True Meaning of Jewish Self-Respect

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The leaders of Israel since 1948 have become so hooked on world opinion and approval of the anti-Semitic world. They ask countries to recognize our existence, even the states that are at war with Israel, as well as terrorist groups and organizations!

Our existence is a FACT - Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel has been established for 3,000 years as a people living in Israel and practicing the Holy Book, the Torah, in the same land of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Our existence in the Land of Israel is a blessed decree from G-d!

The reality in all of this folly, the need to have others recognize our existence, is that we have to first and foremost recognize our own existence as a Sovereign People Living with G-d's Blessings and Commandments in our own Land.

When Jews do this then there is no need to curry favour for others and beg them to recognize us as a People in Our Land. It does not matter if they do or don't!

It is not important whether they have an embassy in Jerusalem or no embassy at all. What matters is that we do recognize who we are and this sets the example for others to RESPECT us, even if they not necessarily LOVE us. Love is not important. LOVE is for us to practice respect and self-respect among our own People following the Mitzvot, (Commandments) Ahavat Yisrael (love of our fellow Jews). This is the meaning of SELF DETERMINATION and we should not let OTHERS DETERMINE OUR life and existence!

The world will come to us when they need our superior technological products and systems to better their health and living standards. And we will sell these to them if it does not compromise our security. This trade is the recognition that we have earned from the world as a "light unto the Nations" and anything else is just superfluous. Normal states, companies and individuals will give Israel and Jews respect - others will limit relations to trade only, as a necessity. (I always say: “nobody respects those who have no self-respect”!)

National Guard Proposal Approved by Israeli Government

The previous government had begun moves to set up an auxiliary police force to tackle internal political violence following anti-Israel protests in mixed Jewish-Arab areas. The exact powers of the new national guard will be discussed by a committee comprised of all Israeli security agencies.

Wish you a Kosher and Joyous Passover!

Chag Pesach Kasher Vesame’ach.

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel is the only country that can claim its statehood and ownership of the Jewish ancestral land – Eretz-Israel. Jewish people have almost 3,300 years of spiritual and historical connection with the land. Israel is the only country in the world which, under international pressure, withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula 3 times. It is never enough! Jew-haters still want Israel to surrender Jewish land to our enemies, a recently forged people – fake Palestinians, whose only goal is to destroy the Jewish state.

It was Never about the Judicial Legislation

Despite decision to freeze judicial legislation, demonstrations were held in 150 locations on Saturday. Attorney Dr. Eliad Shraga, the Chairman of the Movement for Quality Government, addressed a demonstration in Ashdod: "We are the light, and Netanyahu and his partners are the darkness. We are democracy, and they are dictatorship. We are love, and they are hate!" (It is said: "Accuse others of that which you are guilty")

"United Front" with Azerbaijan against Iran?

Iran blasts Azerbaijan’s silence following Israeli foreign minister’s call for ‘united front’. Although Azerbaijan established relations with Israel in 1991, it hadn’t opened an embassy until last week. Azerbaijan, strategically located in the Caucasus region. Although a Shi’ite Muslim country like Iran, it has had tense relations with its much larger neighbour to the south. Azerbaijan supplies Israel with 40% of its oil.

Mediation vs Trial - Judicial Political Blackmail?

Three years after the filing of four indictments against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and with the trial still not at the halfway mark the parties are considering going to criminal mediation. Even if Netanyahu is found guilty of some of the accusations against him, at the rate his trial is going, it won’t end before 2026 at the earliest.

Ingrained Antisemitism of Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch, an NGO with a history of anti-Israel advocacy, announced its interim executive director Tirana Hassan will now hold the position permanently. “Different leader, same antisemitic, Israel-obsessed, Jew-hating,” tweeted Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO of the International Legal Forum. In a 2022 report, the Human Rights Watch used lies, distortions, omissions and blatant double standards to construct a fraudulent and libellous narrative demonizing Israel.

PA Security Services - Nest of Terrorists

A terrorist - Mahmud Baradiyah, 23, from a village near Hebron - who hit three Israelis on Saturday night in a car ramming attack was an officer in the Palestinian Authority security services, Palestinian media reported. Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas’ ruling Fatah faction recently bragged about its “two terror fronts:” Fatah’s military wing the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and the PA’s security services.

For Food and Water Security Africa Comes to Israel

More than 20 guests arrive for a historic conference in Jerusalem tackling war on terror and radicalization, desalination and food security. Among the guests who came to the conference, initiated by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, are representatives of Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Djibouti, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Sudan - states that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel. In addition, representatives came from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Chad, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somaliland, South Africa, South Sudan, and Uganda. (Anti-Israel South Africa should not be invited.)

