Unmask US Spying on Israel

by Gil Hoffman

“If US President Barack Obama does not free Jonathan Pollard by the November 6 US election, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should expose American efforts to spy on Israel,” said Member of Knesset, Arieh Eldad.

…The National Union MK noted an Associated Press report about a break-in at a CIA-owned apartment in Tel Aviv. While the report sought to prove that Israel was monitoring American intelligence operatives, Eldad said it should have raised the question of why the US was operating in Israel.

…”Israel must remove the US’s mask. They say one of the problems of the Pollard case is that countries do not spy on their friends.”

“It is time to say out loud what the CIA was doing in that apartment and what is happening on the roof of the US embassy in Tel Aviv,” he continued. “They are spying on a friendly country!”

…Committee chairman Uri Ariel (National Union) complained that the Americans reneged on agreements with Israel when they sought the life sentence Pollard was given in 1987 (blatantly disregarding a plea bargain agreement) and when then-US president Bill Clinton broke a promise to Netanyahu to release him as part of the 1998 Wye River Accords. (It does not take a professional, with just one look at the US embassy in Tel-Aviv, to see that this huge heavily fortified building covered with dozens of sophisticated antennas, is in fact the spy nest!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Quite often radio and TV programs interview disturbed Jewish individuals who defend the rights of recently forged fictitious nation, Palestinians, on Jewish land. Predictably, none of those media outlets have asked the opinion of Jewish patriots. I have been publishing my editorial letters for eleven years and am still waiting for a call!

Israel Helps India Clean up Ganges River

It has been 26 years since India embarked on a lofty plan to restore the heavily polluted Ganges River. The Indian government is turning to an unlikely source - Israel - a tiny, arid Middle Eastern country that is producing world-leading water technology. The Indian government aims to have no untreated municipal sewage or industrial runoff enter the Ganges by 2020, but according to Oded Distel, head of Israel NewTech, cleaning the Ganges is more like a 20-year mission.

Iraq Spits in Obama Face

An Iraqi court has rejected a request to send a terror commander to the United States for trial, a decision that apparently ends the Obama administration's efforts to prosecute the Lebanese Hezbollah figure held in Iraq for the 2007 killings of five American soldiers. (After hudreds of billion of dollars wasted by the United States, the Iraqi ‘democratic’ government is showing its true colours)

State Department Hides Its Human Rights Reports

The new human rights reports are purged of the sections that discuss the status of religious freedom in each of the countries covered. The State Department has been required to issue a separate yearly report specifically on International Religious Freedom. This is the first year the State Department would have needed to report on the effect the Arab Spring has had on religious freedom in the Middle East. (On whose side are the US diplomats on? Why do they hide abuse of the human and religious/ethnic/national rights in Muslim countries?)

Jewish Patriots the Most Active Reservists

Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron) are the most active reservists in Israel. The statistics found that 34 percent of reservists are Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria, while only five percent of the soldiers who are eligible for reserve duty actually perform reserve duty.

Tribute: Jewish Contribution to the World

Marvin Hamlisch - famous composer died, 69. He won three Academy Awards for 1973's 'The Way We Were' and 'The Sting,' a Tony and a Pulitzer for the 1975 Broadway sensation 'A Chorus Line' and four Emmys. He was born in New York City on June 2, 1944. His Austrian born Jewish father, Max, was an accordionist with his own band. He once described his mother, Lily Schacter, as "a real Jewish, terrific mother."

Jerusalem Remembers Victims of Arab Pogrom

In 1929, 23 Jews who were slaughtered by their Arab neighbours. The pogrom was inspired by then-Muslim leader of British Mandatory Palestine, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who incited similar massacres in Tzfat and Hevron in the same year. The Muslim mob responsible for the Nissan Beck massacre had originally intended to slaughter Jews in Me'ah Shearim. However, a resident of that neighborhood came out to meet them with gunfire, and the mob fled. (The British kept Jews disarmed! The British Mandatory authority, pretending that they were saving Jews from pogroms committed by Arabs, which Brits actually facilitated, removed Jews from Jewish land - trans-Jordan, Hebron, Jaffa etc.)

