Tribute to Yitzchak Shamir

Yitzchak Shamir, Israel's seventh Prime Minister, has passed away at the age of 96. Shamir was Prime Minister of Israel twice, in 1983-84 and 1986-92. He presided as head of the nation over numerous important events in Israeli history, most notably the Gulf War, in which Israel was attacked by dozens of Iraqi Scud missiles. Shamir made his reputation as a leader in the days before the state's establishment, with his participation in the uprising against British control of the Land of Israel.

In a statement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Shamir was “a member of the generation of giants that established the State of Israel and fought for the freedom of the Jewish people in its land. As Prime Minister, Yitzchak Shamir acted to ensure the security of the State of Israel and its future, and was a sterling example of faithfulness to the future of the Jewish people.” (Israel is in a better position now - militarily, economically and even politically - than it was 60 years ago. Why is current leadership of Israel unable or unwilling to become “giants”, as the generation before them? Why would Netanyahu continuously undermine “the security of the State of Israel” and “the future of the Jewish people” which was obtained with such a hardship by previous “generation of giants”?)

Where is UN Condemnation?

Fleeing deadly attacks by Buddists, followed the rape and murder of a woman for which Buddhists blame Muslims. Myanmar’s Muslims are escaping the violence by boats. On arrival to Bangladesh Rohingya Muslim refugees, former residents of Bangladesh, were either denied access or detained by Bangli border guards. Witnesses said Bangladeshi authorities pushed back 12 wooden boats on Monday, a week ago, carrying 300 Rohingya Muslims, mostly women and children. (Many Rohingya Muslim refugees are being killed by Myanmar and Bangladesh border guards! This information is neglected by the international media. Muslim countries do not care about Muslim refugees. Because Israel is not involved and there are no fake Palestinians - there is no need for the UN to care about genuine refugees!)

Islamic Justice - 20 Years for Killing 202 People

An Indonesian court has sentenced bomb-maker Umar Patek to 20 years' jail for his role in the 2002 Bali bombings, bringing to an end a 10-year probe into the nation's deadliest attack. Patek, was found guilty of six charges, a number of which related to the twin suicide bombings He will be freed in a few years for a ‘good behaviour’. Jonathan Pollard has already spent over 26 years in a US prison - just because he is a Jew!)

Turkish Jets Targeted Iraqi Kurdish Sites

Turkey has said it carried out air strikes on nine Kurdish targets deep into northern Iraq between June 22 and 24. Turkish soldiers and Kurdish fighters clashed last week in one of the most intense battles this year of the conflict, with around 30 combatants killed in fighting at army outposts in southeast Turkey. The oil-producing autonomous region of Kurdistan is a potential flashpoint for tensions among ethnic Kurds, Turkmen and Iraqi Arabs. (Under the cloud of ‘Syrian uprising’ Turkey violates Iraqi’s sovereignty and nobody cares!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Some say that Jews and Arabs are brothers and can live together in peace. They forget that the conflict is predominately political, not religious. Arab tyrants and Islamic fanatics can’t afford to have a successful democratic country in the neighborhood. It sets a bad example to their ‘subjects’!

Another Fake Propaganda Ploy

Hamas leaders in Gaza announced that a young child, Ali Muataz al-Shawaf - 4y.o, had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. Pictures of the child’s bloody body were published in Palestinian Authority media outlets. However, IDF officials later revealed the story as a lie. There was no Israeli airstrike in the region in which the child was killed, they said. (In Jenin, PA took bodies from a morgue and dug them from their graves to boost numbers of ‘civilians’ killed!)

When Government is Dysfunctional People Take Action

Migron representatives have bought 80% of land the town rests on from Arab owners, hoping to make irrelevant the High Court August 1 evacuation order. A source involved in the purchase says the deal, involving more than one seller, is completely legal.

