Change the System but Cease Haredi Bashing

by Isi Leibler

…Many Israelis regard haredi lifestyles and the Halachic interpretations of their rabbis as excessively stringent and incomprehensible. But as long as haredim do not seek to impose their lifestyles upon others and fulfill their civic obligations like the rest of society, we are obliged to respect their right to practice their rituals or customs according to their predilections. Besides, there are many positive aspects of haredi lifestyles which non-observant Israelis could certainly emulate and benefit.

However, when haredim seek to impose their standards on the nation, we are entitled to become angry. This should concern us, rather than the criminal behaviour against women by individual thugs - whom the bulk of the haredi community and their rabbis have unequivocally condemned. Yet the media frenzy suggests that the principle threat confronting us is violence from hordes of violent zealots seeking to impose Taliban standards of conduct on the nation.

This has fanned waves of hysteria, demonising haredim who are held collectively responsible for the crimes of a small number of degenerate zealots.

Despite the Neturei Karte extremists, who shamefully undermined the haredi cause by obscenely demonstrating in the streets wearing yellow stars and comparing themselves to Holocaust victims, the failure to deal with these fanatics rests principally with our own law enforcement officials. Over the years, they frequently avoided addressing these issues and stood aside, emboldening the wild fanatics.

The same applies to the price tag outlaws. Instead of directing collective blame towards law abiding settlers who are outraged by such actions, the media should be condemning law enforcement officials for failing to apprehend and jail these criminals.

In sharp contrast to the hysteria directed against haredim collectively, it is noteworthy that the media is far more accommodating towards far left Israeli agitators who encourage and even orchestrate violent demonstrations which include stone throwing and physical clashes with police and military authorities, often culminating with serious injuries. The left media downplay such violent behaviour and even shower praise on the perpetrators…

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and so-called Arab Spring created tens of millions of refugees. Most of them have moved to Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran or Egypt. Many millions of them are being shipped to the United States, Europe or Australia. Only one group of people, dedicated to destruction of Israel, is not allowed to be removed from Jewish land. Population transfer works in resolving conflicts. It is time instigate the Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

End of the Peace with Egypt?

In recent Egyptian elections the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) won 36.3 percent of the list vote, while the ultra-conservative Salafi al-Nour Party took 28.8 percent. When asked whether it is a requirement for the government in Egypt to recognise Israel, Bayoumi responded by saying: “This is not an option, whatever the circumstances, we do not recognise Israel at all…” “The Brotherhood respects international conventions, but we will take legal action against the peace treaty with the Zionist entity.” (It was never peace, but a money grab - the US aid to Egypt for signing a worthless piece of paper! This will create an opportunity for Israel to retake the Sinai Peninsula and implement the Sinai Option!)

Let Kadima Rest in Peace

Given Livni's refusal to hold primaries, her opponents must form a majority of 15 Knesset members and "take the party away from her." In case of a split, the majority is granted the party's name and mechanism. Such a move would leave Livni at the head of a small and different party. He felt this should have been done some time ago. Avigdor Yitzchaki, one of the founders of the Kadima party, expressed support for Meir Sheetrit's attempts to divide the party. (Self-serving political prostitutes are attempting to revive a party of traitors!)

Ukraine Synagogue Firebombed the Second Time

Less than a month after celebrating the dedication of a new Torah scroll, the small, but historic Jewish community of Kremenchug, Ukraine, was forced to again deal with anti-Semitism after a Molotov cocktail ignited a fire and damaged its synagogue’s exterior. The attack, which took place in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve, followed a similar attempted firebombing two months ago. In that instance, the Molotov cocktail failed to ignite. (Anti-Semitic and terror attacks against Jews in Israel and elsewhere are systematically ignored and not reported by international media)

PLO Corruption Dates Back to 1964

The history of the Palestinian Authority - only eighteen years in length - has been noted for extensive corruption from the outset. PA officials have long sought to recover some $1 billion in pilfered funds from Suha Arafat, the widow of Fatah's iconic (AIDS-redden pedophile) arch-terrorist and PA founder Yasser Arafat.

