"We’re Just Getting Started"

Israel celebrated 70 years since the state of Israel was. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is celebrating “70 years of freedom, 70 years of democracy, 70 years of bettering the world.”

Netanyahu welcomed what he called "real seeds of peace" he said were beginning to sprout among some of Israel's Arab neighbours.

"Our hand is outstretched in peace to all of our neighbours who want peace," Netanyahu said in Hebrew.

"And to our enemies who think that we are a passing phenomenon, I have news for you: In 70 years from now you will find here a country seven times stronger than what we have done so far. This is just the beginning!"

Forty ambassadors to the United Nations have arrived to take part in Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations. They hail from Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.

A few days before, during the Memorial Day Israel was honouring the memories of 23,646 fallen soldiers, security forces members and terror victims last Wednesday, Memorial Day! (71 Soldiers, 12 Civilians fell this year)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

In 2005, having a delusional hope that it would stop accusations of ‘occupation’, Israeli government forcefully removed 8,500 Jews from Gaza, arguably, in violation of the 4th Geneva convention. The move has not changed the Israel-bashing habit of international bigots, who have eagerly been financing the PA and Hamas since their inception a few decades ago! Gaza has a problem with raw sewage running on streets, but hundreds of million dollars, generously provided by international anti-Semites - with no accountability, are paid to terrorists and their families, and finance all sort of anti-Israel ‘protests’!

IDF Defenders of Gas-Fields

IDF reveals names of four new gas field-defending Sa’ar 6 warships, which is due to be delivered by the end of 2019. The 300-feet-long (90-meter) warships, which are currently being built in Kiel, Germany, will be packed to the gills with highly sensitive detection equipment - to monitor both the surrounding sea and airspace.

Kite Bombs Hit Israel

Flaming kite from Gaza sets Israeli warehouse ablaze. Gaza terrorists flew kites attached with firebombs into Israel. The kites - each with Molotov-cocktail-like bombs tied to their tails - were floated over border fences from Gaza City and other areas. (If it is not a declaration of war what is needed to realise Israel is at war and finish it? How many Jews must die again to prompt clearing Gaza from enemy population and annex it?)

How Many of Them are Real Refugees?

Fifty-one members of Congress have signed a Forum-originated letter to President Trump. The letter asks to declassify a State Department report on how many individuals currently considered “Palestine refugees” by the United Nations fit the U.S. government definition of refugee. The United States has provided over $1 billion to these “refugees” via the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) over the past four years. (Most likely, NONE!)

Why are Ridiculous Court Rulings still Needed?

An Israeli court ruled that it is permitted for visitors to the Temple Mount compound to call out, “Am Yisrael chai” (“The people of Israel live”), because it is a patriotic slogan rather than prayer. Jews visiting the contested site are barred by Israeli law from praying there. (If this is "contested holy site", why are Muslims allowed to pray there? Jews are even discriminated against in their own country!)

Islamic Terrorists are Divided

The Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) accused the Palestinian Authority of preventing a rally it was planning to hold in Ramallah to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the destruction of the Islamic Khalifah (Caliphate).

West Bank not "Occupied" Anymore!

The US State Department released its annual report on human rights violations around the world on Friday, and there was at least one discernible difference from past reports: It no longer refers to the West Bank as “occupied.”

Israeli Arab Attacked in Berlin for Wearing Kippa

An Israeli man who was beaten in an anti-Semitic attack while wearing a traditional Jewish skullcap in Berlin told German television night that he was not Jewish but wanted to find out whether it was safe to walk in the street dressed as a Jew.

Intimidation - Arrested in Israel for being Proud Jews!

Police on Independence Day arrested three Jews during an Israeli-Arab "march of return" (which was allowed to be) held near Atlit to protest Israel's Independence Day. While Arab participants carried PLO flags, Jews were not allowed to wave Israeli ones! Among those arrested was Lieutenant Colonel Avi Farhan, a Gush Katif deportee, and his wife Laura and his daughter Ganit.

QUOTE of the WEEK:

"Best wishes to Prime Minister @Netanyahu and all of the people of Israel on the 70th Anniversary of your Great Independence. We have no better friends anywhere. Looking forward to moving our Embassy to Jerusalem next month!"President Trump twitted - He is right! Israel is the best friend the US have ever had.

The Other Side of Anniversary

Iran Tells Israel: ‘Our Fingers Are on the Trigger, Missiles Are Ready to Launch. (Who is having aggressive intentions?)

Israeli-Flagged Arab Car Bombs Israelis

Israeli motorists were targeted by Arab terrorists in a drive-by attack on Highway 60 in Judea, near the junction leading to the Jewish community of Carmei Tzur. The attackers were riding in a passing vehicle bearing an Israeli flag flying from the window, with Israeli license plates.

Man ‘Firebombed’ by Arab Terrorist in Jerusalem

A 44-year-old man was moderately burned after he was attacked with an ignited firebomb (Molotov cocktail) hurled at him in the Silwan section of Jerusalem, just outside the walls of the Old City.

In Spite of Everything - Jews are Happy!

Since 2013, 193 UN member states, two observer states and 11 territories have celebrated International Day of Happiness on March 20. Based on a yearly survey, Israel consistently scores as one of the best countries in the world in health and happiness. This year, Israel ranked fifth in healthy longevity and 11th in happiness.

“In spite of, or perhaps because Israel is a war-torn country, Israelis are deeply connected to their families, their friends, their land and God,” explained Roni Segal, an academic adviser for The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies,

A recently published National Geographic Travel article noted that Israelis have pioneered a lifestyle that cultivates feelings of fulfilment and promotes health and wellness. Additionally, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics found that the majority of Israelis (73.5%) describe their personal situation as good and believe that Israel is a good place to live (84%).