‘Useless Nothing’ is still Ugly!

by Itamar Eichner

Israel's Ambassador to Geneva, Eviatar Manor, slammed the decision to adopt the (Operation Protective Edge) report, saying, "Hans Christian Andersen wrote famously that the King is naked. So let me assume the role of the little boy in the story and tell you - this Council has lost its bearing."

Calling the adopted resolution "an anti-Israeli manifesto," Manor asserted that it "distorts the intention of the authors of the report by completely ignoring alleged violations of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law committed by Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups."

"Hamas continues to fire rockets and terror acts against Israelis go on as I speak," he added.

"So allow me to tell the truth about what Israel did in Gaza," Manor continued. "One - Israel defended its population against aggression by a terrorist organization. A terrorist organization which serially rejected every cease-fire proposed.

"Two - Israel went to extraordinary length to minimize the impact of the violence on Gaza's civilian population. It went to great length to warn the civilian population on impending strikes.

"Three - Israel is fully committed to investigating all alleged violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict. Israel's investigative mechanism has already filtered close to 200 cases. Over 100 of these cases have been handed over to the Military Advocate General.”

Political Correctness or Surrender to Islamic Terror?

Governments around the world are stepping up pressure on the media to use terms other than Islamic State to describe the terror group. The extremist group went through several name changes before settling on Islamic State when leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced a caliphate spanning Iraq and Syria in June 2014. Last week Mr. Cameron told a BBC radio program that he believed the BBC should not label the group Islamic State because it was offensive to Muslims. (While there was some use before the 'so-called' Islamic State, others say - "death cult", the name Daesh has become popular lately - it sounds similar to an Arabic word meaning "one who sows discord". Why not call it by its truly name - Islamic Terror Group, one of many Islam inspired terrorist organizations!)

'Extension’ with Death to Israel and US Chant

Millions of Iranians took part in the annual "Death to Israel Day" in Iran on Friday, ironically coinciding with the twice-extended deadline for a deal on the Islamic regime's nuclear program that apparently will be extended yet again. Meanwhile tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets of Tehran chanting "down with America" and "death to Israel.

Ex-CIA Chief: Iran Deal Worse than Worthless

The current negotiations with Iran will provide Iran with $150 billion to fund terrorism and pursue nuclear weapons, warned James Woolsey, former director of the CIA. Woolsey stated neither the negotiations nor any agreement that grows out of them “are going to substantively… do anything to stop the Iranians from having a nuclear weapon.” Even the State Department confirmed in last month’s report that Iran’s “state sponsorship of terrorism worldwide remained undiminished.”

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Why does Obama, as many US presidents before him, not care about the US credibility in relation to Israel? He does not criticize Saudi Arabia and other Arab states for their gross human rights abuse and violations; conducting useless negotiation with Iran - allowing it to gain time for development of a nuclear weapon; does not care about support provided to ISIS by a NATO member-state, the Islamic government of Turkey; and avoids criticism of terrorism and corruption of the so-called Palestinians, whose the only reason for existence is to achieve the destruction of the Jewish state! Israel and Jews need to reevaluate this friendship!

Islamists Kill Each Other

The Syrian rebels, calling themselves Jaysh Al-Islam or the "Army of Islam," composed of approximately 25,000 soldiers following the unification of 60 rebel factions, released a bloody video showing the brutal slaughter 18 of ISIS fighters, while one rebel announces: "Allah did not make a disease without appointing a remedy to it." (Sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing! To defeat the rise of Islamists the West must do nothing but execute the Containment Plan!)

UNHRC Isn't Interested in the Facts

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu denounced the UN Human Rights Council. "The UN Human Rights Council is not interested in the facts and is not really interested in human rights,” Netanyahu charged in a statement. “On the day on which Israel was fired at from Sinai, and at a time when ISIS is committing vicious terrorist attacks in Egypt, as Assad slaughters his people in Syria and as the number of arbitrary executions per annum climbs in Iran – the UN Human Rights Council decides to condemn the State of Israel for no fault of its own, for acting to defend itself from a murderous terrorist organization.”

