Truth about Fake Palestinian Refugees

by Yoram Ettinger

Contrary to conventional (anti-Israel) "wisdom”, most Arabs in British Mandate Palestine were migrant workers and descendants of the 1831-1947 Muslim immigrants from Egypt, the Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, as well as from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, North Africa, Bosnia, India, Afghanistan, etc. Britain enticed Arab immigration and blocked Jewish immigration.

Thus, between 1880 and 1919, Haifa’s Arab population surged from 6,000 to 80,000, mostly due to migrant workers.  The eruption of WW2 accelerated the demand for Arab manpower by the British Mandate’s military and its civilian authorities.

Moreover, Arab migrant workers were imported by the Ottoman Empire, and then by the British Mandate, to work in major civilian and military infrastructure projects.  Legal and illegal Arab migrants were, also, attracted by economic growth, which was generated by the Jewish community beginning in 1882.

According to a 1937 report by the British Peel Commission (featured in the ground-breaking book, Palestine Betrayed, by Prof. Efraim Karsh), “during 1922 through 1931, the increase of Arab population in the mixed towns of Haifa, Jaffa and Jerusalem was 86%, 62% and 37% respectively, while in purely Arab towns such as Nablus and Hebron it was only 7% and a decrease of 2 percent in Gaza.”

Irrespective of occasional Arab emigration from the British Mandate of Palestine – due to intra-Arab terrorism, which has been an endemic feature in the Middle East - the substantial wave of Arab immigration from 1831-1947 triggered dramatic growth of the Arab populations in Jaffa (17 times), Haifa (12 times) and Ramla (5 times).

This unusual Arab/Muslim demographic diversity is evidenced by popular Israeli Arab family names, which are a derivative of their countries of origin: al-Masri (Egypt), al-Obeidi (the Sudan), al-Lubnani (Lebanon), Halabi (Syria), al-Mughrabi (Morocco), al-Djazair (Algeria), al-Yamani (Yemen), al-Afgahni (Afghanistan), al-Hindi (India), al-Hijazi (Saudi Arabia), al-Baghdadi (Iraq), Bushnak (Bosnia), Khamis (Bahrain), Turki (Turkey), etc.

Thus, contrary to the myth of the 1948 Arab refugees – aiming to delegitimize Israel - Arabs have not been in the Land of Israel from time immemorial; no Palestinian people were ever robbed of their land; there is no basis for an Arab “claim of return;” - most of the 320,000 Arab refugees – who were created by the 1948 Arab invasion of Israel and their own collaboration with the invasion, were recent immigrants and foreign workers in the Jewish land. (During the attack on the newly recreated Jewish states by seven Muslim armies, Arab leaders ordered Arabs to leave the land to make it easier for invading forces to commit the second Holocaust – extermination of Jews in Israel. Immediately after the United Nations decided to make their refugee status permanent and to pay them for participation in anti-Israel international bigotry, their number was promptly inflated and even doubled!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

The Israeli justice system is traditionally heavily infested by leftist - anti-Zionist personnel. It has systematically been harassing Zionist activists, religious and secular, and has been ‘blackmailing’ politicians and members of their families by legal investigations and threats of persecution, which usually run endlessly for many years!

Jerusalem is Our Soul

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, two days after Jerusalem Day, and said that "all the threats of Hamas will not help, we are the owners of Jerusalem and the whole Land of Israel. Jerusalem is our soul, the Negev and the Galilee is our soul. We must invest, we must operate there, we must be the owners of both the Negev and the Galilee." The hilltop site is the holiest in Judaism, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and home to the ancient biblical Temples. Today, it houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (It became an ‘important’ Islamic site after Israel captured it in 1967, Jews have been allowed to visit, but not to pray there.)

A Palestinian State - Not on the Jewish Land

Speaking at the Arab League summit, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said: "The Palestinian issue was and still is the main issue of the Arab countries and is at the top of the kingdom's priorities. We will not delay in providing assistance to the Palestinian people in recovering their lands, restoring their legitimate rights and establishing an independent state within the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital." In addition, he called on the Arab countries to turn to the International Criminal Court over the “Israeli occupation”. (It does look that Saudi Arabia is not a true partner of Israel against Iran. Unless this just a show - empty words. This is after the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Jeddah on May 7, pressing for an Israeli-Saudi peace deal in the next six months before the US President Joe Biden goes into full campaign mode.)

