Usual Problem with the US Envoy to Israel

by Jonathan S. Tobin

The US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides isn’t just out of touch with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He sees his job not as fostering good relations, but telling Israelis what they can and cannot do.

Thomas Nides may not be able to erase everything his predecessor accomplished. But he’s doing his best.  Like others in the administration these days, he is determined to stick with the foreign-policy establishment’s failed Middle East policies of the past to try to force Israel to do things that voters of that democratic nation have repeatedly rejected.

Nides tossed diplomatic courtesy to the winds in the webinar about Israelis building homes in Jerusalem or those parts of the West Bank that he knows the Jewish state will never relinquish, even in a theoretical peace deal. In addition he called such construction “stupid” and “infuriating.”

Instead of working to widen the circle of peace between Israel and the neighboring Arab states or promoting warmer relations with the United States, Nides indicated that his main agenda was helping the Palestinians. He seemed primarily focused on the idea that granting the brutally tyrannical and corrupt Palestinian Authority formal sovereignty was the only thing that mattered.

His broadsides also show the complete contrast between his view of the duties of an American ambassador to Israel and those of Friedman.

Rather, it is that Nides understands his position in the same way as every other US ambassador prior to Friedman. Unlike those sent to virtually every other country on the planet, American ambassadors to Israel are not there to foster better relations between the two governments.

Instead, they act as imperial proconsuls whose task is to order client states around. Instead of helping Israel, they have sought to treat its democratically elected governments as wayward children who don’t know what’s best for them and to impose harmful policies on them regardless of the will of the Israeli people.

Above all else, Nides’s comments ought to be a wake-up call for Israel’s divided government. As long as Israelis accept the status of a client state, they must understand that - barring the election of a genuine friend as president - they will be subjected to more such demeaning efforts to undermine their security and sovereignty, from those sent there as diplomats.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Disappearance of news about the ‘poor Palestinians’ from our TV screens since the war in Ukraine began just proves again that the Anti-Semitic agenda of creating a so-called Palestinian state on Jewish land is a dishonest deception. It has been used as a tool to discredit legitimacy of Israel. It is also used by media and the Jew-haters when they have nothing important to talk about.

Ukraine IN - Palestinian State OUT

The whole world is busy with the war in Ukraine, and the US attempt to promote a Palestinian state has disappeared from the headlines. Israel is in the world headlines mainly due to the involvement of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in attempts to achieve a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine and therefore the ongoing attempts of the US administration to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state remain in the (dark) shadows.

Has AIPAC Become anti-Israel or Irrelevant?

AIPAC (supposed) hates the Iran deal, but it’s backing 27 Democrats who supported the agreement in 2015. Killing the Iran nuclear deal has been one of the signature issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Now AIPAC is endorsing 27 Democrats who voted “yes” for the deal in 2015, offering them financial support through their newly-formed political action committee. The group announced that it had raised $1.67 million for the PAC itself, and another $1 million to be funnelled directly to candidates. (Imbecility of the Jewish officialdom appeasement of the enemies and the lake of self-respect has no limits.)

Islamic Missionaries in Haifa University

Students are outraged that the University of Haifa is allowing Muslim activists to market Islamic books and thought on campus. "This is missionary work for all intents and purposes." The Islamic activists did not display their views and books in an innocent way, but chose to emphasize the parts of Islam that supposedly prove Judaism is wrong. (When will Jews regain self-respect? Is promoting Judaism or anti-Islam propaganda allowed in Saudi Arabia, Iran or any Muslim country?)

Undiplomatic US Ambassador to Israel

The US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides firmly espoused the “two-state solution” and said he is working to change Jerusalem’s policies that stand in its way.  “If we talk about anything but a two-state solution, it’s not good for the Palestinians, it’s certainly not good for Israel, it’s not good for the Jews, it’s not good for anyone” Nides said that he’s been spending quite a bit of time on trying to stop “stupid” activity in other areas. “We can’t do stupid things that impede us for a two-state solution.” “We can’t have the Israelis doing settlement growth in east Jerusalem or the West Bank.” (Being 'diplomatic' does not apply to the Jewish state! At the same time, he did not criticise the PA’s support of terrorists! Yes, two-state solution the Jewish land is "certainly not good for Israel". Moving enemy population out is a better solution.)

Iran has 3,000 Ballistic Missiles

US Central Command's General Kenneth McKenzie warned that Iran now has about 3,000 ballistic missiles, some of which are capable of hitting Tel Aviv. He further warned that Tehran has made major progress in developing increasingly capable long-range drones. The warning comes just days after dozens of Iranian ballistic missiles hit the northern Iraqi city of Erbil near the US consulate complex.

Iran-Israel War: IRGC Drone Fleet Destroyed

In mid-February, half a dozen Israeli Air Force drones raided the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) main air base in the western city of Kermanshah, Iran. The Israeli UAVs flew 1,700km to the target, which turned out to be the largest number of military drones ever destroyed in a single strike. The IRGC retaliated a month later with 12 Fatah-110 SRBM missiles – launched from Tabriz – to a target near Irbil, capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdish republic of northern Iraq.

Quote of the Week:

“This country (Israel) exists as the fulfilment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy” - Golda Mair - Jews need to stop apologising for the existence of the Jewish state. It is our land – spiritually, historically, and even in accordance with the modern international law. Our main focus must be on removal of the enemies from all Jewish land and reunification of Eretz-Israel!

One Jewish State Solution is Needed.

by Steven Shamrak.

Some ‘well intentioned’ people suggest a one-state solution, which proposes the transfer of control of Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank) and Gaza to Jordan. Let me remind you that the King of Jordan, in order to stop armed revolt by so-called Palestinians, killed tens of thousands of them during “Black September”.

For many years, Israel, due to Jewish morality, has been restraining herself from such a barbaric solution. Arab terror in Israel must end! A new solution to international conflicts must be implemented by Israel. Actually, it is quite an old one: 1.8 million people were transferred between Greece and Turkey in 1922, over 12 million were resettled during the partition of the Indian subcontinent. In the recent conflict in former Yugoslavia, people were moved or transferred to other countries as refugees. Only Israel is not allowed by international hypocrisy to use population transfer to facilitate end of the conflict!

There is another one-state alternative. Due to the recent action of the Israeli government and inaction of the international community it became viable again: Almost two years ago, Jews were forcefully deported from Gaza by Olmert’s government. Nobody cried out “poor Jews” or “you can’t do it to people”. Neither the UN, US, EU nor the World Bank condemned this action, ignoring the cruelty of forceful deportation of Jews from the land of their ancestors. Therefore, the population transfer has again become an acceptable conflict resolution tool.

Consequently, I would like to suggest the transfer of the Arab population from the Jewish lands as the only effective way to bring peace and end Arab terror in Israel permanently. We have tried education, negotiations, economic stimulation, political and territorial sacrifice. Nothing has worked so far!

Peace in Israel and the two-state solution are mutually exclusive for two reasons:

1. Judea, Samaria and Gaza are Jewish lands.

2. In spite of so many concessions made by Israel, including transferring control of the Judea and Samaria and Gaza to the PA after the Oslo agreement, Arab terrorism has only increased.

3. The Arabs already have taken 78% of the original British Mandate for Palestine that was allocated to be the homeland for Jews, Eretz-Israel.