Kick Traitors Out

MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint Arab List) has called on the international community to boycott products from communities in Judea-Samaria. In addition, he says that international pressure should be used to force Israel to abandon its "racist" policies against Palestinians. (He did not call for Hamas to stop firing rocket at Israeli civilians!)

Hillary Clinton is 'pro-Israel' Chameleon

The leading Democratic candidate for the presidency 2016, has been hinting to wealthy Jewish donors that she will be a better friend to Israel than President Barack Obama. (It is hard to be worse and less disrespectful to the Jewish state! She plays nice when to get Jewish money - her record as the first lady and the Secretary of State is covered by anti-Israel bigotry!)

PLO: We Don't Hate the Jews; They Just Don't Exist

PLO Ambassador to Chile Nabil Jada'a claimed that the Jewish people do not exist, and also relied on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic hoax from 1903. “As Palestinians, first, we don’t have hatred. Second we don’t recognize the existence of the Jewish people-there is no Jewish people.” (Look who is talking! Read about true origin of ‘Palestinians’ here - Ethnic Make Up of 'Palestinians'.)

Has India Changed its Political Direction?

The PA was “shocked” at India’s abstention on an anti-Israel resolution passed at the UN Human Right’s Council, the PA’s ambassador to India said, recalling the days when Yasser Arafat used to call the country’s former premier Indira Gandhi “his sister.” (Abstention is not a change, but for India it is move in the right direction!)

BBC Admits Covering Up of PA Anti-Semitism

New BBC documentary, entitled "Children of Gaza," deliberately mistranslates 'Palestinian' children's comments about Jews. The children regularly used the word "yahud," meaning "Jew”, when talking about their enemies. The BBC's translators insisted on changing "Jews" to "Israelis" in order to make the Palestinians appear more tolerant. (This again highlights the deep ingrained anti-Semitic tendency of the organization. The BBC has long been criticized for bias in favour of ‘poor Palestinians’!)

Shouting is What They do Best

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif got into a heated argument which evolved into a shouting match with his American counterpart, Secretary of State John Kerry, during nuclear talks last week. Zarif has lashed out at Western negotiators on many occasions. He reportedly “erupted” at EU negotiator Federica Mogherini when she mentioned Iran’s role in destabilizing the Middle East.

Pathetic ‘War on Terror’

US have admitted it has trained only 60 Syrians to fight ISIL. The programme, launched in May, had been designed to train as many as 5,400 opposition fighters a year to battle the group.

Quote of the Week:

“The Congress and Senate are very strongly pro-Israel... In a sense, Obama is like a gift to Israel - the big brother you realize can't take care of you when you are a teenager, so you have to take care of yourself.” - Dr. Harold Rhode, a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.

Israel Creates New Commando Brigade

While US president Barack Obama coined his approach to the struggle against the Islamic State with the words: “Ideologies are not defeated by guns. They’re defeated with better ideas.” – Israel and its military leaders are taking no chances against a declared enemy.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott unveiled Israel’s answer to the coming challenge. It is a unique, multi-purpose commando ground force, especially tailored to fight ISIS and provide the “boots on the ground”.

The new Commando Brigade is designed for quiet, bold, covert and effective action against terrorist groups posing a threat from the Sinai Desert to Egyptian sovereignty and Israel’s southern border.

The new outfit brings together the different skills and the high, focused fire power rendered by the four elite units' assorted weaponry. In this sense, these units, all highly adept in different aspects of covert and stealth operations deep behind enemy lines, complement one another. This amalgam that may be loosely likened to a unique combination of US Delta, Seals, Rangers, and airborne commandoes all rolled in one.

The elite units merged into the new commando brigade are:

1. Meglan, which specializes in destroying enemy systems with the accent on armored units. Its members are equipped with intelligence technology for gathering data and its transmission in real time.

2. Duvdevan's tasks are to liquidate targeted terrorists and round up suspects. Its members operate under cover by blending into a hostile population in disguise. They are trained for single combat in the heart of enemy terrain.

 3. Egoz commandos employ guerilla tactics borrowed from the books of terrorist organizations.

 4. Rimon commandos also blend into a hostile population disguised as locals for the purpose of spotting and foiling terrorist operations in difficult and complex areas.