What the Heck Happened to Bibi?

by  David Israel

We have no idea what was happening to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He made earth-shattering announcements about a solution to the thousands of illegal migrants who have been slated for an expulsion this spring, then took it back when it became apparent no one else, either in his government or any other government he thought he had been dealing with was on the same page with him, then he started throwing blame around.

When political historians rush to write the annals of Bibi’s career, they will no doubt mark this one as a low point...

At a special press conference, Netanyahu named Germany, Italy and Canada as the Western countries willing to take in the migrants expelled by Israel.

So, quick math: there are an estimated 35,000 illegal migrants currently in Israel, as well as some 10,000 children of migrants who were born in Israel. 16,000 are being deported to Western countries, that leaves 20,000 adults, give or take, plus their children. Not the best deal...

Netanyahu’s coalition partner Habayit Hayehudi as well as his own rightwing flank inside Likud were very unhappy, to say the least, with the results as well as the process of reshuffling and altering policy without consulting them. Naftali Bennett was livid, and tweeted: “By signing this agreement, we are sending a dangerous message to the entire world: anyone who succeeds in infiltrating into Israel illegally receives a residency award here or in a Western country.”

...And also, referring to Netanyahu’s promises: “The discourse on dispersing infiltrators into kibbutzim and moshavim is a sham. Once illegal immigrants are granted residency status in Israel, they will be entitled to stay wherever they wish..."

Apropos the High Court, it is obvious that once the legalized infiltrators settle in, they’ll demand family reunification - and the high court will back them, effectively tripling or quadrupling their numbers.

But then Germany and Italy announced that, contrary to the Prime Minister’s announcement, they never received a request from the UNHCR or from the Israeli government to absorb the migrants...

Another Confusing, Gutless and Bad Deal for Israel

Israel reached an agreement with the United Nations. The deal made between the Prime Minister’s Office and the UN High Commission on Refugees stipulates that Israel could immediately deport some 16,250 people while granting temporary residency to thousands of others for a period of five years. (Israel had planned to deport thousands of Africans; Bibi made a deal with the UN - then put the agreement on hold, hours later, and cancelled it? In the process, as usual, he created a lot of negative publicity for Israel. ‘Great’ leadership!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Some people say, in an attempt to shift blame on Israel, “There's a deep-rooted problem on both sides”. I agree, the difference is that Jews want to live in peace with their neighbours on ancestral Jewish land, Eretz-Israel. On the other hand, Arabs and Muslim states are using their proxy, the so-called Palestinians, to destroy the only Jewish state! Yes, there is a problem on both sides – Jews must become bold in achieving their objective, that will leave the ‘neighbours’ no choice but recognise and normalise relationship with Israel. Nothing else will work!

Was the Border Attack just Hamas Blackmail Game?

A senior official in the Hamas terrorist group on Sunday demanded that Israel ease some of its economic restrictions on the Gaza Strip and suggested that steps that “immediately improve the economic situation” in the Palestinian enclave would curtail a wave of violent protests on the Israel-Gaza border.


Last Friday Hamas declared as a “Kautschuk Day” – the day of the tire. Throughout the Gaza Strip, used tires were collected in order to set them on fire during the scheduled riots at the border fence – to obscure the activities of the gathered mob behind a wall of smoke, and prevent IDF soldiers from being able to respond in a timely fashion. (This might have created more casualties - but Hamas does not care! Are all ‘green people’ anti-Semites?)

Saudi Crown Prince - Israel has a Right to Exist

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has done something unprecedented among Arab leaders. "I believe that each people, anywhere, has a right to live in their peaceful nation," Salman said. "I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land. But we have to have a peace agreement to assure the stability for everyone and to have normal relations." (Next step is to find a piece of land for the so-called Palestinians to move in. Arabs states have plenty!)

World Ignores 'Palestinians' Dying in Syria

While world bodies call for investigations into the deaths of 17 Gazans who were killed while attempting to destroy and infiltrate the security fence on the border with Israel, a non-governmental organization (Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, AGPS) reports that the number of so-called Palestinian refugees who have died in Syria since 2012, has risen to 3,686 victims.

Fake People are not United

For the Palestinians in the West Bank, Friday was just another ordinary day - a day for weddings, family gatherings, and, for some, dining at the fancy restaurants in Ramallah and Nablus.


Inquiry Against the New Israel Fund (NIF)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry against the New Israel Fund (NIF) Tuesday evening in light of the organization’s exertion of pressure on the governments of Rwanda and Uganda not to abide by agreements with Israel to take in illegal infiltrators. “The New Israel Fund is a foreign organization that receives funding from foreign governments and elements hostile to Israel, such as from the fund of George Soros. The ultimate objective of the fund is to erase Israel’s Jewish character..,” Netanyahu said. (Why investigate the obvious - shut it down! Problem with the self-hating Jews – be it anti-Zionist or psychological condition, due to a long exposure to anti-Semitism - is the biggest issue Jewish people are facing!)

Anti-Semites and Self-Hating Jews are United!

