US Election Politics and Empty Promises.

For many years cheap promises have been made by both sides of US politics during elections to Jewish voters. However, the US embassy has still not moved to the capital of the state of Israel, Jerusalem! US law commands it, but when politicians have cared about the law, when Jews are concerned! Jewish votes are a different mater.

Democratic Party: Protecting Israel. U.S. Senator and vice presidential nominee Joe Biden assured older Jewish voters last Tuesday that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama would be strong on protecting Israel, which he said is less secure now than when President George W. Bush took office. (Israel must be allowed to conduct unrestricted self-defense against the enemies at any time, as any sovereign country. Strategic support of the US is welcomed, but not fake promises of American protection. We can see their results in Georgia now!)

Republican Party: The party's official election platform supports "Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and moving the American embassy to the undivided capital of Israel." In a predictable 'balancing' twist it also backs a two-state solution, although places responsibility on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to show more cooperation. The platform also calls for fighting growing anti-Semitism, particularly on university campuses, and an end to "unacceptable" United Nations prejudice against Israel. (President Bush is the member of the Republican Party. He could start the implementation of the Republican party platform now, while he is still in the White House, starting with the transfer of the embassy!)

UNESCO gave Jerusalem the title of ''Arab culture capital for 2009'' - What about celebrating Jewish culture? Are Mecca and Medina not enough for anti-Semitic international hypocrisy?

Throwing Rocks - Arab National Sport. About 300 Arabs are rioting and throwing rocks at Border Police at Kalandia, north of Jerusalem.

Muslims Desecrated Jewish Sacred Place. Muslims converged on the Cave of Patriarchs in Hevron on Friday for Ramadan prayers, urinated next to Torah scrolls and left behind Hamas flags. The Cave of the Patriarchs is the tomb of the biblical founders of the Jewish faith, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their wives, Sarah, Rivka, and Leah. The desecration occurred on one of the 10 days during the year that the holy site is open only to Muslims and is closed to Jews. (Muslims claim that it is also their sacred place, is it?)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

If it is not deeply embedded anti-Semitism than why would those energetic, enthusiastic and seemingly idealistic westerners vigorously advocate and support blood-thirsty terrorist organizations like Fatah and Hamas? They are not supporting Al Queda, are they?

Gilad is a Human Shield for Hamas. Speaking on the 800th day of her son Gilad's captivity-assuming he is still alive-Aviva Shalit spoke out about the continuing crisis involving his 2006 capture by Hamas. "The number of prisoners to be released in the deal is not the issue, Gilad is the insurance policy, the human shield, of Hamas, of the leaders of the organization - that's why they're not in a hurry."

Who Does Represent 'Palestinians'? United Nations Middle East envoy Robert Serry told pro-Fatah union leaders last Tuesday that the dispute between Fatah and Hamas is so deep that it prejudices the prospects for Palestinian reunification." (Fatah and Hamas may disagree on internal politics, but both groups are united in their desire to destroy Israel!)

Prisoner Release Has Backfired. The release of 198 prisoners, including two with "blood on their hands" as the "good will gesture" meant to encourage the PA government and "strengthen the negotiations" has instead simply been perceived as weakness and submission (PMW - Palestinian Media Watch). (The Israeli government repeats the same stupidity, achieving the same results. Aren't we supposed to be "clever people”? It is time to end the tradition of electing stupid leaders!)

Enemies Within Do not Care about Jewish Lives. An Israeli military court ordered the discharge of Sergeant Major Louis Balut on Thursday and sentenced him to 11 years in jail for giving sensitive military information on Israeli troop positions to Hizbullah as part of a drug deal during the Second Lebanon War. Balut was also convicted of holding contacts with a foreign agent between December 2007 and February 2008. Balut was the first Christian tracker in the Israel Defense Forces.

Quote of the Week:

"If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything." - Unknown - Many Jewish organizations, including Zionist ones, are proud about their plurality and tolerance. They provide an umbrella for a diverse range of organizations, often with completely opposite views and ideology. Many of them are proud that they hold moderate or mainstream views. This only means that they stay for nothing!

Arab Boy is Beaten for Wearing Star of David. An Israeli Arab father beat his 15-year-old son for wearing a necklace with the Star of David and associating with Jews. The teenager also filed the complaint against his brothers. (‘Nice’ neighbours?)

ISM Leftist Jailed for Helping Hamas. A 33-year-old Pennsylvania leftist working with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Richard David Hupper, was sentenced by US court to prison for 3 ˝ years for transferring $20,000 to Hamas. (It is time for Israel to follow suit and stop aiding all anti-Israel terrorist entities, including the PA and Hamas!)

Helping Enemies to Kill Jews. Defense Minister Ehud Barak arranged for a secret transfer of 1,000 Kalashnikov rifles and 10,000 of bullets from Jordan to the Palestinian Authority (PA). The transfer was made against the recommendation of Shin chief Yuval Diskin. (When will stupidity end?)

Jews 'Defiling' Jerusalem - Coordinated Muslim Incitement. In recent weeks, Muslim leaders have been heavily focusing their efforts on inciting the their followers over alleged Jewish "threats" to the al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The incitement has come from the Palestinian Authority - both Fatah and Hamas - as well as from the Arab League, from within Israel's Arab minority, from Muslim organizations abroad, and from the al-Qaeda terrorist group. (They did it before with the biblical tunnel in order to divert attention from their own terror activities and contempt for peace!)

Farcical Talk Cancelled by Assad. The Saudi Arabia-owned Alarabiya reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad has ordered officials to cancel the fifth round of mediated by Turkey  talks with Israel.

Hypocrisy of the ‘Loaded’ Headlines:

"For first time in decades, a woman in macho Israel is within reach of taking reins of power." - LA Times - How many female presidents has the “macho” United States had? And the Arab pleasing, self-centered Livni is definitely not Golda!

Voting Pattern of the ‘Friends’ in the United Nations.

Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic states, recorded by both the US State Department and UN:  

Kuwait votes against   the United States 67% of the time 

Qatar votes against   the United States 67% of the time 

Morocco votes against the United States 70% of the time 

United Arab Emirates votes against the US 70% of the time 

Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time, and receives $192,814,000 annually   in US Foreign Aid. 

Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time. 

Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time.

Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time. 

Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time. 

Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time.  

Sudan votes against the United States 75% of the time. 

Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time, and receives   $6,721,000 annually in US Foreign Aid. 

Libya votes against the United States 76% of the time.  

Egypt votes against the United States 79% of the time, and receives   $2 billion annually in US Foreign Aid. 

Lebanon votes against the United States 80% of the time.  

Syria votes against the United States 84% of the time.  

Mauritania votes against the United States 87% of the time. 

US Foreign Aid is unquestionably given to many states that hate the USA! Anti-Semites do not demand end the aid to the enemies of the United States!

Get out of the UN and give the tax savings back to the American workers who are having to skimp and sacrifice to pay the taxes (and for gasoline). And why are we letting these people come to the United States?  Every time they voted against us that should be a full year that we don't give them any monetary assistance or allow any of their people to come here!