Was Prophet Mohamed a Zionist?

Land of Israel activists sought to educate Arabs regarding the Quran's teachings handed out flyers in Arabic with the relevant verses of Quran that cited on Jewish links to Land of Israel:

Sura 5:20-21: “Recall that Moses said to his people, "O my people, remember G-d’s blessings upon you: He appointed prophets from among you, made you kings, and granted you what He never granted any other people. O my people, enter the holy land that G-d has decreed for you, and do not rebel…”

Sura 7:136-137: “We let the oppressed people (Jews) inherit the land, east and west (of the Jordan River), and we blessed it. The blessed commands of your Lord were thus fulfilled for the Children of Israel, to reward them for their steadfastness, and we annihilated the works of Pharaoh and his people and everything they harvested.”

Sura 17:103-104: “And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, "Go live into this land. When the final prophecy comes to pass, we will summon you all in one group."

Even Fake Regret Made by Hamas is Denounced by Fatah. The ‘moderate’ Fatah movement attacked Hamas on Saturday for expressing regret over the deaths of Israeli civilians during Operation Cast Lead. A spokesman for Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said he was stunned at the Islamic movement’s remarks in a report to the United Nations last week and said that instead of apologizing to Israel.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

It is not enough for a Jew to be pro-Israel and blindly support the inept actions of an Israeli government. We must all become true Zionists!

The Right Step Toward Eretz-Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu completed his week-long campaign to reaffirm Israel’s claim on major Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria, and declared the Jewish city of Ariel “the capital of Samaria.” He planted a symbolic tree in the city. (Next step: Hebron “the capital of Judea.”)

Who is ‘Negotiating’ Partner? A week ago, Hamas issued a statement challenging the legitimacy of president Mahmoud Abbas stating that Abbas’ term in office is over, and that he does not represent the so-called Palestinian people and their aspirations anymore. (They have only one aspiration – destruction of Israel!)

Another Fake Friend of Israel. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi linked Holocaust victims and Arab suffering in Gaza: “just as it's right to cry for the victims of the Shoah, it's right to show pain for what happened in Gaza" (Jews in Europe did not fire rockets at German civilians and did not terrorize them with daily attacks!) At the start of a three-day visit to the Jewish state Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi stated that he hopes to bring Israel into the European Union. (NO thank you! This is another hidden agenda to destroy the Jewish state by opening it to immigration to any Muslim and other residents of Europe.)

Torah Legislates Settlement of Jewish Land. Chairman of the Jewish Home party, Minister Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz said at the foundation of the parliamentary caucus for the Land of Israel, "I see that one of our goals is to promote legislation to strengthen the settlements. Such legislation already exists in the Torah, and unlike parliamentary legislation, you can not cancel it."

Iranian Nukes are Profitable for the US. The Obama administration is arming Gulf States to be able to defend against an Iranian attack while delaying a push for tough sanctions against the Islamic Republic. (Arms sales to Arabs are only destabilising the region.)

Quote of the Week: “I remember the Muhammad al-Durra hoax that was staged in cahoots between Palestinian and French ‘journalists’. This blood libel provoked a killing spree against Israelis even after the facts came out to reveal that: 1) the boy was killed by Arab gunfire, not Israeli; and 2) the boy wasn’t killed at all. He walked off the set with his father after the director yelled “cut” (and you thought only Hollywood made movies).” - Jack Engelhard - Israel must review, introduce and enforce strong ethic in media reporting: Israeli and foreign journalists and networks who report fake news, solicit newsworthy violence, deliberately compose anti-Israel biased reports or are too lazy to check the facts should lose their media licence in Israel!

Why is No One Outraged by Jordan? Nearly 3,000 Jordanians of Palestinian origin were stripped of their citizenship in recent years. Almost half the kingdom's 6 million people are of Palestinian origin and Jordan fears that if Palestinians become the majority, it will disrupt the delicate demographic balance. (Let’s not forget that Jordan is an illegally created state on 77% of the land that was designated for the Jewish state and most non-Palestinian residents of Jordan are refugees from Saudi Arabia!)

