United We Can Achieve It!

Steven Shamrak

We write good articles full of facts supporting the rights of Israel to exist and exposing lies of our enemies, protest anti-Israel media bias, sign an endless stream of petitions, call our political representatives and still wonder why nothing has changed. Meanwhile, the situation in Israel is getting worse! All of these activities are very important, but in order to defeat our enemies and bring peace to Israel, if we honestly examine the history, we have to admit that these efforts will never change the world’s attitude toward Jews and Israel.  It has never really worked! Only a strong Israel and a self-respecting Jewish nation will be able to change the current ugly reality.

We must set our own goals, develop plans of action and execute it. That’s what people do in sports, business and in their personal life to make a difference. The biggest secret is - any goal can be achieved - one just needs to have a burning desire, followed by action, to achieve it!

Our enemies love when we squander our time and resources on a rebuttal of their stupid accusations and anti-Israel smear campaigns. This takes our attention away from the pursuit of our national goals. Hazborah is an important part of the process of defeating enemy propaganda, but it leads nowhere without action toward reunification of all Jewish land, freeing it from Arab occupation and establishing all of Eretz-Israel!

Unfortunately we have corrupt and inept current Jewish political leadership in Israel and in the Diaspora at the moment! Therefore, only the network of people dedicated to true Zionist ideals can make a difference. Idealists who are united by one goal are needed!

Currently, our most important step must be to unite and combine our efforts  in order to become a more effective and formidable political force. The goal is much bigger than just promoting support for Israel, because unfortunately for quite a while Israeli governments have not been representing Zionism – the Jewish independence movement. There is another two-state solution, which may bring peace to Israel. It is the Sinai Option!

In order to achieve our goal we need less debate and more unity. Please, visit and read following links:


http://www.shamrak.com/sh_articles/EA_The Jewish National Goal.htm

http://www.shamrak.com/sh_articles/EA_Sinai Option.htm

Let me know if you would like to be involved and make a difference. I’ll try to match you with people in your area.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

From Israel’s prospective, there is no difference who will come to power in the ‘New Muslim World’. Because all of them be it Islamists, new dictators, military junta or ‘moderate’ democracy will play the anti-Israel card in order to gain popularity and consolidate power!

Peace Talks are Self-deception

The Palestinian Authority believes that regime change in the Arab world will strengthen regional support for the Palestinian cause, PA negotiator Nabil Shaath said last week. “Going to any negotiations at this phase would be tantamount to self-deception,” he said. “At this stage, the Palestinians should resort to a popular struggle against Israeli occupation.” (I agree! Israel must end this charade and reunite Jewish land.)

Another Idiocy of UN Exposed

The United States and European countries are initiating steps to remove Libya from the United Nations Human Rights organization. (Countries such as Libya should not be allowed to be a member of any the Human Rights organization! But international hypocrisy - the Useless Nothing - does not care about human rights. It is ‘the game’ they care about!)

Political Blindness Creates Bad Precedent

Israel will allow 300 Palestinians from Libya to enter the Palestinian territories in the coming days, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday. Those Palestinians who Israel will allow in had gone to Libya from former homes in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Hussein al-Sheikh, head of civil affairs for the Palestinian Authority said those coming from Libya would travel into the West Bank via Jordan. (Why not let them stay in Jordan? Instead of removing a fake nation, Palestinians, from the Jewish land Israel is letting more in!)

Arab ‘Revolution’ has Reached Israel

Gaza terrorists fired two Grad rockets at Be'er Sheva on Wednesday evening. One rocket exploded in a residential street and caused heavy damage. Beersheba is a large population centre in southern Israel, about 35 km (20 miles) east of the Gaza Strip. Hamas is trying to appear less belligerent while allowing other militant groups such as Islamic Jihad to do its bidding. Israel responded with air strikes in the Gaza Strip. (Sixty years of conflict proved that Israel’s response is not adequate to stop Arab terror. It will not stop them from trying to destroy the Jewish state. Only implementation of the Sinai Option will make a difference.)

