was inconvenient for her husband to do reserve duty in the Sinai… Now the war is more convenient. Terrorism can happen at home - no need to travel to the front… When will they ever learn?

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

In 1967, there were no universities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Arab Palestinians in Israel are the most educated Arabs in the Middle East. What has the education of the Arab population brought to Israel? More sophisticated terror! Sometimes punishment and expulsion from a class is a good and appropriate educational tool!

No Total Protection for Sderot. Olmert declared the during annual Caesarea conference that his government cannot offer Sderot total protection against Qassam rocket attacks. "A country cannot protect itself ad infinitum, because there would be no end to it." (Knowing the obvious, why he and the Israeli government do nothing to develop and implement the alternative Zionist plan?)

Muslim ‘Democracy’. Muslim journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is on trial in Bangladesh for the crime of supporting Israel. The official charges are listed as treason and blasphemy. Choudhury urged the Bangladeshi government to recognize the State of Israel.

Stupidity was Expected. Shortly after the former British prime minister stepped into his new job, he assured Russia and the Europeans that one of his first tasks would be to establish ties with Hamas representatives in Gaza and Damascus. (…but not so soon! Another international idiot got the “job for boys” without any qualification for it!)

Arab Squatters Ordered off Stolen Jewish Land. A Jewish man has won a fifteen-year battle against Arab squatters from Bethlehem who seized his land in southern Jerusalem. Police have now told Herskowitz he has one day to pay for police protection in order to remove the squatters and take control of his land. (Why does the government not reinforce the law? When will all Arab ‘squatters’ be removed from the Jewish land?)

Saudi Support of Hamas. “Hamas certainly carried out suicide attacks against Israeli civilians during the second Intifada beginning in 2000, which would qualify it for the terrorist label. But then, during that Intifada, Israel killed more than four times as many Palestinians as Hamas and other groups killed Israelis.” - by By Patrick Seale, saudigazette.com. (Nothing is printed in Saudi Arabia by accident. This is just one example of twisted logic used by Jew-haters, paid by an oil-rich Wahabic monster!)

Hiding Head in the Sand. The Israeli government has appointed a team to begin planning the armouring of 10,000 homes and businesses within Qassam rocket range of Gaza. The Finance Ministry, headed by Olmert, has reportedly formulated a plan to come up with a billion and a half shekels. (What about the lives of people walking on the streets or kids in school yards? Instead of ending the occupation of Jewish Gaza by Arabs, Olmert is wasting time and money to prolong the inhumane living condition of Jews living under the rain of Qassam rockets in the Negev.)

King Rejects Confederation with Palestinians. Jordan's King Abdullah II flatly rejected a confederation with the Palestinians on Sunday and said he was "fed up talking about this issue." "We reject the formula of confederation and federation and we believe that proposing this issue at this specific period is a conspiracy against both Palestine and Jordan," (Nobody wants the Palestinian "Bag of Fleas"!)

Sharing Terror Duties. The Hamas military wing, under the leadership of Ahmed al-Ja'abari, has resumed launching Qassam rockets from Gaza at Israel after a lull of some weeks. During this period, rocket launchings had primarily been conducted by Islamic Jihad, Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, and members of local clans.

Quote of the Week:

"Even if we give Abbas F-16s he still has no chance to succeed against Hamas. It has already been proven that giving weapons and money to Fatah goes toward strengthening terror and not toward fighting it."Israel Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Self-Respect: Arabs Vs Israel. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should forget about plans to hold a summit involving Saudi Arabia, because the Saudis won't meet him, said Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak implied that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah would not meet with Olmert because of religious issues – i.e., that Muslims of the stature of Abdullah would not meet with a Jew like Olmert. (Muslims hold, often unjustifiably, enormous self-respect. Isn’t it time for Jews demand the respect we actually deserve?)

Faking a Humanitarian Crisis. Frequent mortar and bombing attacks on the Gaza crossings lead Israeli authorities to conclude that Hamas is trying to fabricate (as usual) a humanitarian crisis for international consumption. The Karni crossing was shut down by Palestinian attacks and then Kerem Shalom.

Mosque are not for Politics? PA Prime Minister Fayyad's meeting with 800 Muslim clergy was the latest attempt to stem that influence of Hamas in Judea and Samaria. "We won't allow them (mosques) to be turned into places of incitement and intimidation," he said. "It's the responsibility of men of religion to ... present religion as a way of tolerance, not as a cover for bloodshed." (Incitement against Israel is still permitted and encouraged in mosques world-wide, including the PA controlled territories!)

Farfur, the Terrorist Mouse, is Dead. The Hamas affiliated television station that produced the children's show featuring Farfur, who urged Palestinian children to conquer Israel, broadcast the final episode on Friday. An actor portraying an Israeli trying to steal Farfur's land beat the mouse to death. (Arab occupiers of Jewish land have been raising a new generation of killers! At the same time, due to the perversion of the dead Oslo agreement, Israeli children are denied the truth about the rights of Jews to all our ancestral land. No wonder so many Jews advocate two-state solution. The Arabs want only one!)

Talking to the Wall.


Hamas released a batch of documents captured in the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence archives in Gaza, which include complete maps in the hands of the Palestinian Preventive Security service and Egyptian intelligence of 22 gunrunning tunnels from Sinai to Gaza. Exes marked the points of ingress and exit under cover of buildings.

This incriminating expose attested to the two ‘partners in peace’ deliberate cover up. Israel was (and still is) talking to the wall when its ministers keep on appealing to the Mubarak government year after year to block the smuggling tunnels. It is clear that Cairo (and the PA government) never had an intention of lifting a finger to stop the illicit weapons reaching Gaza. (Olmert is still keeping up the charade! Israel does not have partners in peace process. It is time to set and pursue our own goals. The Arabs do!)

Time to Postpone the "Political Horizon"

by Dennis Ross (Wall Street Journal, 19Jun07)

Since January, the administration's objective has been to produce a "political horizon" between Israelis and Palestinians - meaning an agreement (or plan) on the contours of a permanent status deal on Jerusalem, refugees and borders. The feasibility of such an objective needs to be reassessed now. With two Palestinian regimes, one led by Fatah in the West Bank and one led by Hamas in Gaza, does it make sense to be defining what permanent status would look like? Pushing for an objective that is demonstrably not achievable now is not going to enhance our already shaky position in the Middle East. (Even the US’s official ‘jesters’ have begun to realize the faulty premises of US policy!)