Trump Factor does it Again!

When enemies of Israel are angry something must be done right!

1. Pompeo Visit to Golan Heights

The Syrian government condemned the visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Golan Heights, describing it as a “provocation”. Mike Pompeo became the first US secretary of state to visit the Golan Heights, territory Israel seized from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War.

2. PA Opposes US Recognition of 'Settlements'

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the official spokesman for Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, issued a statement in which he blasted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to the town of Psagot and the US administration's decision to recognize products originating in Judea and Samaria as products made in Israel.

3. Boycott of Israel is anti-Semitic Cancer

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced the targeted practice against Israel known as the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement by labelling them as anti-Semitic. The BDS movement began in 2005 as a non-violent protest against Israeli policies towards Palestinians. However, Israel sees the movement as a threat to its state that seeks to strategically damage its security and economy. “We will regard the global anti-Israel BDS campaign as anti-Semitic,” he stated. “I want you to know we will immediately take steps to identify organizations that engage in hateful BDS conduct and withdraw US government support for such groups.” (The founder of BDS, Omar Barghouti, has said its goal is the destruction of Israel. International anti-Semites and helpful idiots, like self-hating Jews and oblivious stupid ‘idealists’, are helping enemies of Israel!)

4. Netanyahu Met Saudi Crown Prince and Pompeo

Binyamin Netanyahu’s flight landed at the western Saudi town of Neom on Sunday night, Nov. 22 for a unique meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Revelation of meeting appears to be message to Biden, Iran and wider Mideast that Jerusalem and Riyadh are in lockstep on Iranian threat.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

How to spot an anti-Semites? They usually ask, “Why are there so many rich Jews?” They never ask, “Why are over 22% recipients of Nobel Prize Jews?” (Note: there are 14 million Jews, less than 0.2% of the world population – Muslims 23%) So, why are Jews so disproportionately successful in business, science, agriculture, military, medicine, computer technology and communication, and other vocations? And this is in spite of chronic discriminatory treatment by most countries and international organizations! And why are Jews such a ‘threat’ to the world?

Israelis Want Zionist Policy

The Likud has declined significantly! If new elections were held today, the Likud would win just 27 seats, and Yamina party hit an all-time high of 24 seats. The Israeli Right (Zionist) would win 67 seats, up from 58 seats in the previous election.

Not Quite Kosher Normalization

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations praised the world body for overwhelmingly approving an Israeli-sponsored resolution to support entrepreneurship but criticized Arab countries who voted against it, including the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

'Ugly Nazi' have Done it Again!

The United Nations voted overwhelmingly to approve a draft resolution, for two-state solution. The proposal of the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee - the committee that deals with human rights and humanitarian affairs - passed 163 to 5, with 10 abstentions. Canada also voted with the majority! (At the time of global a pandemic, civil wars in Yemen and Ethiopia etc… international anti-Semites of ‘Ugly Nothing’ have nothing else to do!)

Israel Strikes Iranian Bases in Syria

IDF struck Iranian and Syrian military installations after improvised explosive devices near the Israeli border was discovered. The fighters struck Iranian Al Qods weapons depots, command posts, military posts and anti-air missile batteries. The targets also included an Iranian military compound used by high officials, a Syrian army Division 7 command post and mobile surface-to-air missiles. (Next, hopefully, are nuclear facilities in Iran!)

Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas - Terrorist Organization

Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars served a significant blow to Hamas, proclaiming that “the Muslim Brotherhood is a group that has deviated from the path of Islam” and that provokes controversy in the Arab and Muslim world and uses methods of violence and terrorism. “The Muslim Brotherhood does not operate for the religion and the Sunnah but for the government, and out of its womb came terrorists,” the statement said. Hamas in the Gaza Strip is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood!

Jews Return to Northern Samaria

15 years after the Disengagement from northern Samaria, a group of 100 Israelis has returned to the forcefully abandoned community of Sa-Nur, stating they were there to stay. In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip while destroying 21 Israeli communities. It also destroyed four communities in northern Samaria but retained a military presence in the area (Area C).

IMF: Israel was Well-Prepared for COVID-19

Israel’s financial system was well prepared to face the coronavirus crisis, stated the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) initial summary of its 2020 report on the Israeli economy.