Iranian VP Blames 'Zionists,' Talmud for Inciting Drug Trade

Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi condemned the 'Zionists' for inciting global drug trading and addiction. Rahimi alleged that the prevalence of narcotics and drug-addiction throughout the world is rooted in the Talmud. The Iranian vice-president said that the Zionists' direct involvement in the prevalence of illicit drugs is why` "you cannot find a single addict among the Zionists". (Islamists and Muslim governments are profiting from a drug trade, but he blames Jews! I don’t know where he did his Talmudic study, but unfortunately there is in fact a significant drug problem in Jewish communities)

Arab Spring is New Terror Breeding-ground

MI5 Director Jonathan Evans said in a lecture that al Qaeda has taken advantage of regional instability in the wake of Arab revolutions to spread its influence and create new bases of attack.  “Today, parts of the Arab world (Libya, Egypt and Syria) have once more become a permissive environment for al-Qaeda…” In some cases they are absorbed into the ruling establishment.

Islam Pushing Boundaries Everywhere

Arabic-speaking Facebook users want the social networking site to add an “Insha’Allah” button to the platform for the Middle East and Facebook has indicated that it may be willing to do so in order to boost its regional presence. (This is another example of Islamisation of the world plan. Will Facebook install a “Baruch Ha’Shem” button as well?)

Quote of the Week:

“To think that the Arabs will voluntarily consent to the realisation of Zionism in return for the cultural and economic benefits we can bestow on them is infantile…” “We would destroy our cause if we proclaimed the necessity of an agreement…” “Therefore it is our sacred duty to expose such talk and prove that it is a snare and a delusion…” “We hold that Zionism is moral and just. Since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Joseph or Simon or Ivan or Achmet agree with it or not.” - Ze’ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, “The Iron Wall (1923)” - Even 90 years ago true "giants" of Zionism understood reality and knew what had to be done.

Make a Difference - Become Active!

Steven Shamrak

Dear Friends,

The fact that you are still receiving this editorial letter means that you are already an active supporter of the state of Israel and are making your own contribution toward the Hasbarah and the future of the Jewish state. Or, at least are not indifferent to the future of the state of Israel

Many Jews, including myself, have been involved in signing petitions, press monitoring, writing and sending out information, articles, letters etc... None of these activities increased peace, but quite the opposite, the situation is continuously deteriorating.

We need to bring our focus back to the Jewish agenda and goals, spending less time and energy fighting the issues artificially created and imposed on us by our enemies.

At the moment we can’t rely on the support and co-operation of official Jewish organisations, including Zionist ones, and even Israeli politicians. Most of them are apathetic, or self-centred and self-serving individuals. Some of them are suffering from selfishness - and would do anything to please anti-Semitic others. Therefore, the active participation in an independent Jewish national movement, with dedication to the achievement of the Jewish National goal is our only alternative.

I call it Ha’Uma - the Nation! It is a concept of people movement. A network of people, united by one Jewish National goal: “Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land.”

We must understand that most people around the world are not interested in the Arab-Israel conflict. They are artificially fed anti-Israel propaganda by many interested parties: Political left, Fascists, pan-Arabian Wahhabi ideologists, those with oil dependent business interests, the anti-Semitic International organisations and governments. They are in fear of economic chaos due to Arab oil blackmail and are willing to sacrifice Israel to stay in their comfort zone.

Jewish people and our true friends, of all shades of the political spectrum and religious affiliations, need to unite behind the Jewish National goal. Policy of compromise on this issue has not worked and never will. There are no legal, historical or moral grounds for the Arab claims. Therefore, no concession must be allowed.

Any concessions made in order to achieve peace are viewed by our enemies as a sign of weakness and are detrimental to our future and only bring annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people!

In order to change the status quo, we need - Jewish unity, to start changing our attitude and shake off the Gallut mentality. I am not a naïve person and know that this alone is a big task. Jewish history is full of examples of suffering we endured due to our own disunity and appeasement of others. At the same time, we remember how small groups of highly motivated people were able to ignite and unite Jewish people when we faced mortal danger.

We don’t want to be victims anymore! Time is running out! It is up to each of us to say: “I can make a difference!”