Asymmetrical Propaganda War

by Steven Shamrak

When I started my weekly Internet editorial letters six years ago, the term Hasbara, pro-Israel propaganda, was dormant. Fighting the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda is only the first step. The main and ultimate goal is to unite Jews and our genuine friends behind the true Zionist inspiration and create a Jewish state on all Jewish ancestral land, Eretz-Israel. Generally speaking, I believe that it is a waste of time to reply to accusations and fabrications of anti-Semitic or anti-Israel bigots, if there is a difference. We must focus on our own goals and actively pursue them!

At the same time, because of the use of modern communications and the Internet by Jew-haters, in addition to the traditional anti-Israel media bias, it would be foolish to ignore or dismiss the damage being caused to Israel in the area of the public perception of the Arab-Israel conflict and the right of Jews to the land of Israel. For several years, I have been watching the rise of anti-Zionist activities on YouTube, MySpace, Wikipedia as well as in many blogs and chat-rooms. Information about Israel and Jewish history has being systematically distorted by Jew-haters, who are either twisted-minded hateful individuals or well organized campaigners of some interest groups, organizations and even governments.

Propaganda is a weapon used to manipulate people’s opinion. It is a very important tool of warfare. It has being successfully applied by many countries: Communists in the former USSR, by Nazis in Germany, as well as by the US in order to join WW2. The Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels used to say: “The ‘Big Lie’ was simple - tell the biggest, most outrageous lie; tell it often enough; tell it loudly enough - and eventually people will believe it.” That’s what the enemies of the Jewish people have been doing for a long time unopposed. As a result even Jews start to believe in their lies! (cont. below)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Recently I was asked why I use term “leftists” instead of “socialists” in my letters. It is because in its pure form Socialism is a wonderful ideology, for which people are still not ready. It is about social justice and absolute equality for all. Modern ‘leftists’ are driven by hate! They do not care or know what real Socialism is about!

Al-Qaeda Calls for Utilising PA-Style Arson Epertise

In the latest issue of its English-language magazine Al-Qaeda is calling on its followers to attack America using methods identical to those used by terrorists in Israel, that is, large-scale arson attacks. PA terrorists frequently target Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and arson has been used to drive Jews from mixed towns in Israel.

Old City Properties Returned to Jews

The Supreme Court ordered two Arab squatters in Jerusalem’s Old City to vacate the homes they are occupying. The court had rejected Arab squatters’ appeal on the basis that the properties had been legally acquired by Jewish people prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948. (It took Jews 64 years to get their properties back. How long would it take for Arabs and other ‘Jew-lovers’ to confiscate Jewish land and homes?)

Tell Me who Your Friends are and I'll Tell You who You are!

A self-identified “Muslim Palestinian-American”, Hala Hijazi - a Jordanian native and current San Francisco city employee, who has an extensive history of espousing unabashed anti-Israel rhetoric, has personally obtained between $100,000 to $200,000 for President Obama’s re-election campaign.

France Sentences Scientist Connected to al Qaeda Plot

Adlene Hicheur, a particle physicist employed at the prestigious CERN laboratory, was arrested in 2009 after police intercepted his emails to a contact in al Qaeda which suggested the Algerian-born scientist was willing to be part of an active terrorist unit attacking targets in France. (This is another inconvenient example that contradicts the legend perpetuated by some Western politically correct idiots that only poor and uneducated Muslims participate in Islamic terrorism)

Israel Gets Fourth German Submarine

Israel received its fourth German-made submarine capable of launching nuclear warheads, expanding a fleet that experts say could be used in an attack on Iran. Defence Minister Ehud Barak said that the submarine would increase Israel's capabilities and strength "in the face of the growing regional challenges." The Dolphin-type military submarine is one of six Israel has ordered from Germany.

Nuclear Bomb in 60 days

Iran is working toward a 'threshold status' of being able to produce a nuclear bomb with 60 days, stated Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak. "They are currently trying to achieve immunity for the nuclear program," said Barak. Israeli leaders believe the diplomatic drive, which involves the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, has a low chance of success, and suggest that Iran's rulers seek an atomic bomb as insurance against outside intervention.