Antisemites do not Care about the Death of these 'Palestinians'

The son of the deputy mayor of the Israeli-Arab city of Nazareth, 25-year-old Ruid Mohammad Awaisa, was killed overnight in a shooting between criminals. This is the 41st murder in Israel's Arab sector since the start of 2023. Just hours earlier, another Arab Israeli financier and a senior figure in one of Israel's largest criminal syndicates, was shot to death in the town of Jaljulia. (If not for Israel/Jews they would have killed each other a long time ago.)

Judicial anti-Government Politics

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir strongly criticized Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara for her opposition to the establishment of a National Guard under his authority. "Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara is again trying to stop progress and is now trying to prevent the establishment of the National Guard of the State of Israel. Our wonderful policemen are doing as much as they can to provide security and responses to the citizens, but they are overloaded with work and unable to get to everything. Baharav-Miara does not understand her place as attorney general. The National Guard must be established in order to restore security to the streets," said Ben-Gvir.

Netanyahu Rejected Biden's 'Advice'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted angrily to comments by the US president, who urged him to walk away from judicial reform plans. Netanyahu told US President Joe Biden that Israel is an independent country and doesn't answer to outside pressure. (Quite predictably, President Biden and other Israel-hating international Antisemitic idiots have not expressed their opinions or advice to President Emmanuel Macron about pension reform and demonstrations against it in France.)

Pro-reform vs Anti-reform Demonstrators

Over a hundred thousand judicial reform supporters demonstrate in Jerusalem to call on the government not to freeze the reforms. The pro-reform demonstrators chanted “Our voice isn’t less important. We know exactly who we voted for. A minority of elites cannot bring the country to this point. We are one nation." (Too late, unfortunately!)

Quotes of the Week:

"Israel is a sovereign country which makes its decisions by the will of its people and not based on pressures from abroad, including from the best of friends." - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Hopefully, this time, he will do what he says.

"It’s outrageous for Joe Biden to lecture Israel on a matter that is entirely their domestic concern. We would never want the Israeli government to push America on issues surrounding our Supreme Court, and they wouldn’t do it. We should let Israelis decide this themselves." - Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the UN.

Who are the Fake Palestinians?

Extracts from: Bosnia - Motherland of "Palestinians" - by Manfred R. Lehmann and

Palestinians ‘Peoplehood’ Based on a Big Lie” by Eli E. Hertz.

The Arab Palestinian nationality (which was officially invented in 1964) is an entity defined by its opposition to Zionism (the Jewish national liberation movement) and not by its national aspirations.

Like a mantra, Arabs repeatedly claim that the Palestinians are a native people of Israel. The concept of a ‘Stateless Palestinian people’ is not based on fact. It is a fabrication! The following is a chronology of an ethnic makeup of so-called Palestinians and their origin.

During the Ottoman Empire.

Until the Jews began returning to the Land of Israel in increasing numbers from the late 19th century, the area called Palestine was a God-forsaken backwash that was controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

From 1880-1884, the Turkish government settled Muslim Circassians refugees in the Golan to ward off Bedouin robbers. Other settlers in the area included Sudanese, Algerians, Kurds.

In 1878, an Ottoman law granted lands in Palestine to the Moslem refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Carmel region, in the Galilee, in the Plain of Sharon, and in Caesarea. The refugees were further attracted by 12-year tax exemptions and exemption from military service.

The same colonization policy was also directed toward Moslem refugees from Russia - particularly from the Crimea and the Caucasus. They were Circassians and Turkmenians - leading to their settling in Abu Gosh, near Jerusalem, and in the Golan Heights. Refugees from Algeria and Egypt were also settled in Jaffa, Gaza, Jericho and the Golan.

British Mandate: 1917-1947

In 1923, having discovered that the Golan lacks oil, but that the Mosul area in northern Syria is rich in oil, the British cede the Golan to France in exchange for Mosul. At the same time, Trans-Jordan was ceded from the Palestinian Mandate, Egypt was given control of the Sinai, and the British and France gained control of the Suez Canal. (82% of Jewish land was sacrificed in the process!)

In 1934 alone, 30,000 Syrian Arabs from the Hauran moved across the northern frontier into the Palestine Mandate, attracted by work in and around the newly built British port and the construction of other infrastructure projects. They even dubbed Haifa as Um el-Amal (‘the city of work’).

The Ottoman Turk’ census (1882) recorded only 141,000 Muslims in Palestine. The British census in 1922 reported 650,000 Muslims. (Isn’t that a peculiarly sharp increase of population?)