Two-State Solution - End Delusion

Gideon Sa’ar, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sole challenger in the upcoming Likud party leadership race, said that a two-state solution with the Palestinians is an “illusion,” and attacked the premier for giving the notion credibility over the last decade.

“Throughout the world they say that a two-state solution remains the path to an agreement,” Sa’ar said, speaking at a conference.” I have to say to you, this is not a position that helps anyone. Two-states is an illusion.” ("Delusion" would be more precise and appropriate definition!)

Sa’ar said this had been shown through decades of negotiations based around two-states that had failed to bring peace. He also blamed the Palestinians for “never being able to agree to a compromise, despite very generous offers.”

Sa’ar castigated Netanyahu for perpetuating the idea that two-states was the only solution, accusing him of making “endless concessions”.

Sa’ar appeared to be trying to outflank Netanyahu from the right ahead of the Likud party leadership vote, set for December 26. However, Netanyahu has in recent years also moved away from tacit support for a two-state solution and has, over the last few months, been promising to annex the Jordan Valley in the West Bank if re-elected. (Why hasn't he done it by now? It was just the fake election promise!)

Sa’ar argues that Netanyahu is divisive and has proved he cannot put together a coalition, after failing to muster a governing majority following two national elections in April and September. Israel will go to polls again on March 2. (During the years of his realm and control of Likud, Netanyahu has deliberately pushed Zionist-minded leaders away from Likud! Many members also have left in disappointment!)

On behalf of Shamrak Report, I would like to wish you

Happy Chanukah!

This week we celebrate the Jewish national struggle for freedom!

May the spirit of Maccabees inspire the government of Israel to free all Land of Israel from Arab occupation by ending the perpetual war!

Zionism is Jewish National Independence Movement!

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Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

I would like to point out that all of these tools of Islamic terror – suicide bombers, knife attacks and ramping people by vehicles were first perfected by enemies of Israel. Al Queda and IS have been using their expertise! British, Europeans and other ‘nice’ international Anti-Semitic governments are supporting the PA and Hamas financially, morally and politically, but quietly accepting help from Israel in fighting their domestic Islamic terror!

UK will Ban BDS

The British government confirmed it will proceed with banning local councils from boycotting Israel, as the Conservatives promised in their election manifesto.

When will IDF Win the War?

1. More than 150 residents of Kedumim in Samaria have approached the Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and asked for his intervention to curb the riots carried out each weekend by the residents of neighboring Kafr Kadum. "We, the residents of Kedum, have experienced almost a decade of rioting on the part of Kedum. We are strengthening the security forces, the military and the police, and ask that they take unequivocal action to curb these riots which are supported and funded by radical leftist organizations, endanger soldiers and those who live in many neighborhoods in Kedum, polluting the air with tire smoke and tear gas and damaging the quality of life. When will the IDF win in Samaria? Enough of the riots, and enough of this containment." (This is not reported by international anti-Semitic press, and not condemned by the 'Ugly Nazi!)

2. Rocket from Gaza fired at Sderot, intercepted by Iron Dome. In response to the rocket fire, IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas weapons manufacturing site in the northern Gaza Strip. (Here we go again - new 'cycle of cease-fires'! Why not destroy all weapons Hamas and other terrorists have, and remove enemies from Gaza?)

Massive Terror Cell Uncovered

Some 50 terrorists linked to a cell operated by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) have been arrested in the Ramallah area of Samaria by the Shin Bet.

No Freedom of Religion for Jews!

Three Jewish Israeli men - two of whom are Israel Defense Forces soldiers - have been indicted for praying at Jerusalem’s flashpoint Temple Mount compound last year.

Arabs have no Respect for Jews - Must be Removed!

A PA resident was arrested on suspicion of breaking into the Jewish cemetery on Mount Olives and using old tombstones to build a public staircase in his village. During the Jordanian rule (1948-1967), the Mount Olives Jewish cemetery suffered systematic damage to gravestones and tombs. As early as the end of 1949, Israeli observers stationed on Mount Zion reported that Arab residents began uprooting tombstones. In the late 1950s, the Jordanian army used tombstones to build military camps. If such a thing had happened in Europe it would have opened all the news editions, but on Mount Olives it barely generates a yawn.

