Happy Hanukah!

Season’s Greetings to our true friends.

UN - Intentional Bastardy.

The Israeli Foreign affairs minister has praised the UN Security council for its new resolution that backs the peace proceedings begun at Annapolis. ''The resolution brings international support for the principles of Annapolis, including the recognizing of Israel, the abandoning of terrorism and the accepting of earlier accords.'' (The problem is that the UN did not mean any of it. Before and since the creation of the state of Israel the 'Useless Nothing' has done everything possible to accommodate the demise of Israel! In reality the Annapolis agreement has brought only more terror and suffering.)

At the same time Director General Ban Ki-moon said, ''Israel must end its occupation of the territories it has held since 1967.'' (…the land which is historically, spiritually and legally, even by the UN standard, is Jewish!)

The foreign affairs minister of Holland, Maxime Verhagen, has threatened to boycott the United Nations conference on racism scheduled for April 2009. Verhagen wants the anti-Israeli declarations to be removed from documents preparing for the conference.

Food for Thought: In the Palestinian Authority, as in Jordan selling property to a Jew is considered a capital crime and is punishable by death (this is another indication that they know that Jordan, Gaza, Judea and Samaria are part of Eretz-Israel). The land and properties ownership of Jordanians and so-called Palestinians in Israel must be revoked. This includes Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Baha'i Shrine and Gardens in Haifa! - Steven Shamrak

Gaza terrorists attacked Israel on Friday and Saturday

with 11 rockets and 16 mortar shells.

How many countries would tolerate this for so long?

PA: Terror Will Never End. The PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas called on Israel, greeting 224 newly-freed terrorists, to release all terrorists currently held in Israeli prisons, and warned that if Israel was unwilling to do so, there would be no peace with the PA. (…until terrorist ‘nation’ is removed from Jewish land!)

With the Truce Like this… In spite of the ‘truce’ with the Hamas, there were 1100 more rocket and missile launchings by Islamic terrorists in Gaza onto the western Negev region in 2008 than in 2007.

No Restrain Required. Both Iran and Turkey are reportedly bombarding the north of Iraq. Spokesman of the fighters in Iraqi Kurdistan Jabbar Yawar said the border region was hit. The Turkish army said it was targeting PKK positions. (Only Israel must be sensitive to international opinion!)

Fraudulent Leadership of Traitors. An Israeli police report has concluded that Ehud Barak may have been elected by fraud in 2007 to head the Labor Party. The report revealed ''fake signatures'' in ten voting offices during the Labor primaries.

Imams were Infuriated by Truth. The third world congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace at UNESCO headquarters in Paris end with no joint statements of any kind and no agreement of any sort, it would appear. Rabbi and doctor Elie Abadie infuriated the Muslim dignitaries present by saying, ''I feel for the Palestinians, but the international community has given billions of dollars to better their situation, but all the money ended up in bank accounts in Switzerland held by Palestinian leaders, or was used to train the terrorists who have killed more than 1700 Israeli civilians.''

Quote of the Week: ''We carried out long negotiations. Their people came to France, and we sent our people to Iran. We met with them and regretfully, this dialogue resulted in nothing.'' - French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner warned President-elect Barak Obama to be careful about direct dialogue with Iran. – A couple of weeks later, France is again ready to negotiate with Iran. What hypocrisy!

New Mexican Prison is Almost Completed. The U.S. government has completed 500 miles of fencing along the border with Mexico, which is just 170 miles short of its goal. (Another security fence is being built, yet there is no international outcry against "Collective punishment" or a Mexican  'Concentration camp'!)

Using Palestinians. Egyptian foreign affairs minister Ahmed Abul Gheit has accused Iran of using its support for the Palestinians in order to strengthen its status in the Middle East. ''The Iranians are trying to impose their point of view on the region by using the Palestinians.'' (Aren’t they all doing it?)

International Duplicity and Hypocrisy. The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously last Tuesday to authorize nations to conduct land and air attacks on pirate bases on the coast of the Horn of Africa country - Somalia. (No such authorization is given to Israel, even after ten of thousands attacks from Fatah, Hamas, Hizbollah...) China is reportedly considering a military intervention in Somalia following an attack by pirates on Chinese sailors.

Inaction with No Vision. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said: “The national aspirations (of the Arabs) should be realized elsewhere, but there is no question of carrying out a transfer or forcing them to leave.” (The Sinai Option is a good plan to resolve most problems of the conflict. Let so-called Palestinians, not all of them Arabs, find their national aspirations elsewhere!)

Geneva Conventions Only Apply to Israel! The head of the International Red Cross (ICRC) (shouldn’t it be “Red Crystal”) delegation in Israel he has done whatever is possible to make contact with kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit but has not been able to surpass political obstacles. (No statement, which would strongly condemn Hamas, has been released by the ICRC! They were not even able to confirm if Gilad Shalit is still alive.)

Death Penalty for Cooperating with Israel. A military court, run by the Islamic Hamas movement, "ruled to hang Mohammed Ali Saidam, 34, after he was found guilty of committing treason, spying, plotting and cooperating with the Zionist enemy." (It is time for Israel to start at least deporting terrorists and their families.)

Self-Hating Liars Must Pay for Slander. The Peace Now organization and two of its activists must pay "the Fund for Redeeming the Land" 20,000 shekels plus tax and issue a public apology for a false report involving the Samaria town of Revava published two years ago. In the report Peace Now argued that most Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria were built on land stolen from local Arabs. The fund, which legally owns 100 percent of the territory on which Revava is built, sued for slander.

‘New Broom’ - the Same Hypocrisy. U.S. President-elect Barack Obama plans to offer Israel a strategic pact designed to fend off any nuclear attack on the Jewish state by Iran. (The offer is made to undermine Israel’s effort to keep Iran nuclear free! What is safer? Non-nuclear Islamic terror states or an unreliable strategic pact. A while ago the US offered to share strategic information with Israel. Jonathan Pollard is still imprisoned for doing so! So much for the “Change”!)

Ex-Soviet neo-Nazis Jailed in Israel. Eight teenagers, aged from 16 to 19, have been sentenced to time in jail by a court in Israel for carrying out a series of neo-Nazi attacks that shocked the nation. The suspects all migrated to Israel under the Law of Return from the former Soviet Union, but their Jewish links are slender, with most qualifying for citizenship through grandparents or distant family connections. (This is another ugly result of a governmental policy of self-destruction and lack of self-respect!)

New Nuclear Warning System. Working in secret, Israel and Germany have jointly developed a nuclear missile detection system. Code-named Project Bluebird, the system is based on the prototype of an aerial infrared sensor designed to identify a nuclear-tipped missile speeding toward a target amid a cluster of decoy missiles. (Great intellectual effort, but wouldn't it be cheaper and safer for Israel, the US and Europe to destroy the Iranian nuclear program now?)

Israel Deploys Remote-controlled Guns. Israeli defence officials say the military has deployed remote-controlled machine guns along its border with the Gaza Strip. The system allows operators spot targets and open fire at terrorists, watching television screens in the safety of control rooms. (So much Jewish ingenuity and funds are wasted on temporary and faulty solutions!)

‘Humanism’ of Islam. An Iraqi deputy, Suzanne Shihab, has confirmed that some 300 single and married women have reportedly been killed or burned in the past six months (just in the Kurdish autonomy) after being seen with men who were not their husbands. (This is done under the rule of the ‘moderate’ Iraqi government and with the ‘blessing’ of the US and coalition!)