War or Cozy Agreement - Israel vs Gaza.

by Ron Ben-Yishai

Four years after Operation Protective Edge, Israel must decide whether to wait for a humanitarian arrangement in the strip or launch an offensive which could end with renewed control over two million Gazans; the IDF wants an arrangement but has prepared plans for battle, and the political echelon keeps relying on Egyptian mediation and holding theoretical discussions, which won’t prevent another war in the strip. (Hamas had fired over 10,000 rockets at Israel before Operation Protective Edge!)

IDF estimates that the conflict on the Gaza front has reached a crossroads. The “arrangement” the IDF and the cabinet are talking about is not just a humanitarian-rehabilitative arrangement, but a “package deal,” which also includes aspects of a long-term stable ceasefire and restrictions on the military arming of the strip’s armed groups.

To the defense establishment, a war could only result in Hamas, and likely Islamic Jihad too, needing years to recover - if they even manage to recover.

At this stage, the military move isn’t aimed at toppling Hamas in Gaza. Israel will avoid a situation of complete governmental anarchy in the strip until an effective alternative is found to the Hamas rule. Such anarchy will most definitely spill into Israel and eventually force the state to regain control of two million Gazans and carry the heavy economic, military, and political burden this entails...

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Birthright Program has to Stop 'Hunting' for lost and idiotic Jews, who have said no to their Jewishness - belonging to Religion and Nation! Jewish people have always been losing members to assimilation - be it due to external pressure, genocide, or opportunistic 'adaptation' to hostile social environment. Over 70 years ago, there were around 12M Jews in the world, after the Holocaust – Now just 14M! Many nations have tripled or quadrupled their population since. Jews have always been strong not because of our numbers but due to quality of the people. The recent successes of Israel are the best example of it! Money would be better spent on education of reminding Jewish young about the importance of their Jewishness not just as a Religion, but as a part of the Nation – and the danger of assimilation through mixed marriage of their parents and complete lack of national, forget about religious connection, pride!

Zionist Union Party is a Collaborator with Arab Enemies

Zionist Union participated in a special conference at the Knesset titled “Children Under Occupation”, which will discuss the effects of the Arab-Israeli conflict on the Arab children living in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and eastern Jerusalem. “The Zionist Union has lost it,” MK Yair Lapid tweeted. “They’ve joined the Joint (Arab) List and invited Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem and all BDS supporters to the Knesset to the ‘Children under Occupation’ conference. What a gift to the enemies of Israel.” (Fake Zionists (name is used as a marketing ploy - self-hating Jewish leftists), do not care about suffering of Jewish children! Even a lefty like Lapid is dismayed.)

US Federal anti-BDS Legislation

Foreign Affairs Committee passes controversial Israel Anti-Boycott Act, sending the legislation to the entire House chamber. If passed and implemented, the new provision would make it illegal for US businesses to join international boycotts against Israel.

Hamas Set up Common anti-Israel War Room

After firing 35 rockets at Gaza’s neighbours in southern Israel, Hamas established a new war room with fellow terrorist groups’ armed wings for a common campaign against Israel. Hamas repeated the threat to the IDF of “bomb for bomb”. The IDF has not yet retaliated for last Wednesday night’s Hamas barrage. (They all have the same goal – destruction of Israel! This ‘re-unification’ is just another proof.)

Jewish Girls Jailed for Praying at Gates of Temple Mount

Four young Jewish women and girls are finally free - two days later - after being detained on suspicion of praying at the gates of the Temple Mount, spending a night in jail because they refused to sign a police document agreeing to a restraining order banning them from approaching and/or entering the Old City of Jerusalem for the next six days. Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court issued a 30-day restraining order, barring them from entering the Old City. (Appeasing enemies by persecuting Jews in their own country is immoral and is not working!)

Iran is Back to Nuclear Enrichment

The Tehran government has reopened a nuclear production plant that has allegedly been idle for the past nine years, ordering resumption of operations to produce feedstock (UF6) for uranium-enrichment centrifuges.

Royal Double-Standard on Political Statements

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat had requested a meeting with the Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line to the British throne, but was told that such a meeting could not take place because it would be perceived as a political statement. It was said that Prince William has made extraordinary efforts to avoid, as much as possible, any appearance of political bias on this first trip to the region. (Therefore, meeting with a renowned terrorist, Abbas, was not a political statement, but usual anti-Israel bigotry!)

Another Wimpish Move of Bibi!

Less than 48 hours after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with King Abdullah an Israeli police station on the Temple Mount has been removed. The police station, which had been recently opened on the Mount, was situated near a sensitive archaeological site not far from the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Israel increased its police presence on the site after Arabs were filmed conducting illegal construction work during the recent Islamic holy month of Ramadan, while the Temple Mount was closed to Jews. (When will Netanyahu learn that he is a leader of the Jewish state and regain self-respect?)

