Dear Readers, I wish you and your loved ones a

Happy and Joyful Hanukkah!

May the spirit of the Macabees yet again return to Israel and help us defeat and remove enemies from Jewish land.

Wake up, Israel!

by Joseph Farah.

(Lebanese-American begs Jews to start facing reality.)

I don't know what it will take to awaken Israelis from their slumber. But I know they don't have much more time.

For years, Israelis have fooled themselves into thinking they could negotiate peace with all their neighbours – even those whose only real objective is to see all the Jews dead.

Israelis have convinced themselves that if they are reasonable, if they go the extra mile, if they just continue to demonstrate random acts of compassion for their enemies, that they will be their enemies no longer. It should be clear to everyone by now that these random acts of compassion are actually random acts of suicidal compassion.

Take, for instance, last year's exodus from the Gaza Strip. The Israelis forcibly dismantled the homes and communities of perfectly law-abiding Jews bringing prosperity and life to a previously unsettled, arid land.

Why did they do it? Because Gaza is to be part of the new Palestinian state. And the Palestinian Authority, the governing institution of this pre-state, doesn't want any Jews in their new country. The Israelis didn't argue that this is a racist notion. They didn't protest that no nation should be created on such a foundation of hatred. They didn't suggest that forcibly removing law-abiding civilians from their homes and businesses because of their religion and ethnicity represents the worst form of ethnic cleansing.

…The idea of withdrawing from Gaza was to give the terrorists what they said they wanted – land for their new state. But that was never the real goal. The real goal is the destruction of Israel. The new state is only a means of getting there.

…If you give this beast an inch, it will take a mile. You cannot quench its appetite with appeasement. It only makes the beast more ravenous. Will Israel ever learn? When will the Jewish state awaken from this slumber? How long can a nation keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

In Fiji army removed their corrupt government from power in a bloodless coup. The Turkish army, in order to protect the democratic principles of their country, has removed the Islamic threat several times. Who is defending and protecting the rights and future of Jewish people in Israel? When will the self-hating and corrupt political elite be deposed? When will the treachery be stopped?

Carter’s False Book. A Middle East expert, Ken Stein, resigned from Emory University’s Carter Center over former President Carter’s new book. The book “is replete with factual errors, superficialities, glaring omissions and simply invented segments. Aside from the one-sided nature of the book…” Stein wrote.

US Fake Policy. The Republican government blames Israel for the war in Iraq and pressures Israel to give up Jewish land to a blood-thirsty enemy. Also, there are reports that Hamas met with a delegation of "important Democrats" in Europe.

Made in Israel. The Israeli-made "Trophy" system designed to protect tanks and troop transports from shoulder-fired rockets will be tested by the Pentagon for possible use by U.S. forces in Iraq. Its manufacturer, Rafael, puts the system's reliability rate at about 95 percent. (…as opposed to “Terrorism”, the only internationally  renowned product made by Arabs.)

Vanguard of Terror. According to Ahmed Hales Abu Maher - the Secretary of Fatah in Gaza, thirteen years after the signing of the Oslo Accords, the PLO remains proud of its role as the source of global terror and an inspiration for terrorists worldwide who have copied their techniques. (Arabs do not even hide their pride. There are many anti-Semites and Jewish self-haters, who will do positive spin for them!)

When Will Self-Defeat End? Education Minister Yuli Tamir's order to return the Green Line to maps of Israel in new textbooks was met with a firestorm of protest including a rabbinical decree against using the new textbooks. (Despite of Oslo War, Kassam rockets and suicide bombers, political stupidity still prevails in Israel!)

No Need for False Hopes. Addressing members of his Kadima faction on Monday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated there is no need to place false hopes on the current ceasefire. He said once Israel responds to the rocket attacks, the ceasefire will be a thing of the past. (It is all a game to him … playing with the lives of Jews and with the future of Israel.)

Quote of the Week:

“They [Muslims] could have destroyed the Arc of the Covenant and the goddamn Israeli government wouldn't give a shit. This is a government without and pride or reason to exist. An Israeli government that allows Moslems to trample on Jewish treasures loses its right to exist. We have Jewish leaders without an ounce of pride.”Aaron Shuster, comment about destruction of Jewish treasure on the Temple Mount by Muslims.

Is this Nazi Germany Here? Arab marauders smashed up a Talmud Torah in the northern city of Acco (Acre) over the Sabbath, painting Arabic graffiti and swastikas on the walls, destroying furniture, and scattering holy books. Rabbi Shushan said that in his 30 years in the city, he had "never experienced an Arab pogrom like this one...” Several days ago, a band of Arab youths attacked and cruelly beat a Jewish girl. Six months ago, local Arabs burned trees standing at the entrance to the Talmud Torah, and during the recent Simchat Torah holiday, Arabs surrounded students from the local Yeshivat Hesder [who combine Torah study and army service] and threatened them, until one student was forced to fire in the air to disperse them. (Clear Israel from the filth of all Jewish haters!)

A Bit Too Late. Three months after the last war in Lebanon a report was released, relating that Hezbollah operated from within civilian centers and used mosques and homes to store missiles. The terrorists also moved missiles on vehicles that travelled close to ambulances. During the war, the IDF supplied aerial photographs of Hezbollah terrorists moving weapons into civilian buildings. (Why don’t we see those images on our TV screen?  The war is won not only on the battle fields but on the front pages of newspapers. When will the Israeli government learn about the importance of the “Media War”?)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky (November 1898 – March, 1967) was a Soviet military commander, who played a key role in World War II, including the major defeat of Nazi Germany during the Batle of Stalingrad.

One Way Assault. Police are recommending filing charges of assaulting a police officer against Pinchas Wallerstein, head of the Benjamin Regional Council district in Samaria, for allege assault of an officer in an effort to prevent police from forcibly removing Jews from their homes. (Why is the Geneva Convention ignored and why are Jews deported from their homes on their land? Who will charge the Israeli police and government with the assault and violation of Human rights?)

French Election in Gaza. French Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal visited PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Gaza and expressed her support for a new Arab state. Royal also said that Israel has the right to exists as a sovereign country. (It is very generous of her to allow Jews to exist. But, we want to live on all our land and do not need the blessing of a French political prostitute!)

Helping the Enemy. Israel’s deputy defense minister, Ephraim Sneh, pledged to reform the rules currently keeping Palestinian Americans from staying in the West Bank. (When will the stupidity end?)

Back-room Betrayal. Syrian-backed Hezbolah may be poised to stage a revolution in Lebanon as back-room negotiations between the US and Syria commence. The insurgents that have plagued US troops in Iraq have for the most part entered the country from Syria. The US is planning to engage Syria and Iran in negotiations in order to enable the US to formulate an exit strategy. Syrian’s “top demand” from the US and Britain is that Israel be pressured to withdraw from the Golan. (In order to save face the US is prepared to make a deal with the devil. In the process Israel and Lebanon will be betrayed!)