World Ignored Alert of Nazi Holocaust

Seventy years ago, on August 8, 1942, the World Jewish Congress representative in Geneva, Gerhart M. Riegner, sent a telegram to British and American diplomats providing them with reliable information about Hitler’s plans to annihilate millions of European Jews. The telegram was the first authoritative word communicating that the Nazis actually had a coordinated extermination plan. The cable, which he then sent to British and American diplomats in Switzerland, stated: “Received alarming report about plan being discussed and considered in Führer headquarters to exterminate at one fell swoop all Jews in German-controlled countries comprising three and a half to four million after deportation and concentration in the east thus solving Jewish question once and for all stop campaign planned for autumn methods being discussed including hydrocyanic acid.” (They knew everything, but not a single bomb was dropped on gas chambers, train tracks or bridges to prevent extermination of the Jews!)

Keep Traitor Out of Likud

Tzachi Hanegbi of Kadima announced that he plans to return to his first political home - Likud. He started to gather disgruntled Kadima members in an attempt to bring as many party members as possible back to Likud with him.

Quote of the Week:

"We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs; we have no place to go." - Golda Meir

Terrorists and Morsi have Identical Aims

by Hezki Ezra & Gil Ronen

Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, Tzvi Mazel, does not believe the Egyptian government will take effective action against the terrorists who operate in Sinai.

"We must remember that the person running Egypt today is the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi," he explained. "The Muslim Brotherhood is the group that laid the foundations for today's radical Islam and Islamic terrorism. The Muslim Brotherhood developed a theory that favours a return to 'the good old days' of the prophet Mohammed and establishment of a Muslim empire. Islamic law would be the constitution and then they would make an effort to conquer the world."

"The terrorists who came to carry out the attack from Sinai were raised upon the Muslim Brotherhood's fanatical theory," he said. "Morsi and the terrorists who carried out the attack have the same ideology and the same goal - to impose Islam on the Middle East and the entire world."

"Will the Muslim Brotherhood become pragmatic? Forget ideology and concentrate on Egypt? I do not believe that will happen. The radical Islamic ideology has been running in the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood for 80 years." (Egypt might use the attack to justify its attempt to modify a peace treaty with Israel and move more of its military to the Sinai as the first step of preparation for the next war with Israel)

Mazel said that tough effective action by Egypt against the Sinai terrorists is unlikely. "Egypt thinks that Israel is responsible for Sinai and they do not want to take responsibility for what happens in Gaza as they clean up Sinai. If the Egyptians clean up Sinai, (Gaza) will become isolated and under Egypt's responsibility and therefore Egypt would prefer not to do that."

Egyptian Police Killed Due to Incompetence

At least 15 Egyptian policemen were killed and seven wounded in an armed attack on a police station in North Sinai on the border between Egypt and Israel on Sunday in what the Israeli government said was an attempt to storm its border. (Almost immediately, the Muslim Brotherhood blamed Israel for the attack and Egypt start testing ground for moving arm forces to Sinai, in violation of the peace agreement with Israel!) The head of Egyptian intelligence said Egypt had received intelligence about an attack on the Egypt-Israel border before it took place. Mourad Mowafy told that “Despite the detailed information about the attack, we never imagined that a Muslim would kill a Muslim during the meal to end the Ramadan fast day.” (Muslims kill each other all the time, especially in Ramada! Unwillingness to fight Islamic terrorism and gross incompetence is the reason behind high casualties in Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq!)

Egyptian Protesters Demand to End Ties with Israel

Dozens of protesters demonstrated outside the residence of Israel's ambassador to Egypt in Cairo, demanding that the government cease all diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in light of Sunday's attack along the border between Israel, Egypt and the Gaza Strip. While the perpetrators remain unknown, Egypt has blamed Israel for the attack, which killed 17 Egyptian soldiers and injured seven.