US Arming Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government is set to receive more tanks and fighter jets from the US. These include 200 M1A1 Abrams battle tanks and “a squadron of F-16 Falcon” fighters. Egypt’s military buildup presents risks for Washington and Israel - with the growing influence of the Brotherhood, whose overriding goal is to establish Shariah, or Islamic, law worldwide. (Against which country - if not Israel - does the US think that Egypt is planning to use those fighters and tanks? Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is still receiving billions of the US tax payers’ dollars, but no anti-Semitic bigots suggest stopping the flow of funds to Egypt, at least until democracy take roots!)

Obama, 'Friend of Israel', is Arming Islamic Enemy

The US approved 20 F-16 fighter planes for Egypt, part of a $1 billion foreign aid package, Tuesday, 11 December, the day scheduled for massive rival demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi’s referendum on an Islamic, anti-democratic constitution.

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

Arabs rejected the UN resolution 242 in 1967! The Oslo Accords, which envisaged autonomy only - not another Muslim state - and has expired several years ago, required negotiations in order to establish peace between Israel and so-called Palestinians. The PA has never really complied with any agreements it signed with Israel: it continues anti-Israel propaganda, cancelled negotiations and never stopped terror attacks on Israel.

There is Nothing to Negotiate about with Hamas and PA

Speaking to hundreds of thousands of Hamas supporters during a rally in Gaza City marking the 25th anniversary of the movement’s founding Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal reiterated his movement’s refusal to “give up one inch of the land of Palestine.” This refuted claims of some ‘Palestinian-lovers’ that he had endorsed a “pragmatic” approach toward the conflict with Israel. “Jihad and armed resistance are the right and real way to liberate Palestine and restore our rights,” Mashaal said at the rally. “Liberating Palestine, all of Palestine (including all Israel, Judea, Samara, Gaza and Jordan - the Jewish land, Eretz-Israel!), is the duty and right and goal of all Arabs and Muslims.” He vowed not to give up the right to “liberate” Jaffa, Haifa, Safed and Beersheba.

Church Must Pay Its Bills

The Israeli government has volunteered to pay a NIS 9 million ($2.3 million) water bill for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Church has not paid its water bill for the past 8 years. (Should synagogues in predominately Christian countries stop paying their bills?)

Thirty-four Israeli Parties?

Registration for parties submitting lists to run for election in Israel’s 19th Knesset on 22 January, 2013 closed - 34 lists were submitted to the central election commission. (So many self-serving, political parasites - Where are the true patriots?)

Hamas Promised that Hudna will not Last Long

Hamas’s Minister for Prisoners Affairs, Atallah Abu al-Sabah, said that in the next war between Hamas and Israel, many Israelis will flee their country. Sabah stated that while “Palestinian fighters fought with a strong belief and high morale, the Israeli soldier fought with a defeatist spirit (he is probably right here, but this is due to Israeli governments’ lack of vision and self-destructive policies). The fabric of Israeli society has been torn apart in the face of the resistance’s strength”. Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said that “the resistance will soon occur in the West Bank too” and although Hamas agreed to a cease-fire with Israel, this did not mean that the movement has relinquished the “resistance to achieve the liberation of Palestine.”

Sick, Self-hating Traitors Amongst Us

Germany planned to vote against the PA’s bid for UN recognition as a “nonmember state,” but decided to instead abstain from voting after hearing what Ehud Olmert had to say, Der Spiegel reports. Olmert showed sympathy with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his decision to go to the UN, so “Merkel decided not to go along with what Netanyahu wanted this time,” the paper said. (It did not take much convincing! Why did the word of self-hating idiot so easily negate the plea from the Israeli government?)

PA Plans Next Dirty Trick Against Israel

Fresh from securing non-member observer state status at the United Nations, the PA is now consulting European lawyers about how to sue Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The threat of action at the ICC could be used as a bargaining chip against Israel during any future negotiations. In April 2011, Goldstone retracted his report’s claim that it was Israeli government policy to deliberately target citizens. The IDF routinely drops warning leaflets and even leaves voicemail messages in areas where it may carry out operations. The Israeli army is known for the care it takes to ensure against civilian casualties. Hamas, on the other hand, has been widely condemned for its use of civilians as human shields. The terror group has fired hundreds of rockets from Gaza into Jewish cities and operates from densely populated zones in Gaza. (Israel must sue PA/Hamas in ICC for firing rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas and using civilians as a human shield)

Political Rats in Search of Warm Knesset Seats

Hours before the Thursday 10:00 p.m. deadline for the submission of party lists for the 22 Jan, 2013 Knesset election, a shocker was provided by veteran Labor Knesset Amir Peretz, former defence minister and party secretary and ex-head of the Histadrut Trades Unions Federation.  He announced he was abandoning Labor and joining Hatnuah, the new movement formed by former Foreign Secretary Tzipi Livni after the Kadima party deposed her as leader. (Political rats are jumping ships, having no conviction or national devotion. They do not care about the future of Israel and Jewish people!)