Antisemites Condemned anti-Palestinian Chants - Never Jew-Hating Chants

The United States and the United Nations condemned on Friday anti-Arab slogans chanted during an annual march in Jerusalem's Old City. The event saw some groups of Jewish youths confronting and beating Palestinians, chanting "Death to Arabs" and waving anti-Palestinian banners. (International Jew-haters are silent when Muslims around the world chanting "Death to Jews", even in the Western democracies. And it has never been a subject of the "Ugly Nazi's" condemnation!)

Attempt to Lynch Jewish Farmers in Samaria

Around 70 PA Arabs attempted lynching Jewish farmers in the Samarian hills. One Israeli was lightly wounded after attack by Palestinian Arabs against farmers from 'Shuvi Eretz' farm near Havat Yair in Samaria. (This was not reported by international anti-Semitic media. Only fake Palestinians are portraited as ‘'victims'.)

Israelis Trust Knesset More than Supreme Court

Against the backdrop of the controversy surrounding the currently-frozen judicial reforms, a survey showed that 77% of Israelis trust the Knesset, compared to 50% who trust the Supreme Court. Over 85% of people who voted for the haredi parties or the Likud and Religious Zionism/Otzma Yehudit expressed confidence in their elected officials. Likud voters expressed only 16% trust in the judiciary, and voters for the Religious Zionist and haredi parties less than 5%. Voters for National Unity, Labor, Yesh Atid and Yisrael Beytenu parties have over 80% trust in the Supreme Court. (The Judicial reforms will bring some restoration of democracy to Israel.)

Joint Military Planning or Restraining Israel’s Hands

Israeli officials are treating a US proposal for joint military planning regarding Iran with suspicion, fearing it is an attempt to tie its hands from acting against Iran - especially its nuclear facilities - if the US objects. The Biden administration has been trying to revive the Iran nuclear deal, which the US pulled out during the Trump administration. The proposal was made to Israel a few weeks ago.

Jews Can Live in Northern Samaria Now

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant instructed Maj. General Yehuda Fuchs, the commander of the IDF's Central Command, to sign an order to apply and implement the law repealing the Disengagement Law in northern Samaria.  For nearly 18 years, Jews were forbidden from returning to the four northern Samaria communities, which were destroyed in the 2005 Disengagement.

Better Terrorist Commanders will Come

Ziad Al-Nakhala, the leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, said that “the blood of the shaheeds will continue to be the fuel of the Palestinian resistance against Zionist terrorism". Meanwhile, Ahmed Al-Mudallal, a member of the political bureau of the Islamic Jihad, said that Israel understands that the elimination of a senior commander in the organization leads to the promotion of another, more competent and sophisticated commander. He also said that Palestinian Arab organizations still have the military ability to strike deep within Israel. (Only by removing all terrorists and their supporters from Gaza will stop ridiculous 'tradition' of rocket attacks from Gaza.)

Biden’s Empty Words about Antisemitism

During the White House celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month, Biden boasted about the White House task force on “antisemitism and Islamophobia” in his remarks. Hatred of Muslims is as repugnant as the hatred of Jews. But the decision to link the two concerns is a function of Democratic Party politics. Far from setting an example of opposing the tropes of left-wing antisemitism, the Biden administration is itself a main supporter of its ideology and core beliefs. An administration that was serious about opposing all forms of antisemitism would have nothing to do with the likes of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.-Minn.) and fellow “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). Instead, they have become welcome guests at the White House and were even singled out recently for compliments by Biden.

Living in Fear of Violence in Israel

Analysis reveals 72% of those living in Tel Aviv fear being harmed by violence, compared to 35% of those living in Judea and Samaria. Arab respondents comprise the majority of those who fear being harmed by violence (72%), compared to 57% of the Jewish respondents. (It is well-known that violence in the Arab-Israeli sector is high. In Judea and Samaria, Jews are prepared for violence from their Arab neighbours. Therefore, the fear effect is lower.)

There are NO Moderates Among Fake Palestinians

The PA president Mahmoud Abbas compared the State of Israel to Nazis Germany at the United Nations (UN). Comparing Israel to Nazis is considered a form of antisemitism. He also urged the UN to expel Israel as a member state. Abbas spoke at a UN event commemorating what Palestinians call the “Nakba,” or “Catastrophe,” referring to the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948. Abbas, who despite a history of Holocaust denial is often described in the West as a “moderate,” was elected in 2005 to replace the late terrorist Yasser Arafat. (There are only two permanent non-member observer states - Palestine and Vatican City/Holy See!)

