UN Denounces Israel not PA Terror

“Israelis are being attacked and murdered in the streets, in their vehicles, and even in their homes, and the UN stands by in silence."

Israeli ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor urged the Security Council and Secretary - General Ban Ki-moon to denounce the recent attacks against Israeli citizens “in a clear and unequivocal manner.”

The international body should “take immediate action against the incitement, violence and terror currently being waged against the people of Israel,” he said.

Prosor pointed out that in 72 hours alone, Palestinians had carried out 11 terrorist attacks across Israel.

 “Israelis are being attacked and murdered in the streets, in their vehicles, and even in their homes, and the UN stands by in silence,” he said, “As my final act as Israel’s ambassador, I wish to stress the urgency of this situation that requires immediate action.”

The escalation in terrorist attacks and killings is “a result of the ongoing instigation to violence by the Palestinian leadership,” Prosor said. “Palestinian officials continue to use inflammatory rhetoric and dangerous incitement, intensifying this wave of terror against Israeli citizens, and it must stop.”


American-Israeli teacher who stood for coexistence, and was a victim of its failure, is buried in Israel. Richard Lakin was shot in the head and stabbed in the face and chest by PA terrorist on a public bus in Jerusalem.

Bibi does not Keeping his Word!

Contrary to previous statements, Israel transferred the bodies of six terrorists from the Hebron area to the Palestinians on Friday! (How can anyone respect and take Israel seriously?)

Food for Thought by Steven Shamrak

The current president of PA, Mahmoud Abbas, was elected in 2005 to a five-year-term. He has circumvented PA’s democratic electoral process, if there was such thing, after Hamas terror group won the PA legislative elections on 25 January 2006. He is the illegitimate leader of the fake nation. Therefore there is no reason for Israel to negotiate with him. Any agreements Israel might have with him will not be recognized and will be rejected by the enemies. For the record, he also does not honour any agreements the PA made with Israel!

They Like Taking Jewish Money and Betray Jews Later!

Democratic Senator Rick Coons from Delaware betrayed his backers and his voters. He announced that he is supporting President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Coons acknowledged that the deal was terrible for America. He detailed all the ways the deal harms US national security and places US allies, including Israel, at grave risk. (As usual, the Jewish lobby, AIPAC, made bad ‘investment’!)


The grand mufti of Jerusalem, the Muslim cleric in charge of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, said Sunday that there has never been a Jewish temple atop the Temple Mount, and that the site has been home to a mosque “since the creation of the world.” (REMOVE THEM ALL FROM JEWISH LAND!)

Israel is the Only Reliable Friend of the United States!

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday called for an end to the decades-long US embargo on Cuba in a resolution adopted by a near-unanimous vote. The United States and Israel voted against the non-binding resolution, but a resounding 191 countries supported the measure in the 193-member assembly, the highest number ever.

Islamo-Nazis have a Plan and do not Joke!

The Islamic State group has published its first-ever video in Hebrew on Friday, in which a masked member of the terror group threatens that “not one Jew will remain in Jerusalem” or Israel. (Does Israel have a plan of reunification of Jewish land and ending Arab terror against Jews?)

Unfriendly Meddling of the 'Friend'

The Obama administration was quick to warn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about revoking the residency of tens of thousands of East Jerusalem Palestinians. Netanyahu recently raised the possibility of canceling the residency status of some of the 80,000 Palestinians who reside in East Jerusalem neighbourhoods beyond the controversial separation barrier. (This is an internal matter of an independent country! Does Israel tell Obama how to handle the issue of Mexican illegals or school shootings?)

Self-hating Jewish Absurdity

Education Minister Naftali Bennett reacted sharply to the High Court decision to postpone demolition of terrorists’ homes and said that this is “a time of emergency. It is time that the High Court judges understand this, too.” The statement focused on the leftist New Israel Fund, and said it had “reached a new peak of Israel-hatred with yet another one of its organizations, which filed the motion to the High Court” against the demolitions. (And, the left-infested Israeli judiciary is just ‘happy’ to use an opportunity to oblige! Although, personally, I think deportation, not just evection, of the terrorist families is a better solution.)

Jew-Haters Love Jewish Doctors

The brother-in-law of PA President Mahmoud Abbas underwent life-saving heart surgery at a private hospital in Tel Aviv. (This is another example of hypocrisy of anti-Semitic hate - He could have had it anywhere, but chose the hands of “Zionist oppressors”)

Berkeley Rejected Israel Divestment

Tensions ran high, boiling over into sporadic shouting matches during discussion whether the city should divest from companies "complicit in ongoing violations of human rights and International Law under Israel's military occupation of Palestinian territories." After three hours of public testimony -- almost evenly divided between pros and cons of the proposal -- commissioners voted 5-2, with one abstention. UC Berkeley Political Science Professor Ron Hassner named a number of repressive states and those occupying others' lands, condemning the resolution for singling out Israel. "Should this proposal pass, accusations of bigotry, discrimination and even anti-Semitism will be hurled against our city," he said. (It is the fear of a backlash, not the underlying anti-Semitic nature of the proposed resolution, that stopped its adoption!)

Pro-Israel Bedouins is Delusional Wishful-Thinking

More than 50 Bedouin leaders have published a joint statement in which they call on Jordanian King Abdullah to create a military unit tasked with "liberating" Jerusalem by declaring war on Israel. Jordan has seen large-scale protests over the past few weeks, demanding that the country break off its relations with Israel and rip up the peace agreement that was signed in 1994.

