United at Last.

by Naomi Ragen.

Many have asked me: How does it feel to be in Israel right now? My answer has to be this: fearful, amazing, heartbreaking, and full of love and pride for our country and our people. Gone are the petty, sectarian fights. There is no religious-secular divide. There is no Right-Left divide. Except for a bunch of loonies who demonstrated in Tel Aviv demanding Israel negotiate with Hamas and Hizbullah, the government and the people of all political stripes have banded together in almost total unity... Except for a die-hard leftist...

Kibbutzes in the south have made room for the members of kibbutzes in the north, inviting parents and children to enjoy a little vacation pool-side... The television broadcasting authorities are making an effort to put on quality children's programming and good movies. There is a sense of all of us being one family... as we band together to support each other and our soldiers in a life-and-death struggle to reclaim our sovereignty and security... Rabbis have issued a plea for people to avoid conflict, and to reach out to one another, and in this way to court God's favour...

I thanked God for the miracles that keep our hearts strong, our minds determined, and our nation, finally, amazingly, united at last. I feel privileged to be here. (I hope the Jewish unity will last after this war and the objective will be set to regain full control over Eretz-Israel - Land of Israel. Otherwise, this is just another costly PR exercise! Without a clearly defined Jewish National goal we will never have peace in Israel.)

Hezbollah has fired 2,200 rockets against Israel in 12 days. Almost 1,300 Israelis Injured in Hezbollah Rocket Attacks. A UN observer was seriously wounded in southern Lebanon by Hezbollah fire. - No news coverage or International condemnation!

Iran's Trick Succeeded. Iran's has succeeded in tricking the world by diverting attention from its nuclear program and inciting the terrorist war against Israel. "We all note that the recent G-8 decision on the Lebanese situation does not deal with Iran," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told new Israeli ambassadors. (and, helped Olmert divert attention from the real problems - Gaza and stupidity of "Withdrawal" and 'Re-aliment'  plans.) Up to nine bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers who were killed last week in Lebanon have been transported to Tehran. Tehran dispatched 20 Iranian Guard commanders to Lebanon in mid-June to oversee the preparations for war. (This makes Iranian Nuclear program and ballistic rockets are legitimate targets for Israel.)

Wed in a Bomb Shelter. Shlomi Boskila and Maya Lugasi wed July 20 in northern Israel in the shelter because of ongoing Hezbollah rocket attacks. ...even 20,000 missiles can not destroy the happiness of the bride and groom, - said Boskila.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel did not start the wars in Gaza and Southern Lebanon. But, the Withdrawal from Gaza, culminating in the deportation of Jews, encouraged our enemies. Throughout history, the perception of Jewish weakness has always attracted aggression against Jews.

Does Israel have a clear strategy on how to bring the long lasting peace and free the Jewish Land from Arab occupation? Will Eretz-Israel - Land of Israel ever be free from terror-loving beasts?

Lebanese Christians are Fed up. "We urge you to hit them hard and destroy their terror infrastructure. It is not [only] Israel who is fed up with this situation, but the majority of the silent Lebanese in Lebanon who are fed up with Hezbollah and are powerless to do anything out of fear of terror retaliation." The Lebanese Foundation for Peace.

Katyushas Made in Gaza. On July 18, Palestinians fired a Gaza-made Grad 122 mm Katyusha rocket into Kibbutz Sdot Bror Hayil, 19 km from the Gaza Strip. The rocket travelled 24 km. Nine Kassam rockets were fired at southern Israel on Sunday from Gaza.

Suspended Membership. The Israel Association of Journalists decided on Thursday to suspend its membership in the International Federation of Journalists to protest the association's condemnation of Israel's attacks on Hizballah's Al-Manar television network. (Next must be the Israel's withdrawal of membership from 'Useless Nothing' - UN.)

Jewish Contribution to Humanity.