IDF Hit an Empty Car Again and Hamas Sent Rockets!

The IDF bombed a vehicle belonging to one of the commanders of Hamas’ military wing in the central of Gaza Strip. IDF also struck two of the organization’s observation posts in the northern Gaza Strip. Shortly afterwards, 13 rockets were fired from Gaza at Jewish border communities. (Words, words - empty words! Meanwhile Jews have been living for years under constant threat of enemies' terror! Up to 35 Hamas rockets fired from Gaza – not 12 as the IDF claimed. Balloons set 25 fires.)

Leadership is Weak, not Gullible - Delay is not Cancelation!

Israel is to rethink UNESCO exit as group has postponed a decision to list the Old City of Hebron, the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Old City walls on its list of endangered world heritage sites, and to list the Old City of Hebron as a “Palestinian” world heritage site. Last December Israel notified the UN culture watchdog that it would leave the organization because of a systemic anti-Israel bias!

Iranian-Hizballah Forces Joined Syria’s South Offensive

In breach of Russian guarantees to the US, Israel and Jordan, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Shiite and Hizballah forces are taking part in Syria’s offensive to capture Daraa and Quneitra. The Syrian operation meanwhile drew closer to Israel’s Golan border. (Don't be surprised when Israel responds to this 'closeness'!)

Why would Israel Care about Gaza Rehabilitation?

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has struck an agreement with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades to begin plans to build a seaport for Gaza that will operate in Cyprus and will be supervised by Israel. The port will cater for Israel's security needs while facilitating Gaza's rehabilitation. (Political stupidity thtrives among Israel's political elite. The best security for Israel is to remove Hamas and population supporting it from Gaza!)

US Freezes Aid to Palestinians

The United States has quietly frozen its aid to the PA, pending review. The move comes two months after Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, which aimed to force the PA to terminate its “pay-for-slay” policies of paying stipends to convicted terrorists in Israeli jails and to the families of dead terrorists. The PA has to meet four conditions: terminating these payments to terrorists, revoking laws authorizing this compensation, taking “credible steps” to end Palestinian terrorism, and “publicly condemning” and investigating such acts of violence. (They will never be met!)

Job for the Boys

Labor leader/MK Isaac Herzog was formally elected the new leader of the Jewish Agency. In ignoring the Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wishes in choosing its chairman, the Jewish Agency took a very rare step. Herzog, who will need to give up his Knesset seat, is expected to assume office later this summer. (Making the Agency political is not good for Israel and the future of Jewish people!)

Jews are Harassed Worldwide

Pew reports that since 2007, “Jews have consistently been harassed by social groups or individuals in more countries than they have been harassed by governments - 66 compared to 56 in 2016.”

One Hand Takes, Another Gives!

Jared Kushner has been accused by a top Palestinian official of offering to pay Arab governments directly funds previously directed to the United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in return for those governments serving the American agenda in the area. (Still supporting continuation of the fake refugees’ saga!)

QUOTE of the WEEK:

"To remember it means also to admit the truth. At that time, many Austrians supported the system which killed over six million Jews from all over Europe and beyond. Among them, 60,000 fellow Austrian Jewish citizens in Austria alone. It took Austria a long time to be honest about its past. We've realized that Austria was not only a victim, but also a perpetrator.” - Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria.

Who is the Occupier?

by Steven Shamrak

It has become very common and ‘trendy’ to say and write that Israel is an occupier of Arab land. Unfortunately, true Zionists got too tired to challenge this baseless Arab and anti-Israel propaganda rhetoric. Therefore, even many Jews start to believe in this lie!

I prefer to really on facts, not emotional or politically motivated fantasies. The historical documents do support the fact that Arabs are occupiers of Jewish land.

As part of Palestine mandate: Trans-Jordan, Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza were allocated for creation of the Jewish state. The British government was appointed as a custodian of the mandate. After Jews began returning to their homeland in 1880's, and quickly created agriculture and industries in the desolate land of Palestine - economic migration of Arabs followed.

It did not take long for Turkey and the British later start facilitating the politically motivated migration of Arabs and Muslims to Jewish land. Jews were not allowed to live in Trans-Jordan, but Arabs were encouraged to move and live on the western side of the river Jordan.

In 1922, in exchange for control of Sinai and oil concessions, British illegally separated Trans-Jordan from the mandate and ceded Golan Heights to French controlled Syrian mandate. The League of Nations, which was controlled by UK and France, rubberstamped the 'deal'! So, I would like to ask you now - who is the real occupier?

Jews must stop believing in the lies that our enemies propagate!  We must set our own goals, and regain the rightful ownership of the Jewish land! Jewish people and Israel have all spiritual, historical, moral, and even modern legal rights to all Jewish land – Eretz-Israel! We must ignore the fake legality and moral blackmail, imposed on Jews/Israel by generally anti-Semitic and oil dependent International community.