Quote of the Week:

”And (mention, O Muhammad), when Moses said to his people, "O my people, remember the favor of Allah upon you when He appointed among you prophets and made you possessors and gave you that which He had not given anyone among the worlds. O my people, enter the Holy Land which Allah (G-d) has assigned to you and do not turn back (from fighting in Allah's cause) and (thus) become losers. They said, "O Moses, indeed within it is a people of tyrannical strength, and indeed, we will never enter it until they leave it; but if they leave it, then we will enter."  Quran, 5:20-22  Jews have entered the Holy Land. Therefore, even according to the Quran, Muslims must recognise the unique Jewish ownership of the Land of Israel! Jews have always had lived in Eretz-Israel - in spite of Roman, Christian and Muslim persecution. This means the presence of Muslims on Jewish land is disrespectful to the Quran. If they are true Muslims and followers of the words of prophet Mohamed, they must obey writings in their holy book and leave Eretz-Israel – the land G-d had given to Jews - otherwise, they are just another bunch of anti-Semitic, Jew-hating religious hypocrites like the one that came before Islam!

Apply Sovereignty Now

Yamina Party Knesset member Bezalel Smotrich called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to apply sovereignty to Judea and Samaria before the next US president is sworn in. Smotrich said there could be disagreements with a Biden administration, but that “it can be managed.” Biden’s vice-presidential running mate Kamala Harris said that they would “oppose annexation or settlement expansion.” “And we will take immediate steps to restore economic and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people..." she said.

Time to “Leave Egypt”

by Steven Shamrak.

Every year Jews celebrate the exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery. It took place 3,320 years ago. It was a fundamental event in Jewish history. At the same time, it symbolizes not just freedom from physical slavery. Passover reminds us that internal freedom of mind and spirit are even more significant. This freedom allows us real freedom of choice.

Jews have nothing to apologise for. We have the right to live in peace on Jewish land in our own country. We lived in Galut (exile, slave mentality) for too long. It is time to say – “NO more”!

I am ashamed and feel sorry for those Jews who have no self-respect and are helping enemies to destroy Israel. Why do they hate themselves so much?

I do respect non-Jewish people who do not know and do not care about the Arab-Israel conflict. They are honest hard-working people who have their own problems and interests. At the same time, there is a danger when opinions are formed under the influence of selectively presented information, provided by mainly a press that is biased against Israel. People become attached to the belief system they have adopted and it is difficult to change it. For Jews the understanding of the conflict and support for Israel is existential! I would like to remind all of them: 

1. Israel is on a front line of the war between Arab-Muslim expansionism and Western democracy. This war has already shifted to America and Europe. 

2. According to the UN’s own legal opinion: Judea, Samaria and Gaza do not belong to any country at the moment. Therefore, it is wrong to call them ‘Occupied Territories’. The correct legal term is “Disputed Territories”. They used to be a part of Jewish land 2000 years ago and were allocated by the League of Nations for the creation of Eretz-Israel in 1922. There was never an Arab country in Palestine. 

3. So-called Palestinians are Arabs and Muslims who moved to the territories during the last 130 years, after the Zionist pioneers started to revitalize the land. 

4. Arabs have no intention of living in peace with Jews. When the former president of Egypt Nasser was asked: Why do you continue to fight Israel after so many defeats? His answer was: “Because. We need to win only one war!” Please make no mistake, the Arabs’ aim is total destruction of the Jewish state!

5. Arabs do respect charisma and strong leadership. It is time for Israel and her government to show it and end terror.  

6. Enemies and so-called friends have never treated the Jewish people as equals. They will never support Israel unconditionally regardless of facts. They do not care about facts and deliberately distort or falsify them (remember the fake massacre of Jenin and how much noise they made about it).  

7. After 70 years of wars and terror, it is time to become an Independent nation with self-respect and be equal among equals. No more double standards!

8. Israel was created to fulfil a 2000-year-old national inspiration of Jewish people. Jews have the right to regain control over all Jewish land. The time is NOW!

At the same time, I am ashamed and feel sorry for Jews who advocate destruction of Israel. Why do they hate themselves so much?

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