Two-Faced Allies of Israel

by Melanie Phillips

America and Britain claim to be allies of Israel. Israel is the invaluable strategic asset for America and Britain in the Middle East. There are (mutually beneficial) deep links between them of military assistance, intelligence and trade.

And yet, both America and Britain undermine Israel’s security and defence against existential attack by sanitizing, promoting and funding Palestinian Arabs, whose active cause remains the destruction of the Jewish state.

Although former President Donald Trump shut down the US consulate in 2019, the Biden administration effectively restored and upgraded America’s diplomatic mission to the Palestinians when it opened the US Office of Palestinian Affairs last June and installed Hady Amr as “special representative for Palestinian affairs.”

In Britain’s Foreign Office, its history of antisemitism going back to its shameful administration of the Palestine Mandate in the last century continues to this day.

What is the antidote to this madness? To call it out at the highest possible level, to hold feet to the fire and to proclaim the truth at all times. (Good article, but wrong conclusion! Only by decisively removing enemies from the Jewish land Israel will make our 'friends' in Europe and the US respect the Jewish state. Although, they will never love us!)

Food for Thought - by Steven Shamrak

My main aim is to bring Jews, in Israel and the Diaspora, to the realization that we must be the masters of our land and destiny. This means, we must set our own national goals and pursue them. We have the historical, religious, legal and moral rights to reclaim and reunite our land. Everything else is completely irrelevant!

Water Scarcity and Peace in the Middle East

Rising food prices, coupled with water scarcity issues, have created a problem across the Middle East region that a group of experts are hoping to fix. The Atlantic Council’s N-7 Initiative hosted a conference in the United Arab Emirates aimed at promoting cooperation between Israel and the Arab world in order to find solutions. (When in need Arab states 'like' Israel. First, it was economic aid from the US first. Now is a threat from Iran and the water shortage.)

Closing Voice of Palestinian Radio in Israel

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir signed an order on Monday barring a Palestinian radio station from operating inside Israel on the grounds that it is backed by the Palestinian Authority. The station has offices in East Jerusalem and the northern Israel town of Kafr Kanna. “I will not accept and we will not allow incitement and support for terrorism and terrorists, neither by the Palestinian Authority nor by any other body,” Ben Gvir said in a statement.

US Aid Spiked Arab Terrorism

A comparison of the amount of US aid provided to the Palestinian Authority with the number of people killed in PA Arab terror attacks found that American financial support “fuels terror, not peace.” When the US aid to Ramallah declined during the presidential administrations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump from 2011-2019, so did the number of people killed in PA Arab terror attacks.

The PA Building Luxury Town for Terrorists

Work began on a new neighbourhood of 100 luxury villas in Area B – the portion of Judea and Samaria under Palestinian Authority civil jurisdiction and Israeli security jurisdiction. The new neighbourhood has a commanding position overlooking Route 60. This is the very spot from which countless terrorist incidents have been launched over the years. “It is high time that we understand precisely who and what we are dealing with: The Palestinians – both the leadership and the rank-and-file civilian population – idolize terrorists and consider them freedom fighters and martyrs, while the Israeli government agonizes over the morality of deporting the families of terrorists or of instituting the death penalty," said Avraham Binyamin, Director of Policy and Parliamentary Affairs at Regavim.

The Judicial Reform is not the US Business

The Biden Administration has spoken out on the judicial reforms several times in recent months. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. “We support President Herzog’s ongoing effort to seek a solution that is consistent with those same democratic principles.” (How would Americans feel if the Israeli government expressed its opinion about abortion and other laws the US makes or changes? Who is appointing judges in the US? Just shut up!)

Another Day - Another Rocket

Rocket fired from Gaza Strip. The rocket fire came hours after Palestinian threats promising to respond to a deadly Israeli counterterrorism raid in Jenin in which six Palestinians terrorists were killed, including Abd al-Fattah Kharousha, the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack in Huwara in which Israeli brothers Hallel and Yagel Yaniv were killed. Following the blast, the IDF responded with (traditional) artillery fire at a Hamas military position - two residents of Gaza sustained minor injuries. Last Wednesday, an explosive device detonated in the early afternoon near the border of the territory after an IDF bulldozer climbed over it.

When Democracy does not Work the Left "Uses more Force"

Yair Golan, a former Knesset member of the Meretz party, has called for "more force" to be used in the ongoing anti-government protests. "The coalition has no intention of reaching a compromise," Golan claimed. "If use of force doesn't work, we'll use more force. We have to strengthen this campaign." The Meretz party failed to clear the electoral threshold in last November's elections and currently has no representation in the Knesset.

PA Arabs Desecrating Their Nonexciting History

Arabs living in Judea and Samaria have been destroying ancient ruins in the area for years, but now archaeological remains wrecked and a road actually paved over them. Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan was horrified at this latest development and appealed to the relevant authorities to intervene. "This is an attempt to systematically and decisively destroy any connection between the State of Israel and the Jewish People, and one of our most important cultural and historic sites," he said. "These are unique remains from the period of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. It's a disgrace that Jewish history is being destroyed in such a manner, and under the very noses of the Israeli government."

