It is Really Time to Leave Egypt!

What Peace Process? Just PA’s Violations!

Leaders and representatives of Jenin have condemned the participation of Palestinian Authority youths in a concert honouring Holocaust survivors in Holon, near Tel-Aviv. The PA authority has shut down a youth orchestra, boarded up its rehearsal studio and banned its conductor after she took 13 young musicians to perform for Holocaust survivors in Israel, for exploiting the children for "political purposes". Ramzi Fayad, a spokesman for various political factions in Jenin, controlled by the PLO/Fatah government, denounced the teenagers’ participation, saying that all the groups were strongly opposed to any form of normalization with Israel. (This violation of the Oslo agreement has received as little attention from international news coverage as have the many other terror acts committed by PA/PLO member organizations against Israel! Only Israel is blamed for the failure of the bogus peace process.)

From Jan. 1 – Feb. 28, 2009 there were 64 terrorist attacks that took place in the West Bank or were carried out by terrorists from the West Bank. Since Jan. 18, at least 154 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel by terrorist groups in Gaza.

A Palestinian terrorist on Thursday (April 2) attacked two Israeli children with an axe, killing one and seriously wounding the other in the town of Bat Ayin in the West Bank. Shlomo Nativ, 13, died after the terrorist struck him in the head with the axe. The second child, 7-year-old Yair Gamliel, suffered injuries.

No More One-Way Street – Truth is Out.

At a ceremony on Wednesday marking the start of Lieberman's tenure as Israel's foreign minister, he said, "There is only one document that binds us and it is not the Annapolis conference." He said Israel's government only adopted the 2002 road map and that Israel will adhere to its requirements scrupulously. He dismissed and challenged the validity of "the goal of two states” - "It has no validity, the Israeli government never ratified Annapolis, nor did parliament." Lieberman pointed out that the road map requires the Palestinians to stop terrorism and set up a viable democratic government (have they done it?). Lieberman's speech was blunt and truthful! He warned against broad concessions to the enemies, saying that they "only bring pressure and more wars."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Annapolis Accord had completely disregarded the letter of the “performance-based and goal-driven” Roadmap agreement and was ratified by neither Israel nor the PA. Therefore, it was not legally binding! At the same time, the deadline for the Roadmap expired in 2005 which is why the Annapolis Accord was rushed through. It is time for new approach!

Conciliatory Tone with the Message. Netanyahu struck a conciliatory tone addressing the Knesset. He stopped short of endorsing a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:  “We do not want to exercise our power over the Palestinians,” he said. “Under the final settlement, the Palestinians will have all the rights to govern themselves except those that endanger the security and existence of the state of Israel.” (It would mean almost all of the so-called Palestinian population, including residents of Israel.)

Look Who is Talking! Syrian President Bashar al-Assad urged the Arab leaders meeting in Doha to reject a 2002 Saudi peace initiative which offers normalization of ties with Israel in exchange for Jewish land Israel reclaimed in 1967. Assad told the Arab summit: "There is no peace partner for Arabs in Israel.” (Can he name any “peace partner” with Israel in the Arab world? Jordan and Egypt are not! They are just waiting for a right moment to strike at Israel, while benefiting from the US and international aid.)

Police Provocateurs Entrapped Jews. After the destruction on Thursday in the start-up outpost neighbourhood of Meoz Esther, police set up bait for the Jewish residents in the form of a car with Arab license plates that entered the Gilad Farm, an outpost near Kedumim. Several youths began to clash with the driver, and then the policemen surprised them by jumping out from the back seat and arresting them.

Who does Israel Negotiate with and will an Agreement Last? The Islamic Hamas movement emphasized last week it will not recognize the peace obligations signed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) with Israel. Salah al-Bardaweel, a Hamas lawmaker, told the press that "Hamas can not accept the PLO's deals because any upcoming government would be formed by Hamas and Fatah and will reflect our views and we will re-compile any word the government speaks."

Quote of the Week: “There are those who see the solution in negotiation with the Mullahs. These people are either naïve or dishonest. The Mullahs' idea of negotiation is Islamic to the core. They take all and you give all since you, according to Islamic fiat, are not entitled to anything. The track record of Muslims negotiating even among themselves in places like Iraq, the Palestinian territory, Pakistan and almost every other Islamic land speaks volumes.” - Amil Imani, an Iranian-born pro-democracy activist.

Tyrants, Terrorists and Genocidal Manics are United! Qatar's leader, a key U.S. ally, embraced Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir in a red-carpet welcome Sunday as he arrived to attend an Arab Summit in his most brazen act of defiance against an international arrest warrant on charges of war crimes in Darfur - killing up to 300,000 people and driving 2.7 million from their homes since 2003.

Arab MK: Too Many Jews in Galilee? Israeli MK Taleb A-Sana of the United Arab List (Ra'am Ta'al) accused the government week ago of “Judaizing the Galilee and the Negev” by encouraging Jews to move to those areas. (It’s like saying “There are too many Arabs in Meccah”. Israel can contribute to the Arabization of Saudi Arabia by moving all Muslims from Jewish land there!)

Financing Hizbullah. Interpol Director Ronald Noble told the opening of the Americas Interpol conference in Chile on Wednesday that cocaine trafficking is used to finance both the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and Hizbullah. (Poisoning the world with heroin was obviously not enough for Islamic terrorists.)

El Al Received Top Honours. EL AL, Israel’s national airline, was recently awarded for having the best security by readers of Global Traveller Magazine and rated by the German Aircraft Bureau for having impeccable security and safety practices.

Ponzi Scheme - Islamic-Style. Ali Al-Kurd, a money-changer in eastern Jerusalem, promised his investors a 26 percent annual profit. He disappeared several weeks ago, and 100 million shekels – some say 200 million – are gone. Among the investors who fell victim to the Arab eastern Jerusalem Ponzi scheme – violating Islamic religious law in the process – were leading Islamic figures in eastern Jerusalem, Hamas members and Fatah leaders.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Is it because of the need for an alternative route for the convoys supplying American and NATO troops fighting the doomed-to-failure war against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan which has brought to the US a new willingness to ‘forgive’ Iran and an unwillingness to stop its nuclear weapons program?

"Black Thunder" Leads the Way. The unmanned version of the D9 bulldozer - called "Black Thunder" - was developed several years ago by the Engineering Corps and was only recently declassified. "The unmanned D9 performed remarkably during Operation Cast Lead, clearing roads of mines and explosive devices," explained one officer in the Ground Forces Command. "There were explosive devices planted all over the Gaza Strip and particularly at the entrance to homes," another officer said.

The ‘Friend’ Israel can Trust?

1. According to a report in the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, a US official warned the Sudanese that someone was tracking the arms shipments of arms smuggling shortly before an aerial bombing destroyed a convoy headed for the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza. A report stated that the convoys were carrying Iranian Fajr-3 missiles, which have a range of 43 kilometres. (The US has been insisting that Israel must inform its ‘friend’ about its intentions in relation to Iran and other operations. Is this in order to warn Iran?)

2. Before taking office, Obama pressed Olmert to end the war against Hamas and is promoting Golan Heights surrender, reports New Yorker magazine. (Didn’t he say that one president at the time I is enough?)

3. The United States will seek to join the U.N. Human Rights Council, reversing its policy of shunning the group. Since its creation in 2006 to replace the widely discredited U.N. Commission on Human Rights, the council has passed 32 resolutions; 26 have been critical of Israel. More than half of the 47 council’s members fall short of basic democracy standards.  (Is Obama another anti-Israel ‘achiever’ in the list of many US presidents of the same ‘calibre’? All facts are supporting the answer “Yes”.)