Hideous Political Correctness

by Steven Shamrak.

Not long ago political correctness was introduced to the West with very good intentions. It was needed to make a transformation from a barbarian and bigoted society to one that pretends to be civilised, where all are equal. Therefore, Blacks have become African Americans; the Hispanics and Chinese – Ethnic minorities; Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims - Religious minorities; Man or woman are called a person.

Political correctness is not a new invention. According to the unofficial codex of intelligencia of Tsarist Russia, “A member of the intelligencia must not admit or show his anti-Semitic tendencies.” It was never about not having them!

Now political correctness has reached new levels of absurdity. For example, blind and short people are called visually and vertically challenged or impaired. Political correctness became a tool of aggression and intolerance in a quite slippery, ‘joking’, passive-aggressive way.

The current TV serial “Commander in Chief” has topped them all in its sophistication of subliminal, hammer-like, presentation of ‘political correctness’. It is meant to be a substitution for the highly intelligent and professionally made “The West Wing” serial. But, with an independent, female president, an African American as a Chief of Staff of the White House and an Arab Palestinian as her most trusted staffer, it can only be described and viewed as a spoof. No wonder the show has rating problems. Next, they will probably make the science fiction movie – “George Bush and Democracy on Mars”. It will be a more likely scenario than the creation of true democracy in Iraq, Iran… or in any Muslim country during this century.

In International politics, political correctness plays a big role when oil is concerned. Everyone is so deliberately polite and ‘considerate’ toward, the most often, fake and even obnoxious claims and behaviour of the Arabs and Muslims. At the same time there is no interest and a complete disregard for Jewish National rights and aspirations. Jews and Israel are used as an International scapegoat in order to divert public attention from domestic or International issues! International political correctness is not applicable to Jews.

For centuries the Jewish leadership, so-called ‘official Jews’, have been playing games of appeasement and conformity with their masters. Even after the creation of the Jewish State, the Jewish leaders seem unable to shake off the Galut mentality: the mentality of the slaves of Egypt that has been enforced by centuries of abuse, hatred and anti-Semitism. They are not truly able to represent the dreams and aspirations of the Jewish people.

Is there no Jewish leader who would give a direct answer to the question – “What is the Jewish land?” Instead, they will go on and on, but would never tell it straight and simple that the League of Nations allocated the land called “Palestine” for the Jewish state and gave a temporary mandate to the United Kingdom to carry out the Leagues resolution. Or, simply, they would pull the Israeli coin of 10 Agorots out and show the engraved image of Eretz Israel. If they can’t perform such a simple act of personal ‘bravery’ by telling the world where the Jewish land is, why do they occupy the position of leadership, but instead lead Jewish people nowhere? By inaction they are deceiving and destroying the Jewish nation?

Leshana Tovah Tikatev V’tichatem!

Wish you a Happy and Sweet New Year!

FOOD for THOUGHT. by Steven Shamrak

I would like to point out that all of these tools of Islamic terror – suicide bombers, knife attacks and killing people using vehicles –first were ‘perfected’ by Palestinians against Jews in Israel. Al Qaida and ISIS have been using the expertise gained in Israel by their fellow Arabs – fake Palestinians! In spite of this, British, Europeans and other ‘nice’ international anti-Semites are still supporting the PA financially, morally and politically!

"Sinai Option – Road to Permanent Peace!"

Please, read and distribute!

Even EU Tired of anti-Israel Idiotic Claims!

EU foreign policy executive Federica Mogherini rejected the bid of a group of Israeli Arab MKs for European support against Israel’s Nation State law. ”The Nation-State Law is first and foremost a matter of how Israel chooses to define itself, and we fully respect the internal Israeli debate on this” the EU spokesman said. The statement added that “Israel is a close partner of the EU, which values Israel’s commitment to the shared values of democracy and human rights, which have characterized our long standing and fruitful relations, and would not want to see these values being put in question or even threatened.” (Interesting and quite uncharacteristic move for the EU - we'll see where it is going!)

Expel UNRWA from Israel, not just Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat threatened to expel UNRWA from Jerusalem, in the first public statement by an Israeli official that called on the government to use its power to shut down the agency that services Palestinian refugees. He had already instructed his municipal staff to come up with a plan to replace the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which he plans to present to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Just do it - talk is cheap!)

Self-Inflicted Harm!

After Arab mob destroys Erez Crossing, preventing goods from entering Gaza, the IDF has closed the primary crossing point between Israel and the Gaza Strip. No crossings would be permitted at Erez until damage done to the checkpoint has been repaired. (Why bother? It is not the first time they have done it. Obviously, they want to keep it closed to blame Israel and gain sympathy from international anti-Semites!)

Money Better Spent!

Israel is set to fund increased development of Hebron’s Jewish heritage with money it saved by not paying its annual dues to UNESCO. The cabinet has expected to reallocate NIS 3.5 million of what it would have spent on UNESCO dues in 2017. Israel and the United States stopped paying their UNESCO dues in 2011, after the organization became the first UN organ to recognize Palestine as a member state.