ICC is another anti-Israel Smear Campaign

International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda believes Israel is committing war crimes in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza, and has opened an investigation into the matter. “The ICC has been turned into a political weapon in the fight against Israel,” Netanyahu said. "They want to twist the fact that Jews live in Israel – in their homeland – into war crime. This is absurd.” Israel has said that the ICC does not have the jurisdiction to sue Israelis for war crimes at the request of the fake Palestinians, as the fact that the PA is not a sovereign state and does not have sovereign power over those territories. (When Jews are defending themselves, it is a war crime to the ICC!)

Election Hypocrisy of anti-Zionist Left

According to Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman, Blue and White and the two Haredi parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism, have already agreed to partner in forming a coalition government following the March 2, 2020 elections. MK Ofer Shelah, a Blue and White spokesman, told Reshet Bet radio that the Likud’s loyal partners inside the right-wing 55 seat bloc have been experiencing buyer’s remorse and “regret their blind following of Netanyahu.” (Anything goes! Even the major 'ideological' platform is forsaken just to win election.)

Qatar Keeps the Fake Refugees Issue Alive!

Qatar is to contribute $20.7 million to support 445,000 “Palestinian refugees” in Syria. With this contribution, the total support provided by Qatar to UNRWA during the year 2019 amounts to $40 million. Created in 1949, UNRWA supplies aid to more than three million of the five million registered “Palestinian refugees” in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and territories assigned to the Palestinian Authority. (If Arab states love fake Palestinians so much, why don’t they take them and grant equal rights?)

Brazil Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Speaking at an event inaugurating a new Brazilian trade office in Jerusalem, Eduardo Bolsonaro – son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – tells PM Netanyahu that Brazil will be moving its Israeli embassy to the capital in 2020 and will declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization. (It was said before! Why does it take so long? Israel must make moving embassies to the capital of the Jewish state, Jerusalem, compulsory!)

No Jewish Babies are Sold by Jewish Parents!

Representatives of the Arab community are demanding an inquiry into how almost 200 babies born to Israeli Arab mothers were flown to Sweden for adoption during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. (As usual, it is Israel's fault, but the lack of maternal instinct, love and greed among Israel Arabs is not?)

Enemies Must Pay their Bills or Leave!

The Israel Electric Company (IEC) has stepped up its actions against the Palestinian Authority (PA) and has cut power to various areas in the PA for three hours over the PA’s unpaid bills, about $500 million. (Israel collects tax funds on behalf of the PA. Why aren't bills for electricity, water and compensation to victims of terror, as well as cost of military containment paid directly from those funds?)

Quote of the Week:

"Our future does not depend on what the Goyim will say. It depends on what the Jews will do!" - David Ben Gurion.

Bibi is not Zionist - a Globalist

FacaBook post (strong language, but soft talks have not worked!)

A moronic reporter said that Bibi is 'strangling the Palestinian national idea'. Damn, the anti-Zionist lefties actually believe this crap! Unfortunately, the Zionist righties believe that Bibi is for them.

Bibi, the man who pledged to end Oslo but then 5 minutes after he was elected changed his mind and continued it;

Bibi, the man who single-handedly could have stopped Sharon's Expulsion but chose to allow it to happen;

Bibi, the man who turned over 99% of Hebron to those who wish to annihilate us;

Bibi, the man who ousted his only Likud rival who was loyal to the Land of Israel from the Likud;

Bibi, the man who has cut housing starts for Jews in J&S to 20% of the levels that the leftist Olmert had maintained;

Bibi, the man who calls to create the state of Fakestine even though even Rabin didn't go this far left.

Bibi is doing the work of the lefties, but they are too blinded by their hatred because he's a globalist and not a communist; and the righties simply project onto him what they want him to be even though it has no basis in reality. They want him to be a Jewish nationalist patriot, when in reality, he's simply a globalist.

We are so, so stupid. We are so screwed. We need to wake up - Right now! (For the sake of the future of Israel and Jewish people, it is time for Bibi to move on and let true Zionists to take control!)

The Third Time Must be Different!

Right-wing bloc hits 60 seats in latest poll - if Gideon Sa'ar leads Likud. Far-left Meretz party fails to cross electoral threshold. If Likud MK Gideon Sa’ar defeats Netanyahu in next week’s Likud leadership election, Blue and White would win 34 seats when running against Sa’ar, while the Likud would fall to 30 seats, down from its current 32 and the right-wing bloc would rise to 60 seats – just one short of an absolute majority in the 120-member Knesset – thanks to the Jewish Home-National Union clearing the electoral threshold. (There is still room for improvement!)