Hamas is Getting Ready to Start Next Conflict

Hamas has doubled the number of Egyptian soldiers being paid off to help facilitate the smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip, including rockets and missiles (the average Egyptian soldier makes about $10 a month). Hamas had formed a common committee with al-Qaida-linked groups in the Gaza Strip to strategise the coordination of smuggling weapons into Gaza. Scores of members of al-Qaida and the related Jihadiya Salafiya terrorist groups are freed from jails. (International ‘friends’ of Israel are eager to donate more funds to ‘poor’ Palestinians, so they can buy bullets and rockets to kill more Jews!)

FIFA Pledges to Rebuild Terrorist Base in Gaza

FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke has pledged that soccer's world governing body will help rebuild the Stadium in Gaza City, after it was partially destroyed in Israeli air strikes, because the stadium had been used for launching Fajr 5 rockets towards Israel's two major cities. (And, nobody questioned this decision!)

Arab States will Finance PA Terrorists

Arab League foreign ministers have agreed to send hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the PA to make up for punitive measures imposed by the Israeli government after a successful bid for recognition at the United Nations. "We agreed that Arab states activate a resolution of providing $100m per month," said Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s chief negotiator. (Now the US and EU tax-payer can stop financing enemy of Israel and Israel can use collected funds to compensate victims of PA terror and finance anti-terrorist military expenditure. Let Arabs worry about PA collapse.)

Fighting Terror in Fears of Media Photos

The video of the soldiers in retreat may have embarrassed senior IDF officers enough to change increasingly restrictive limits on soldiers’ ability to fight terror. Combat troops have privately complained in the past several years that they have been exposed to life-endangering situations by restrictions on their shooting at terrorists. Some have said that every soldier needs a lawyer at their side to understand the directives. Threats of international court cases, lawsuits, and negative media that term terrorists "civilians", "youth" and "activists" have been behind the restrictions that place soldiers in a situation of having to prove their lives were threatened if they shot and wounded or killed a suspected terrorist, especially if he turns out to have been a regular civilian acting in a suspicious manner.

It is not a ‘Spring’, but Islamic Revolt!

The Jabhat al-Nusra group fighting with the Syrian rebels against the Assad regime has been designated by the US “a foreign terrorist organisation” and affiliate of al Qaeda in Iraq. In Syria, 29 opposition groups have signed a petition calling for mass demonstrations in support of Jabhat al-Nusra under the slogan "No to American intervention, for we are all Jabhat al-Nusra." (It is clear by now that “Arab Spring” is nothing more but an Islamic revolt! Will the Western democracies stop supporting it or they are too deep in oil rich Arab countries’ pockets?)

Quote(s) of the Week:

"The terrorists are committing a double war crime. They fire at Israeli civilians, and they hide behind Palestinian civilians. And by contrast, Israel takes every measure to avoid civilian casualties." - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - For many years rockets from Gaza are indiscriminately fired into Israel, terrorising the civilian population of Israel. There are no international warrants issued in order to arrest and prosecute leadership of the Hamas terrorist organisation.

“Jews can't kill Arabs without arousing indignation. When Arabs kill Arabs, that's to be expected.” - Alain B, online comment at

Europeans Committed to anti-Semitic Bias!

European Union foreign ministers stated that all of its agreements with Israel “must unequivocally and explicitly indicate their inapplicability to the territories occupied (freed) by Israel in 1967, namely the Golan Heights; the West Bank, including east Jerusalem; and the Gaza Strip,” as they spoke out against Israeli settlement plans including the development of E1.

Binyamin Netanyahu chastised the international community for overly focusing its attention on Israel’s actions, rather than pressuring the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table. “The Palestinians can afford to avoid negotiations with Israel because the international community exacted no price for the Palestinian failure to negotiate in good faith.” Hamas leaders openly called for Israel's destruction. “Where was the outrage? Where was the UN? Where was Abbas?” Netanyahu demanded.

“We cannot accept that the international community has no problem denouncing Israeli intentions of building Jewish homes in the nation's historic capital of Jerusalem but remains silent as Palestinian leaders openly call for Israel’s destruction,” Netanyahu said.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman asked where the Europeans (as well as the US and Australia) were when Hamas leaders called for Israel’s destruction over the weekend. Why weren’t Palestinian envoys in their capitals summoned for explanations? Netanyahu: the Palestinians can avoid negotiations with Israel because the international community exacts no price for Palestinian “rejectionism.” (In 1967 Israel freed Jewish land from Arab occupation, in defencive war! In accordance to international law, all this land belongs to Israel. If Europeans dispute this fact, they must review the borders of almost all EU member-states!)

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