Wake Up Jewish Useful Idiots!

by Michael Burd

The liberal-progressive-leftist German, French etc. Jews of the 1930s/40s Europe were saying “oh this new Nazi party is only a bunch of mashuganas (crazies) – extremists are just a small minority. We shouldn’t stereotype all Germans as Nazis blah blah... It will pass!”

Change the Nazis for Islamists and Germans for Muslims nothing has changed!

No matter how the deep-rooted is hatred for Jews, no matter how many Jews were killed or displaced during and after each atrocity against Jews throughout the world -  the same liberal-progressive leftist Jewish mentality excuse all this as just a small minority of extremists, that we shouldn’t stereotype as all Muslims...

I guess, we can tell the families of almost 3000 victims of 9/11 attack, or Daniel Pearl’s wife that their loved ones were only murdered by a small number of extremist Muslims. This will make them feel much better!

During WW2 we had kappos who had the choice of dying with the majority of Jews or saving their own skin by acting as German helpers, just to be killed last! Today we have liberal-progressive-leftist Jews, who by choice act as Muslim useful idiots, and collaborate with the non-Jewish, anti-Semitic alt left, and anti-Semitic press, pretending to be anti-Israel only!

There are too many enemies have emerged by now. Some claimed to be ‘friends’ when Israel/Jews were weak. Many of them came through a metamorphism, like the Islam supporting Democratic party of the USA, the UK Labor party and Australian Left wing Labour and Greens parties. There are also new players – anarchist groups like Get Up and Antifa Coalition! (All of them – Communists, Nazis, ‘Liberal’ organizations, the Church and Islamic groups – have been using anti-Semitism as the tool of recruitment of idiotic members!)

Happy Pesach (Passover)!

Jews left Egypt long time ago, but we still need let Mitzrayim (slave mentality) leave our minds!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Most countries, that feel they have the ‘moral right’ to tell Israel what to do, have being forged during last 300 years. They used genocide, ethnic cleansing and the brute force of colonization to establish their ‘morally superior’ nationhood. The Jew-hating bigots, with the blood of millions on their hands, are still having the impudence to dictate to Israel what is Jewish land and how to deal with the enemies of Israel!

Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

Please, read and forward this article!

Green Light to Sovereignty

Israeli-American attorney Marc Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel and a vice president of Republicans Overseas, Inc., “If Netanyahu really fulfils his promise to the voters, and this is indeed a decision approved by the cabinet – I believe Trump and the American administration would accept it.” “The question is whether the government that Netanyahu is about to establish can really promote it. I’m a little skeptical that it will happen, but I hope it will succeed,” Zell added. (Willingness of Israeli governments to reunite Jewish land, Eretz-Israel, has always been problematic!)

Arab League 'Pay-to-Slay'

The Arab League has pledged to pay $100 million a month to the Palestinian Authority to plug the gap left when Israel blocked tax transfers earlier in the year. (Idea that Arab states have changed their attitude toward Israel is just a delusion!)

Poland - Anti-Semitic as Always!

The US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher, who also wished Poles a happy Easter, was accused of offending the mostly Roman Catholic country with the tweet, with some calling it a “provocation,” because she wished Jews a happy Passover in Polish!

War on the Supreme Court is Needed!

Senior officials in the justice system have said that the appointment of Yariv Levin or Bezalel Smotrich as Justice Minister would mean "a declaration of war against the Supreme Court." Levin has stated in the past his desire to advance the passage of the overrule clause, cancel the Judicial Selection Committee or at least reduce the position of the Supreme Court justices in the committee, cancel the way in which the Supreme Court President is elected, and cancel the seniority rule which states that the more senior judge is appointed Supreme Court President. (Shaked has started a war against corrupt Israeli anti-Zionist legal system - it must be finished!)

Why is USAID still Here?

USAID to lay off 85% of local staff as aid to Palestinians is cut. Missions in West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza won’t shutter entirely, but employees expect a team of 100 to be whittled down to 14 in coming months. (There are plenty of anti-Semitic organizations and states who are still helping enemies of Jews!)

Jewish Contributions to the World

Israeli Scientists Print World’s First Vascularized Heart!

Medical breakthrough - Tel Aviv University researchers have “printed” the world’s first 3D vascularized engineered heart using a patient’s own cells and biological materials. Researchers believe within a decade, it will be possible to print all human organs using tissue taken from patients so that organ transplants will be a thing of the past. Given the dire shortage of organ donors, the need to develop new approaches to regenerate the diseased heart is urgent. (What have our enemies contributed to the world advancement?)