Paradox of UN’s Refugee Policy. UNRWA deals exclusively with Arab refugees, while UNHCR deals with all the other refugees around the world. In addition, the UNRWA seeks to perpetuate the Arab refugee status, while UNHCR seeks to end their refugee status.

Jerusalem Afraid to Act on Illegal Arab Construction. The man, Ofir Mai, responsible for building inspections for the Jerusalem municipality said that the city is afraid to enforce laws against illegal Arab building because of the threat of disorders: "Because of security limitations, I am not able to carry out effective enforcement in the neighbourhood of Silwan (Shiloach in Hebrew), so many building violations in the neighbourhood are not dealt with. Every [inspection] tour in the neighbourhood draws protests, rock throwing and disturbances." (Why does the government of Israel have no “security limitations” when it is destroying Jewish homes?)

PA: Starve but do not Work with Jews. The supreme spiritual authority of the Palestinian Authority, Sheikh Taisar Tamimi, rules that Arabs who work in Jewish construction are traitors and must be imprisoned. The ruling also includes Arabs who take part in archaeological digs by the Israel Antiquities Authority in eastern Jerusalem.

Israel is Only Country with More Trees. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred to the Tu B'Shvat festival said, "We are the only country in the world that has more trees today than it had 100 years ago and we want to increase this." In 1901, Israel had only 14,000 dunams of forested land. Currently Israel has 855,663 dunams of forests.

Another Iranian Export. The beaches of Ashkelon and Ashdown, twin Israeli ports up to 25 km north of Gaza, were evacuated on Feb. 1 for fear that two large containers packed with explosives which drifted ashore were floating bombs with more on the way. Most likely the explosives are Iranian deliveries to Hamas terrorists in Gaza. An Islamic Jihad militant in the Gaza revealed that the explosives were part of a joint operation with the military wing of the American-backed Fatah (‘peace loving’) movement, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Hypocricy of the Headlines.

“U.S. Asks Israel to Refrain from Retaliatory Ops”Why have US solders been fighting in Afghanistan for eight years? Because it is the “Retaliatory Operation”, isn’t it? (The illegal war in Iraq is another matter)

List of Middle East Peace Bigotry

Since the creation of the State of Israel there were many so-called peace proposals, which were focused only on accommodating Arabs insistency to grab Jewish land. After the signing of the Oslo Accords we have witnessed the escalation of recycled ‘peace’ proposals. But, none of them has brought real peace or at lease the cessation of Islamic terror against Jews in Israel. None of them have ever considered the rights of Jewish people to the land of their ancestors and travesty of Arab claims. It is time for Israeli government start implementation of the Sinai Option! Nothing else has ever worked and will never work.

·        Peace proposals of Count Folke Bernadotte (1947-1948)

·        UN Security Council Resolution 242 (November 22, 1967)

·        Land for peace (1967)

·        Jarring Mission (1967-1971)

·        Rogers Plan (1969)

·        UN Security Council Resolution 338 (October 22, 1973)

·        Peace Now (1978- )

·        Reagan Plan (Sept. 1, 1982)

·        Oslo Accords (1993)

·        Wye River Memorandum (October 23, 1998)

·        Camp David 2000 Summit (2000)

·        Taba summit (January, 2001)

·        Elon Peace Plan (2002)

·        Nusseibeh-Ayalon Agreement (2002)

·        Arab Peace Initiative (March 28, 2002)

·        The People's Voice (July 27, 2002)

·        Road Map for Peace (April 30, 2003)

·        Isratine (May 8, 2003)

·        Geneva Accord (October 20, 2003)

·        The People's Voice

·        Sharm el-Sheikh Summit of 2005 (February 8, 2005)

·        2006 Franco-Italian-Spanish Middle East Peace Plan

·        Bi-national solution

·        Two-state solution

·        Three state solution

Could you name any other international issue that would take so much time and disproportional 'dedication' of the international community? How about: Cyprus, Tibet, Korean conflict, Western Sahara, war in Congo, West Papua, Basques, Chechnya, Sri Lanka or Kashmir? Just name one!