A Step Toward Self-Respect

Following the humiliation of Smotrich's visit to the US, and after three months since the current government was established, Netanyahu told ministers: No meetings with US officials until PM is invited to White House to meet the US President Joe Biden.

Saudi Arabia 'Testing’ Iran?

Saudi Arabia’s deal with Iran to re-establish diplomatic ties between the Sunni kingdom and the Shiite Islamic Republic is contingent on a two-month trial period. The finalization of the restoration of relations between the two countries is dependent on Tehran’s behaviour.

Judicial Political Interference Must be Stopped!

Israel Police have opened an investigation into Otzmah Yehudit Knesset Member Zvika Fogel over incitement to terrorism. The announcement of the police investigation comes almost two weeks after the Attorney-General's office announced its own inquiry. Labor leader Merav Michaeli had appealed to the Attorney-General to investigate Fogel over what she called "extraordinarily extreme statements" made not long after riots in Huwara, which were ostensibly conducted in retribution for the terrorist murders of Israeli brothers Hallel and Yagel Yaniv the same day. (The judicial reform has the support of most Israelis. They have elected the members of the current Knesset. This is democracy!)

'Delusional' is in the White House

If the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia will get better, “it will be better for everyone”. Thus, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, commented on the news of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries, on the basis of an agreement announced today and brokered by China. Regarding the US economic picture, Biden stressed that "the economy is heading in the right direction".

The UN will not Protest against Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has blocked a group of Israeli Muslims from attending a United Nations event being held in the Gulf Arab state. The delegation was representing the Circassian town of Kfar Kama in the Galilee region of northern Israel, which was selected in December as an international “tourist village” by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Cancelling Expulsion of Jews from North Samaria

A bill to cancel part of the Disengagement Law passed in the Knesset in its first reading. "This is a historic and emotional day," said MK Limor Sonn Har Melech. "After 17 1/2 years of expulsion and destruction, the State of Israel is changing direction and taking action to renew the settlement of northern Samaria. Step by step, we are returning home, to Homesh, Sa Nur, Ganim, and Kadim." (And Gaza, after all enemies are removed from it!)

The US Meddling in Decisions of Israel's Government

Six Democratic members of Congress have sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to use all diplomatic tools at his disposal to stop the Israeli government from carrying out its planned judicial reform. The Biden Administration last year funnelled $38,000 to the Movement for Quality Government leftist NGO that is one of the organizers behind the ongoing anti-government protests wracking the Jewish State. It goes without saying that if Israel meddled in a similar manner in decisions by the US government there would be outrage, not to mention a high political price to pay.

Quote of the Week:

"Even if all the proposed reforms were enacted, they would simply align Israel with Canada, New Zealand, or Australia. If exactly the same proposals were being made by a centrist government, or left-wing government, no one would notice. There would be no demonstrations. There would be some academic discussion, law school teachers would be teaching it, but hardly anyone would care." - Prof. Alan Dershowitz, leading US attorney - Well said, but he spoiled it at the end, calling Zionist members of the current government and Jewish patriots as "extreme right-wing people”.

Imagine what America would do

by Steven Shamrak (written in July 2006)

In 1964 a "Mexican Liberation Organization for Independence of the South-West states of the USA" - MLO - was created with the help of the Mexican Government.

In 1972 the MLO murdered the members of the US wrestling team at the Munich Olympic Games.

Since then, the citizens of the United States have been subjected to random acts of terror by the members of various factions of the MLO.

1993: Mexican and US representatives met in Oslo and signed a breakthrough agreement of mutual recognition between the USA and the MLO Organization, which began the US-Mexican peace process.

The chain of agreements that followed, were facilitated by Israel - Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, summit at Sharm El Sheikh, Tenet Plan, the Road Map.

During all this time the MLO organization continued terrorist activity against the USA and ignored all agreements it had signed.

The UN and EU observed the suicide bombings, kidnappings and homemade rockets fired across the border by the MLO, but financially, politically and morally supported the MLO and the Mexican Government’s struggle against the USA.

Ten months ago, the US government announced its decision to withdraw from New Mexico and transferred full control of the territory to the MLO.

Six months ago the US government ignored the protest of its people and deported the non-Mexican population from New Mexico, hoping to save lives and reduce the cost of the conflict.

The MLO responded with an escalation of the terror. Katusha rockets landed on the soil of the United States. Suicide bombings and kidnappings never stopped.

A week ago, MLO members used a tunnel to attack a US military border post. Two US soldiers were killed, 4 wounded and one kidnapped.

The MLO made a demand to release Mexican terrorists from US jails.

The US army in order to free the kidnapped solder and punish the MLO entered New Mexico. A Power station, bridges and the Interior ministry building was bombed.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman called for restraint and advised that diplomacy is a viable option.

The President of Mexico asked the United Nations for help in freeing the MLO members. The UN special envoy for the Middle East, Alvaro de Soto, says he will discuss the issue with the US government.

The US's four-day military offensive in New Mexico prompted recriminations during a UN Security Council debate sought by Spanish speaking countries.

For how long would the United States tolerate this? At least the Mexican people have a legitimate historical right to claim the south-west of the USA – Arabs and others, who call themselves Palestinians, have none!

Only Israel is denied the right of self-defense by the US governments and other international anti-Semites. The biggest problem is that Israel has been submissive to these pressures!