Labour party leader MP Jeremy Corbyn marked his latest Jewish brouhaha when he attended a seder conducted by Jewdas, a London-based, radical Jewish Diaspora group known for its far-left, anti-Zionist views and events.

QUOTE of the WEEK:

Thus, we conclude that we cannot promise anything to the Arabs of the Land of Israel or the Arab countries. Their voluntary agreement is out of the question...” - Vladimir Jabotinsky, "The Iron Wall" - He came to this conclusion in spite of his deep desire to live in peace with Arabs!

Old World Game: Robbing and Killing Jews!

by Steven Shamrak (I wrote it 10 years ago)

Every four years, the world waits with great anticipation for the start of the next Olympic Games. Meanwhile, another world game has been going on for almost two millennia. It all started with the traditional attitude of the Church toward Jews as the “killers of the Saviour” which provided a pretext for traditional anti-Semitism in Europe and America. However, the true reason for anti-Semitism has always been a financial one. Even the early Christians, in spite of persecution by the Romans, wanted to disassociate themselves from their Jewishness mainly in order to avoid paying the humiliating additional tax that the Romans imposed on Jews after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Later, any local king, baron, knight or abbot could kill, rob and displace Jews without fear of any retribution and with feeling of moral superiority promoted by the Church. Many royals borrowed heavily from the Jews in the past in order to maintain their lavish lifestyle or conduct wars. In return, existence under royal protection was offered to Jews, but often the debt was annulled and Jewish communities were forced to leave their homes.

England expelled Jews long before the Inquisition. In the beginning of the 14th century, the king of France, Philippe Le Bel, cancelled his debt to the Jews. The expulsions of Jews all over Europe were often accompanied by confiscation of their properties as well. The Church found this enterprise quite profitable during the time of the Inquisition.

At least in the middle ages Jews were allowed to leave and face danger in foreign lands! The Nazis and their willing ‘dogs’ in many countries were not satisfied by just making themselves rich with confiscated Jewish properties; they needed Jewish blood!

During the 1930s the United State congress unleashed anti-Communist propaganda, which coincided with the governmental ‘tolerance’ toward the rise of anti-Semitism and racism. Fascist and racist organizations like the KKK flourished! Jews were branded as war-mongers for their anti-Fascist position and were scared of governmental and mob reprisal. The US denied shelter to Jewish refugees from Europe, even to those who had entry visas. At the same time, the trade with fascist Germany and Italy thrived and goods from American steel to IBM computers were sold to “defenders against Communism”. Morality and decency were discarded and replaced by the corporate bottom line!

Since the birth of the modern Zionist movement, a new game has been invented: “It is all about money (actually oil), stupid!” The British government promised support for the creation of the Jewish state in Palestine during WW1. In 1922, almost immediately after the League of Nations gave control over the Palestinian mandate to Britain, in order to facilitate the creation of the Jewish state, 77% of Jewish land was ceded to Muslims in exchange for the control of oil in Kirkut. At the same time the Sinai Peninsula was given to Egypt in order to gain lucrative control of Suez Canal.

Some Jews still have a warm feeling about US support for Jewish immigration from the Soviet Union. I am one who benefited from this policy. Was it an altruistic gesture made by the United States on behalf of Soviet Jewry or a well calculated and planned collusion by enemies? Couldn’t it be that the ‘outrageous’ demands to allow Jews to be able to leave the USSR permitted the continuation of the charade of the Cold war? This war, which divided the world on spheres of economic and political influence and more importantly arm trade! The USSR had been supplying arms to world revolutionaries, to most Arab countries and India, and the US was in charge of Israel and the rest of the ‘free world’. Every state of the world was paranoid and paralysed by fear. All of them were buying weapons! During this game, for almost 12 years, the Soviets ‘graciously’ allowed Jews to leave the Soviet Union with nothing!

During the last few years, we can see Russia under president Putin has been re-establishing the same ‘balance of power’ with minimal (or even no) ‘resistance’ from the USA. As they say: “The game must go on!”

Over two millennia Jews have become used to enraged religious fanatics; to enrich local rulers by borrowing from or robbing Jews; to divert public opinion and the anger of the mob from the failure of the ruling class or government. What is absolutely amazing is that all religious and political spectrums did it; Christians, Muslims, Capitalists, Fascists and godless Communists have been quite skilfully playing this game of robbing and killing Jews!

Contrary to the common misconception that “we (Jews) can’t do anything about it”, it has only happened because throughout history, after the trauma Jews suffered during the destruction of the Temple and expulsion from Judea and Samaria, we have remained paralysed victims and, after hundreds of years of indoctrination, many Jews started to believe to the lies of our enemies that we are at fault. We did not organise our own defence even when we had sufficient numbers to crush our enemies because we always were made feel as strangers in the strangers’ land and feared the reprisal of our enemies.

After 60 years (70 years now) of the independence of the Jewish state, it is time to shake off this subservient mentality and not just ask but demand the due respect from others and proudly obtain full ownership of the land of our ancestors.