UNESCO - Another anti-Israel International Attack

A new proposal to establish that the Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa Mosque is set to be submitted by the Palestinians to a vote at UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). The proposal is likely to pass due to automatic Arab-Muslim majority there. The proposal states among other things that the Western Wall is part of al-Aqsa Mosque, and condemns the Israeli government for its call on citizens to bear arms because of the recent wave of terror attacks. (The fact that UNESCO has been discussing this deeply offensive to Jews proposal reveals again the anti-Semitic character of the United Nations and its members. By now, the clause that the Wailing Wall is a holy site for Muslims only has been dropped - it was a ‘normal’ part of the international anti-Israel smear campaign! The text does state that the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Rachel's tomb are 'an integral part of Palestine' - this is fine as all “Palestine”, as it was defined by Romans and by the League of Nations in 1922, is the Jewish ancestral land!)

Pope: Denying Israel’s Right to Exist is anti-Semitism

Pope Francis marked the 50th anniversary of the turning point in the Catholic Church’s relations with Jews. He has sharply condemned anti-Semitism, saying attacks on Israel’s right to exist were a form of hatred. “To attack Jews is anti-Semitism, but an outright attack on the State of Israel is also anti-Semitism,” Francis said. (What about supporting anti-Israel terrorists, isn't it also anti-Semitism? Talk is cheap!)

Surveillance a New trap?

The PA has reacted warily to an agreement by Israel and Jordan to install more security cameras at Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in a bid to defuse tensions. Israel had embraced "an excellent suggestion" by the king for round-the-clock monitoring of Al-Aqsa. (PA wants to invite the anti-Israel ‘Useless Nothing’, but do not like the idea of their ugly behaviour being recorded!)


Panels conducted a poll that was published by Maariv on October 16th 2015. Jewish Israeli Questions:

How pleased are you with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct of dealing with the current terror wave?

67% Not pleased, 28% Pleased, 5% Don’t know

How pleased are you with the Government’s conduct of dealing with the current terror wave?

63% Not pleased, 28% Pleased, 9% Don’t know

How has your political opinion changed following the terror wave?

64% No change, 30% Moved more to the right, 3% Moved more to the left.

Live Streaming will Expose Ugly Behaviour of Arabs

Jordan is calling for security camera footage from a Jerusalem shrine at the center of Israeli-Palestinian violence to be live streamed on the Internet. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the plan, saying the cameras will prove that Israel is not doing anything wrong at the site.

How Many Times is "Enough is Enough"?

Israeli authorities have demolished a Bedouin village in the Negev region in the country's south for the 90th time since 2010. There are an estimated 80,000 Bedouin Palestinians who carry Israeli citizenship. Araqib is one of more than 40 illegal villages scattered across the Negev region. (Israel is not so ‘liberal with Jewish ‘settlements’! The only option is to let them all leave Jewish land.)

Israel Accepted into UN Space Coalition

Thirty-two years after establishing its space agency the Jewish state got the nod into the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, receiving the nod from 117 nations - with only Namibia voting against its acceptance. It took “intensive diplomatic efforts” to secure the acceptance after reps for Syria and the Arab Group long opposed Israel’s inclusion in the Vienna-based committee. (It took the ‘Ugly Nazi’ only 32 years to recognise Israel as a space nation!)

Quote of the Week:

"Silence or moderate reactions of the world could be interpreted as support for terror… President Abbas has not condemned a single one of the 30 terrorist attacks on Israelis over the last month, and he continues to glorify terrorists as heroes.” - Opposition leader, MK Yitzhak Herzog, said to  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - Even Israeli lefties becoming impatient with the UN "silence” and ‘balanced’ standing!

Who was the Real Rabin?

Yitzhak Rabin was not the angel of peace: Angels only exist in fairy tales. The bullets of the gun which ended his life rewrote his biography: Everything - a glorious military, diplomatic, political career - gathered under the wings of a non-existent peace. The real, complex Rabin disappeared, and a new fictional character took over the narrative...

The real Rabin was not a battlefield hero. Rabin was an excellent staff officer, perhaps the best staff officer who served in the War of Independence.

He was dragged into the Oslo Accords against his will, against his intentions. In the 1992 election campaign, he promised to reach a peace agreement within nine months.

When the Syria (peace) project faded - largely due to US Secretary of State Warren Christopher's recklessness - there was a need to fill the void with a different partner. The talks with the Jordanian-Palestinian delegation in Washington were making no progress. Oslo was the alternative.

The signing ceremony for the Oslo Accords in Washington was slated to be held without him. That way, he could have spared himself Yasser Arafat's handshake. But US President Bill Clinton insisted.

Yigal Amir didn’t murder peace. He doesn’t deserve credit for that achievement, but he can take comfort in the fact that since the murder, the Yigal Amir cloud has been hovering over our decision makers. They realize that every decision to evacuate Jews from the territories entails a heavy, disproportional price, perhaps even the price of their lives.

 The problem, of course, is the disconnection between the governments and the street, and the terror organizations' takeover of the existing order. The years have not reduced the hatred towards Israel in the Arab world - perhaps even the contrary.

Note-1: People have already forgotten the role president Bill Clinton - the ‘arm-twister’ and, as most the US presidents before him, not a friend of Israel - had played during negotiations just to get his photo-ops and create his fake legacy, at Jewish expense!

Note-2: We also must remember the role Rabin played during the Altalena incident - when the French army gave a pretty large quantity of arms, which Jews desperately needed during the Independence war, and Irgun was shipping them to Palestine. The ship was sunk by Hagana and Rabin was an executioner! By betraying Jewish political opposition, the Israel’s left had come to power and has been messing around with the future of the Jewish people since!)