Kurds Protest, the UN is Silent

Kurdish separatist banners in red, yellow and green draped the coffins of 35 Turkish civilians and fluttered among mourning crowds on Friday, a day after the Turkish authorities admitted that airstrikes in northern Iraq intended to kill Kurdish militants had instead claimed the lives of young smugglers. (There are over 25 million Kurds who suffer injustice. They used to have their own country, Kurdistan, which is divided and occupied by five Muslim countries. But ‘Useless Nothing’ does not care! Fake Palestinians are its highest priority!)

A Terrorist to Advise the Terrorist

Mahmoud Abbas appointed as a new advisor. Mahmoud Damara was involved in the shooting and bombing to death Israelis, was part of Yasser Arafat’s feared Force 17 terrorist group. Israel freed him last October, along with more than 1,000 other terrorists and security prisoners to gain the return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

A Smoking Gun of Obama’s Legitimacy

"Americans for Freedom of Information" group has released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College. The transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. It is alleged that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds with 11 law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. (Strangely, none of the main-stream media outlets are interested to report or investigate the story!)

True face of Islamic Democracy

Sahar Gul, 15, was beaten, had her fingernails pulled out and was burnt with cigarettes after she defied her in-laws, who tried to force her into prostitution and was locked in a toilet for six months. She had been sold by her brother to her husband about seven months ago for $US5000. Her husband is a soldier in Afghani army. Neither her husband nor her in-laws are arrested yet. (Nine out of ten Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse)

Example of Brotherly Love

Scuffles have broken out between rival groups of Greek Orthodox and Armenian clerics in a turf war at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity. Bemused tourists looked on as about 100 priests fought with brooms while cleaning the church in preparation for Orthodox Christmas. "It was a trivial problem that... occurs every year," said Bethlehem PA policeman Lt-Col Khaled al-Tamimi. "No one was arrested because all those involved were men of God." The 1,700-year-old church, one of the holiest sites in Christianity, is in a bad state of repair, largely because the priests cannot agree on who should pay for its upkeep.

One Can’t Breath Life into a Dead Body

While the Quartet is thrilled over Tuesday’s peace talks, popular PA terrorist Marwan Barghouti wrote in his letter, marking the 47thth anniversary of the founding of the Fatah party, Barghouti wrote of Tuesday’s mediated talks with PA and Israeli negotiators, “There is no point to make desperate attempts to breathe life into a dead body."

Self-hating Madness Must End!

At least two abusive attacks against ultra-Orthodox children were reported to the police this week. While waiting at a bus stop in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sanhedria, an 11-year-old boy was approached by two secular men and struck in the face. Another 11-year-old girl told police that she was attacked on a bus by a secular man, who spat at her, shoved her and shouted, “Haredim are cursed,” and that they should not travel on buses any more. (Both sides must respect each other - we are one! We need to learn from our history - the second Temple was destroyed because of Jewish disunity! With respect to our diversity, we must unite against our common enemies.)

Mafia Style Extortion

An investigation by Globes found that demands by Beduin tribes in the Sinai for protection money from the Egyptian government is the primary motive for the attacks on gas pipelines in the peninsula. The Egyptian government is refusing to capitulate to Beduins' demands for now. Experts believe that Egypt will not seriously consider resuming gas deliveries to Israel until a new government is in place.

Quote of the Week:

“Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” - Mohandas Ghandi

Two Missiles a Day in 2011

Terrorists fired an average of nearly two missiles a day at Israel in 2011. In the course of the year, 680 rockets, mortars and Grad missiles were fired at southern Israel, according to data compiled by the Home Front Command.

Eighty Grad missiles were fired at Israel in 2011, compared to two the previous year. Grads have a longer range and a more lethal explosive payload than other rockets fired at Israel.

The Home Front Command's Southern District continued to upgrade the warning system for the residents of southern Israel. In addition to the siren system, the Home Front Command is working to improve mobile phone, internet and television warning systems

The official said that the plan to reinforce homes within 4.5 kilometers of Gaza and educational institutions within seven kilometers of the border is partially complete and that within two years all educational institutions within 15 kilometers of the border will be fortified. (It will not change the behaviour of the enemies,  and will facilitate Israel’s government inaction and perpetuate Israelis' fearful existence under the threat of Islamic terror. Why waste time and money? Gaza is so close to the Sinai. It is a logical choice for the first stage of the Sinai Option.)