Berlin Recognised BDS Movement as Anti-Semitic

The Boycott, Divest and Sanctions campaign against Israel has been categorized as anti-Semitic by the Berlin State Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The office monitors anti-democratic activities across the political spectrum in Berlin

Haredi Paratroopers Sworn in

Over 50 haredi soldiers of a paratrooper company sworn in at the Western Wall as requests to join unit continue to climb amid a furore over the Conscription Law that threatens to topple the government. The haredi paratrooper company, named 'Hetz', was formed in 2017. The army also has the Netzach Yehuda-Nahal Haredi Battalion in the Kfir Brigade and the Rotem Company in Givati that is geared to haredi troops. As part of the special accommodations, female soldiers are not deployed on base, and soldiers receive special food that conforms to a stringent halakhic standard of Jewish dietary laws. (Very soon, as has happened in the past, the Israel’s Left will start complaining about too many religious Jews in the army!)

PA-Jordanian 'Confederation' - Old and Stupid Idea!

Jordan rejects idea of a “confederation” between the PA and the Hashemite Kingdom. The leftist organization Peace Now said that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas had told them that the Trump administration offered a plan for a final status agreement with Israel, which would include the establishment of a “confederation” between the PA and Jordan. “They asked me if I believe in a federation with Jordan,” Abbas said at the gathering. “I said, ‘Yes, I support a triple confederation with Jordan and with Israel’. I asked if the Israelis would agree to the offer.” (Anti-Zionist left and enemies of Israel have nothing to offer, but old fake and sinister ideas! Jordan, Judea, Samaria and Gaza are part of Eretz-Israel - the Land of Israel!)

Anti-Zionist Party with Zionist Name did not Work!

As general elections seem to be likely, sooner rather than later, there are those in the Zionist Union Party who are working energetically behind the scenes and are examining the possibility of a split in the party. MKs unhappy with Gabbay, pessimistic of party's standing in the polls considering a breakaway party to be headed by veteran politician - Ehud Barak! (Anti-Zionist left would do and have done anything to fool Israeli voters! Several times already they have invented new parties to keep themselves in power. Let hope those voters in Israel, who supported “political prostitutes” in the past, have become more politically astute!)

QUOTE of the WEEK:

I cannot honestly imagine a situation in which the Golan Heights is not part of Israel forever... Giving up the high area of the Golan Heights may put Israel at great security disadvantage, and it is unnecessary to say that I cannot think of anyone more unworthy of receiving such a prize than Assad - US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, suggested Trump administration could recognize the strategic plateau bordering Syria as sovereign Israeli territory - He could simply say that the Golan Heights are part of the Jewish land, which Israel won back in defensive war against enemies!

UNHCR Criteria will End Fake Refugees Business!

by Adam Rasgon

At a cabinet meeting in January, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to gradually take over the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)...

He also contended that UNRWA “perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem.”

Netanyahu’s comments raised the question of how UNHCR and UNRWA differ in their definitions of a refugee, which they use to determine to whom they grant refugee status.

Eight months later, that question is even more resonant after US President Donald Trump’s administration announced that it is completely defunding UNRWA, with a reported goal of shutting it down altogether.

Were responsibility for the designation transferred to the UNHCR, millions of Palestinians would lose their refugee status...

But based on a comparison of UNRWA’s refugee figures and the assessments of James Lindsay, a former UNRWA legal adviser who has written extensively on the differences between UNHCR and UNRWA, almost all of Jordan’s 2.2 million UNRWA-designated refugees would likely lose their status under UNHCR criteria, as would most of Syria’s 560,000 and just under half of Lebanon’s 521,000. All 2.17 million UNRWA-designated refugees in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem would lose that status were those areas to become parts of a sovereign Palestinian state. This would leave a refugee total of a little over half a million...

According to UNRWA’s figures, 515,260 Palestinians whom it has registered as refugees study in its 677 schools; 3.1 million access its healthcare system at its 139 health centers; more than 250,000 receive welfare from its social safety net program, and thousands of others receive small loans from its micro-finance department. UNRWA also employs some 30,000 Palestinians.

In total, Gunness has said that UNRWA has registered 5.4 million Palestinians as refugees.

A key difference between the UNHCR and UNRWA definitions concerns how the two organizations relate to people who have acquired either citizenship or the rights of citizens in the countries where they have sought refuge.

The UNHCR’s definition of a refugee does not extend to persons who have acquired such rights; UNRWA’s does.

More than 90 percent of 2.2 million Palestinians who UNRWA has registered as refugees have Jordanian citizenship...

UNRWA and UNHCR also differ in their handling of the descendants of refugees. UNRWA allows descendants of male refugees to register as refugees with it and obtain access to its services...

UNRWA does not resettle Palestinians it has registered as refugees, whereas UNHCR often employs that option when people it counts as refugees cannot return to their home country.