Selman Abraham Waksman (June22, 1888 - August16, 1973),  was a biochemist who is most famous for his research into organic substances and their decomposition, which in 1943 eventually led to the discovery of Streptomycin. In 1952 his lifetime of achievements earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Syria and Iran are joining the War.  Syria placed its army on war preparedness, pointed Scuds at Israel. Syrian fighter pilots are sitting in their cockpits. These orders went out from Syrian president Bashar Assad July 20 when Iran's Revolutionary Guards commander Brig.-Gen Yahya Rahim Safavi assumed command of the Lebanon war from Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah. (www.debka.com) (but, Knesset debates if it is a war!)

Saudi Arabia and USA - Business as Usual. The United States has approved the sale of military equipment in the amount of six billion dollars to Saudi Arabia. The sale includes helicopters, armoured vehicles and communications systems and is the largest Saudi arms purchase in 10 years. (Saudi Arabia is the enemy of both USA and Israel.)

US Arms Airlift Began Running to Israel. The American airlift to Israel follows the air corridor Iran opened to replenish Hizballahs stocks. Stock of bombs, missiles and spare parts for Israeli Air Force aircraft and helicopters was delivered by giant Galaxy C141 transports. (Like during WW2, the USA is making money from both sides.)

Katyusha Rockets do not Discriminate. Rabbia Taluzi, three, and Mahmoud Taluzi, seven, were playing in a street in the crowded heart of Nazareth. They became the first Israeli Arabs to die from Hizbollah rockets (There are no International outcries about "innocent civilian victims" in Israel, Jewish or Arabs!)

Disproportionate Reporting. Car bomb killed 53 Shiite labourers waiting for jobs and injured 103 in Kufa, south of Baghdad last Tuesday. They were blown up outside the golden-domed mosque, an important Shiite pilgrimage site. According to a United Nations report says more than 14,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq in the first half of this year. The "killings, kidnappings and torture remain widespread" in Iraq. (Where are those bleeding-hearts - screaming objectors to "civilian casualties" and "killing of innocents"? Why don't they protest the bomb explosion next to the holly Muslim place of prayer? Where are the extensive, in-depth media reports and discussions about this and many other atrocities committed by Muslim terrorists around the world?)

Hezbollah Rejected Talk of a Cease-fire. "The international envoys have conveyed Israeli conditions. These conditions are rejected," said Hezbollah legislator Hussein Haj Hassan. Earlier, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the fighting in Lebanon would end when Hezbollah freed two captured soldiers, rocket attacks on Israel stopped, and the Lebanese army deployed along the border. (The International media is silence about Hezbollah's rejection of the cease-fire and focus only on Israels response!)

Again "Enough!" Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressed the Knesset and the world, saying "Enough!" and promising to fight until the threats of Hamas and Hizbullah are removed from the region. (Let hope, he is a man of his word and has learned the lessons of the past weeks!)

Missile of 160km Range is Downed. Israeli F15 fighter bomber intercepted a Hizballah Zelzal ground-ground missile of 160km range east of Beirut Monday, July 17. Hezbollah might have at least another 11 of these heavy weapons. Israeli military estimates that up to 25% of Hezbollah's rocket assets have been destroyed in six days.

Civilian Victims. Hezbollah has been hiding a large quantity of long-range rockets in specially-designed rooms built in houses in southern Lebanon. Therefore, civilians who were storing the rockets in their houses have been hit in air strikes.

Kadima Starts to Crumble. Housing and Construction Minister Meir Sheetrit (Kadima) came out publicly on Monday to oppose Prime Minister and party Chairman Ehud Olmert's unilateral withdrawal plan. He said " I do not believe in another unilateral disengagement" after Olmert reiterated to foreign journalists that he was determined to move ahead with his unilateral withdrawal.

Unreported Clan War. Nuseirat in Gaza a week ago. Neighbours said the clash erupted over the distribution of inheritance between cousins. Next day three Arab Palestinians were injured in a clan clash in Bani Suheila.

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