Anti-Israel Terrorists Paycheck!

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh announced Tuesday that he will forego his paycheck in solidarity with Hamas terrorists incarcerated in Israeli jails whose monthly stipends have been frozen by the Palestinian Authority (PA). In 2014 that Haniyeh’s wealth is estimated at $4 billion. Haniyeh is not the only Hamas leader to accumulate a legendary fortune as his people languish. Khaled Mashal, Hamas’ former politburo chief, is estimated to be worth between $2-5 billion, while Mussa Abu-Marzuk is worth between $2-3 billion. (This is just Hamas leadership! Funds donated by international bigots to undermine Israel’s existence end up in the pockets of the terrorists’ leadership, but anti-Semites do not care!)

No More Tolerance for Enemy-Bigots!

The Jerusalem District Court rejected an appeal by Omar Shakir, the director of Human Rights Watch in Israel, to remain in the country. Israel enacted a law in 2017 barring entry to any foreigner who “knowingly issues a public call for boycotting Israel.” (Israeli justice system is slowly becoming self-respectful!)

Let them Leave Gaza!

Under Hamas, life is just too hard. 40% of youth say they would like to leave, many of them never to return. Anyone who can is leaving the Gaza strip.  Gaza is losing its intellectuals, its professionals and it's wealthy, and is left on the verge of chaos. (More would leave if they could and did not fear retaliation from Hamas!)

Quote of the Week:

“Palestinians who do not accept to be a part of the State of Israel should be deported to Jordan and other Palestinians in other countries should be naturalized, including Palestinians in the Gulf countries... After nearly 70 years of resistance and the loss of dozens of opportunities, the Palestinian issue must be eliminated." - Abdul Hameed Al-Ghabin, a Saudi Arabian writer and political analyst – Arab states began facing reality, and started looking for the way out - how to end the conflict with Israel!

Time to Leave ‘Egypt’.

by Steven Shamrak.

Every year Jews celebrate the exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery. It took place over 3,300 years ago. It was a fundamental event in Jewish history. At the same time, it symbolizes not just freedom from physical slavery. Passover reminds us that internal freedom of mind and spirit are even more significant. This freedom allows us real freedom of choice.

Jews have nothing to apologise for. We have the right to live in peace on Jewish land in our own country. We have been living in Galut (exile, slave mentality) for too long. It is time to say – “NO more”!

I am ashamed and feel sorry for those Jews who have no self-respect and are helping enemies to destroy Israel. Why do they hate themselves so much?

I do respect non-Jewish people who do not know and do not care about the Arab-Israel conflict. They are honest hard working people who have their own problems and interests. At the same time, there is a danger when opinions are formed under the influence of selectively presented information, provided by mainly a press that is biased against Israel. People become attached to the belief system they have adopted, and it is difficult to change it. For Jews the understanding of the conflict and support for Israel is existential! I would like to remind all of them: 

1. Israel is on a front line of the war between Arab-Muslim expansionism and Western democracy. This war has already shifted to America and Europe. 

2. According to the UN’s own legal opinion: Judea, Samaria and Gaza do not belong to any country at the moment. Therefore, it is wrong to call them ‘Occupied Territories’. They used to be a part of Jewish land 2000 years ago and were allocated by the League of Nations for the creation of Eretz-Israel in 1922. There was never an Arab country in Palestine. 

3. So-called Palestinians are Arabs and Muslims who moved to the territories during the last 130 years, after the Zionist pioneers started to revitalize the land. 

4. Arabs have no intention of living in peace with Jews. When the former president of Egypt Nasser was asked: Why do you continue to fight Israel after so many defeats? His answer was: “Because. We need to win only one war!” Please make no mistake, the Arabs’ aim is total destruction of the Jewish state!

5. Arabs do respect charisma and strong leadership. It is time for Israel and her government to show it and end terror.  

6. Enemies and so-called friends have never treated the Jewish people as equals. They will never support Israel unconditionally regardless of facts. They do not care about facts and deliberately distort or falsify them (remember the fake massacre of Jenin and how much noise they made about it).  

7. After 60 years of wars and terror, it is time to become an Independent nation with self-respect and be equal among equals. No more double standards!

8. Israel was created to fulfil a 2000-year-old national inspiration of Jewish people. Jews have the right to regain control over all Jewish land. The time is NOW!

At the same time, I am ashamed and feel sorry for Jews who advocate destruction of Israel. Why do they hate themselves so much?