True Respect for Democracy.

by Steven Shamrak.

Maybe because I was born and raised in dictatorial Communist country, like the former Soviet Union, I feel a special admiration and respect for the ideals of democracy that are practiced in the USA and, to a degree, in Israel. I have the same respect for the executive offices of the President and the PM. Unfortunately, the people who are elected to these offices quite often do not reach the level of integrity these positions demand! 

Every day of my life I used to live surrounded by political propaganda in a country where brainwashing of the population was the principal survival preoccupation of the government. Every member of Soviet society was an active or silent participant of this dehumanisation machinery which affected 270 million people.

Therefore, I am able to see and feel with heightened sensitivity the abuse of the power, manipulation of the public and enormous level of corruption that are being perpetrated by unscrupulous officials, who are only serving the self- and special-interest groups which put them in the office of power: the United State, Europe and Israel! Fortunately, Muslim and Arab states have not reached a level of such hideous sophistication.

It is my high level of respect for democracy that compels me to speak out and expose corruption. Democracy demands free expression of opinion and accountability of the leadership. It was practiced freely during the early days of French revolution and even during the Russian revolution in 1917, but was lost because public allowed self-serving opportunists to take over of their lives!

It is a moral duty of any self-respecting person, especially those living in a democratic society and who cherish its values (where they are not at the risk of losing their life and the right of freedom of speech is supported, so far, by actionable laws) to speak out and defend their rights and keep political hypocrisy and corruption accountable. Capitulation to the abuse of power and corruption results in a high level of apathy and feeling of personal insignificance among the public. It ultimately destroys democracy!

True democracy not only requires freedom of expression and accountability, it needs them for self-preservation! Silence, apathy and false political correctness are disrespectful and mortally dangerous to democracy!

Fatah Joined al Qaeda terror Threats to Bush. The “Aqsa Martyrs”, an offshoot of the Al Aqsa Brigades, which belong to Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, has just threatened “a big surprise” for President George W. Bush’s 48 hours visit in Israel. (Another ‘moderate’ Arab terror group!)

Three Katyusha 107mm rockets from Lebanon hit W. Galilee town Shlomi Monday night, week ago.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

There are so many ‘overseers’ who are eagerly facilitating the Arabs’ desire to destroy Israel! Not one of them is interested in administration of the Arabs’ withdrawal from Jewish land! Maybe it is time for Israel to begin supervising the US withdrawal from occupied Mexican territories, French and Spanish departure from Basque region, Russian departure from the Western Prussia and the re-unification of the people of the Ireland!

Gaza Welcome Bush: American School Bombed. Arab terrorists bombed the American school in Gaza Thursday, apparently in response to US President Bush’s demands that the PA give up terrorism.

US Occupation of ‘Palestine’ – And Blatant Hypocrisy. Bush’s 1,500-strong Secret Service unit occupies Palestinian government center in Ramallah during his first visit. (So much ‘effort’, time and money are wasted on a publicity stunt and personal promotion of George W. Bush wich will not bring peace, but only prolong the suffering of Jews in Israel from Arab terror.) It is unrealistic to expect Arab nations to drop their long standing hatred of Israel, “their historic enemy,” U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said as she accompanied President Bush during his visit in Kuwait. (But, it is realistic to demand from Israel to surrender Jewish land to Arab occupiers! Jews can take anything – Even self-destruction?)

Call to Free Pollard. Several heads of Knesset factions have signed a letter calling on United States President George Bush to free Jonathon Pollard. Olmert refused to allow participants at Thursday's working meal to raise the issue of imprisoned Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard , claiming that it was not the appropriate time to discuss the case. (When is the appropriate time? This traitor and 'mental case' must leave the PM’s office! Sadly, they listen and obeyed him.)

Gaza Chants “Death to America!” Thousands of Arabs in Gaza marched through Gaza City, shouting "death to Israel and America" in protest at US President George W. Bush's Middle East tour. The angry crowds burned American and Israeli flags in the streets while calling for international pressure on Israel. (So-called Palestinians are Islamists and the enemy of Israel and the USA!)

Police Violated Freedom of Speech. Activists Susie Dym, Jeff Daube, and Yehudit Dassberg were arrested by Israeli police on Wednesday for giving journalists a booklet detailing the ties between terrorist groups and Fatah, the party currently in control of the Palestinian Authority. The arrests clearly violated the democratic principle of freedom to speech and expression.

Quote of the Week:

"…no one is demanding peace at the end of the process. You will recall that one of the things Arafat balked at Camp David, was signing an "end of conflict agreement". Today no one is even mentioning such a thing and the Arab League is only offering 'normalization' whatever that means." - Ted Belman - This process is designed to destroy Israel!

"I intend to work very hard in the course of this year to create a Palestinian state." - U.S. President George W. Bush told President Shimon Peres. - No commitment to stop Arab terror! But, ‘One year president’ is too eager to give up Jewish land to Arabs!

New Rocket Has Been Tested. Hamas has developed, manufactured and tested a rocket with a range of 15 km. About two weeks ago, a version of the rocket was fired from northern Gaza to its south in order to test its range. The rocket can easily reach Ashkelon if fired from Gaza City.

Olmert a Sycophant. Senior sources in the Likud called Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “a sycophant” following Olmert’s meeting with United States President George Bush.  Olmert praised Bush when he should have been standing up for Israeli interests.

US Support for Israel. Over 60 percent of Americans now believe that the US should support Israel, up from a low point of 23% in 2003 and showing a rise of over 10% since the Second Lebanon War. Conversely, close to 50% have an unfavourable opinion of the ‘Palestinians’. (People are smarter and know better than the self-serving president, who does not care about the feelings and opinions of his own people!)

War on Terror and Hypocracy Pays. Former British prime minister Tony Blair will be paid £500,000 ($1.1 million) in his new part-time job with one of Wall Street's biggest banks.

Undivided Jerusalem is the Basic Law.

Extract from "Olmert is Warned: 'Talk About Jerusalem - Break the Law'"

by Hillel Fendel.

Two Jerusalem organizations have sent a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, reminding him that discussions with US President Bush or PA Chairman Abbas regarding a possible division of Jerusalem are in violation of Israeli law. Clauses 5 and 6 of one of Israel's cardinal laws - Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel - mean that Jerusalem's status as the united and sole capital of Israel may not be compromised.

The first clause of the law in question, passed in 1980 under Prime Minister Menachem Begin and President Yitzchak Navon, states, "Jerusalem, whole and united, is the capital of Israel."  Clause 5 stipulates the precise area of Jerusalem, while Clause 6 states, "No authorities relating to the area of Jerusalem and that is in the legal purview of the State of Israel or the Municipality of Jerusalem shall be transferred to any foreign political or governmental element, whether permanently or for a set period."

Clause 7 states that Clauses and 5 and 6 may not be changed except if another Basic Law is accepted by the majority of the Knesset. Therefore, the negotiate with Israel's enemies - including Mr. Abu Mazen, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority - regarding the re-division of Jerusalem and the ceding of parts of the city - in violation of the Basic Law.

Attorney Ben-Yosef explains why his warning is timely: "Given that you and/or ministers in your government are liable to wage such negotiations during and after the visit of US President Bush, you are hereby required to declare immediately that you will observe the Basic Law and that you will not wage any negotiations over the future of Jerusalem while the above law and/or its clauses are still in effect."