'Ugly Nazy' Commemorated the Failed Second Holocaust

For the first time, the United Nations officially commemorated the flight of fake Palestinians (who were ordered to leave to make it easier for advancing Arab armies to kill Jews) from what is now Israel on its 75th anniversary. Israel’s UN ambassador, Gilad Erdan, condemned the commemoration, calling it an “abominable event”. Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian UN ambassador, called the UN observance “historic” and significant. The ceremonies took place at the United Nations, despite the history of the alleged “catastrophe” including Palestinian Arab refusal of the 1947 UN plan to partition the British Mandate of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states. (Arab states rejected it, and seven Arab armies tried to destroy the newly created Jewish state, attempting to commit the second Holocaust, with the help of international Jew-Haters.)

Boost Security of Judea and Samaria using Smuggled Weapons

A petition was spearheaded by the Shurat HaDin organization on behalf of residents of Judea and Samaria, demanding that weapons Jordanian parliamentarian Imad al-Adwan tried to smuggle into the Shomron be assigned to strengthen security there. Israel on May 7 released al-Adwan. He who was arrested on April 22, after 12 rifles and 194 pistols were found in his vehicle at the Allenby Crossing into Israel.

Naftali Bennett has New Job

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is joining the board of directors of Quantum Source, which was established in 2021 by a group of renowned scientists and engineers to develop an Israeli quantum computer. Bennett said: "Quantum computing is a technology with significant potential to advance our world and influence our lives. Being a high-tech nation, we have the opportunity to take the lead in this innovative and ground-breaking field." The company employs 30 people. (Some of Israel's 'professional' politicians need to step down, and find a real job too.)

Quotes of the Week:

“Mr. Prime Minister, targeted eliminations (of terrorists) are not climbing onto a high horse, judicial reform is not climbing onto a high horse, settlement in all parts of Judea and Samaria is not climbing onto a high horse, the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar is not climbing onto a high horse, taking phones from terrorists in the prisons is not climbing onto a high horse. We can do this with our power, we have a right-wing (Zionist) government, we must not miss out." - Itamar Ben Gvir, National Security Minister, responded to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Jerusalem Day celebration. - Removing enemies from the Jewish land is not climbing onto a high horse!

Scolding and the Biblical Law

by Steven Shamrak (written Jan 2005).

Real Zionists are often criticized for their strong, uncompromising points of view. Israel is criticized for not doing enough for peace, too. But the same people are able to find any inconceivable justification for the horrendous actions of Jewish enemies. Many critics are Jewish and, in their strange way, they do care about the Jewish state. Regrettably, a well-designed and executed propaganda campaign, supported by terror acts does affect people on a deep psychological level. Therefore, even decent members of the public, who have been exposed to and brainwashed by anti-Israel propaganda for a long time, are unable to evaluate the reality and the facts behind the news.

Even committed Zionists have become indifferent and cynical, due to self-destructive policies and inaction by successive Israel governments. There is an atmosphere of despair among many staunch Zionists and supporters of the state of Israel. Even they began to use ‘politically correct’ terminology and self-limiting ideas. This creates the perception of hopelessness and facilitates an inability to follow through the realisation of the Jewish national goal. I would like to address the most commonly expressed scoldings:

“We can’t have everything” – We do not want ‘everything’! It is ‘others’ who have been ‘acquiring’ all they could for centuries. And now, they are imposing limitations on Jews, so we wouldn’t even try to reclaim what is rightfully ours!

“One must be pragmatic and realistic” – The reality is perceived illusion. It is created by action. Why should we accept a ‘sh***y’ reality imposed on us by our ‘friends’ and enemies? Only by setting the ‘Big’ goals can anything great can be achieved!

“What about 3 million Arabs living in Israel and territories” – What about them? Most of them came to Palestine after Zionists started reclaiming Jewish land. The goal of their masters, Arab and British, was to prevent the creation of the state of Israel. There are 22 Arab countries. It is time for the Arabs living on the Jewish land to return home. The message must be clear: Their sinister plan has failed!

“They will not allow us…” – Those mysterious ‘They’ again: ‘They’ were silent and did not want Jews to survive the Holocaust, ‘They’ did everything possible to prevent creation of the only Jewish state. ‘They’ have been doing nothing to stop Arab terror against Israel. Must we care what ‘They’ think? We must do what is right for us. Nobody else will. This is the only way!

It is written in the Torah that if a thief is trying to tunnel into your house at night, you are allowed to kill him (The reasoning is that your life is without a doubt endangered). Arabs have continually said that they want to remove all Jews from Palestine. Only recently, they actually spent 4 months digging a 730 meters long tunnel and killed 5 Israelis. For two thousand years Jews let robbery and killings go unpunished. We closed our eyes on too many ‘tunnels’. The time has come to invoke the biblical law!