Land of Jews is still Holy for Many

With revolts toppling governments across the Middle East and peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians suspended, 25 of the Chilean miners rescued after more than two months underground toured the holy sites of the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday.

Quote of the Week:

“During a week in which half the Middle-East was in flames, the diplomatic chatter over a UN condemnation of Israel’s so-called “settlements” showed just how irrelevant Western diplomacy is to the real issues in the region. The riots in Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Iran were not about a few Jewish villages on one side of a line on a map that has been redrawn half a dozen times in the 20th century. The trouble with the Muslim world does not lie in the vineyards of the Judean Hills, the glass factories of Ariel, the academies of the revived Maccabean town of Modi’in Illit, the solar panel plants of Nazareth Illit, the dairies of Carmel or the fruit orchards of Gush Etzion… Only a few weeks before the rioting started, American diplomats and journalists were being told by Arab leaders that a solution to the Palestinian problem would stabilize the region. It would be interesting to go out into the streets of Cairo, Manama, Tripoli and Tunis to find out how many of the rioters would be willing to go home if there were a Palestinian state tomorrow.” - Sultan Knish

Look Who is Talking

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday expressed outrage at what he said was "unimaginable" repression in Libya, urging world leaders to listen to their people. "It is unimaginable that someone is killing his citizens, bombarding his citizens." "This is unacceptable. Let the people speak, be free, decide to express their will. Do not resist the will of the people." (Will he follow his own advice or do the same thing when his time comes?)

Separation of Church from State under Threat

Islamic Assault on Democratic Principles

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” has become a widely quoted summary of the relationship between Church and secular authority, and underlines the separate spheres of the influence of Church and State. Islam has no such distinction. What is happening across the world as Islam spreads into democracies is that this separation is merging. We are becoming the victims of this global erosion.

For example, in Texas, USA, parents found out that Arabic classes would be mandatory at some intermediate and elementary schools, as a condition for receipt of a federal grant!

On May 25 2010, educators in a Boston suburb brought sixth graders to one of the most controversial mosques in America, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. The students were told about Islam from an American women convert, who said that in the time of Mohammed, “women were allowed to express their opinions and vote” while in America, “women didn’t get that right until less than a hundred years ago.” The students were also told that the only meaning of Jihad was a “personal spiritual struggle” and “Jihad has historically had no relationship with holy war.” Five of the Middle School boys had joined in the prayers to Allah, including one Jewish boy. The teachers did nothing to intervene!

This is happening in today’s America, despite the Constitutional “separation of church and state” being taken to such extremes that students may not pray before football games. Only Islam is exempt from this separation. Why is it the only privileged one?

Moreover, if any other religion dare infringe this separation, Islamic violence is invariably the response, as happened in the UK, when four Muslim men launched a horrific attack on Gary Smith, head of religious education at Central Foundation Girls' School in Bow, East London. They attacked him with a knife, an iron rod and a block of cement, slashing his face and leaving him with a fractured skull, because they did not approve of him teaching religion to Muslim girls.

Australia has not been spared these murky boundaries. Not only are our schools and other secular institutions allowing Islam to intrude, but even our recreational and leisure pursuits have shown favoritism towards Islam. For example, in Melbourne, Port Phillip ratepayers’ money is being used to fund an Islamic group using the Alma Rd Community House as a place of worship.

It is difficult to see how the use of a Community House by an Islamic group listed by Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah (ASWJ), an extremist organisation which supports sharia practices, is appropriate. Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, a former student of ASWJ, recently called for the implementation of sharia in Australia, declaring "I hate the parliament. I hate [democracy] with a pure hate. Moreover, it is obligatory for all Muslims to reject democracy, because it is a challenge to God's law: They must hate it, speak out against it, and if that doesn't work, take action against it."

These moves to take over communal space are part of the global Jihad. Australia is still in the early stages on the jihad continuum, where the transformation of public institutions through persuasion, deception and favoritism is part of Islam's goal to establish local sovereignty, and ultimate political dominance.

If you share our concerns, please sign the Alma Rd Community House petition to stop the Islamisation of our community centers in Australia. (sign Alma Road Petition)