Tough Jewish Super-heroes

“The Avengers” the biggest film opening of all time - made over $200 million at the box office in a single weekend in cinemas in North America. It is unknown to many that the characters were created by three Jews (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon) and the film consists of an all-star team of Marvel Super heroes. (by Ronn Torossian)

Revolving Doors for International Terror

The United States has been secretly releasing captured Taliban fighters from a detention centre in Afghanistan as part of negotiations with insurgents to curb ongoing violence in the country. The deal stipulates that the fighters must promise to give up violence, however there is little to stop them resuming attacks against Afghan and American troops. "Everyone agrees they are guilty of what they have done and should remain in detention. Everyone agrees that these are bad guys. But the benefits outweigh the risks," an American official told. (The Koran allows Muslims lie to Infidels! It is a well-known fact that the high number of released Palestinian terrorists have returned to their favourite pastime - terrorism. The US deliberately repeats Israel’s mistakes.)

Turkey is an Islamic Stooge in NATO

Turkey is bailing out Iran and countries facing Arab Spring rebellions. They have bought hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold from Turkey as they try to protect their wealth from depreciating currencies. Turkey’s assistance to Iran is in direct opposition to the international efforts to punish the Iranian economy, until it cooperates with the United Nations and allow full inspections of its nuclear facilities.

Political Prostitution in Action!

In a surprise turnabout, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to cancel the early elections he had called just 24 hours before and instead form a unity government with the opposition party Kadima. The decision shocked much of Israel's political establishment, which was gearing up to dissolve the parliament, or Knesset, and launch campaigns for a Sept. 4 vote. By joining the government coalition, newly elected Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz avoids facing voters amid polls indicating that his centrist party would lose more than half its Knesset seats. Just a month ago, Mofaz declared he would not join the government and vowed to unseat Netanyahu. (Political survivalist, Netanyahu, has thrown a life rope to the political adversary and alienated allies! The move could be justified if he has done so in preparation to attack Iran’s nuclear program.)

Global Caliphate in Jerusalem?

Egypt’s Islamists aim to install a global Islamic caliphate with its capital in Jerusalem. “The capital of the caliphate - the capital of the United States of the Arabs - will be Jerusalem, God willing,” Safwat Higazi told thousands of Brotherhood supporters at a Cairo soccer stadium. (Why Jerusalem? What is wrong with Mecca? Will they wage war against Arabs after the demise of Israel?)

Tribute to Jewish Achievers:

Vidal Sassoon, was born to Jewish parents in West London in 1928. He died at his Los Angeles home, aged 84. Clean geometric lines had been Sassoon's driving motivation since opening his first salon in London in 1954. At the time, most women were resigned to going to bed at night with rollers in their hair.

Adam Yuch, a Jewish boy from New York has died at the age of 47. He was an American rapper, songwriter and film director. He was best known as a co-founder of hip hop trio the Beastie Boys and an advocate for Tibetan independence.

Raymond Aubrac, born Raymond Samuel to a Jewish family, has died in Paris aged 97. His parents were deported to their deaths at Auschwitz. He and his wife formed the most famous couple of the French resistance and waged a fierce underground battle against the German World War II occupation.

George Tabori was born into a Jewish family in Budapest. He was a legend in Germany's post war theatre world whose avant-garde works confronted anti-Semitism. Has died at the age of 93.

Asymmetrical Propaganda War.

by Steven Shamrak.

Jew-haters have been resurrecting the same false accusations and fabrications even after they had been proven wrong many times over. Even now, some Christians still believe that Jews use the blood of Christian babies in ritual preparation of matzos. “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is still used by traditional anti-Semites and the book has successfully migrated from anti-Semitic Europe to the bookshelves of Muslim countries, where it has become a best seller and even made its screen debut as a TV serial.

Enemies of Jews do not care about facts! Their brains are completely short -circuited and consumed by hate. They are not just unwilling but unable to process or accept facts. They jump from one issue to another, from country to country in their hateful asymmetrical propaganda war against Jews! The aim is to create the perception that their lies have some element of truth. They often say: “There is not smoke without fire.” And, they are very good at creating lots of smoke!

Surprisingly, most of the so-called independent Western press, exploiting the anti-Semitic inclination of the general population, is a willing participant in the Israel-bashing game. Journalists are only too happy to report anti-Israel information, often without checking the source and its validity. Editors use screaming headlines like: “World Bank Blames Israel for Poor PA Economy” or “Will Israel Return Golan Heights to Syria?” to increase the sale of their papers, but in the process they are creating the perception of Israel’s wrong-doing and an atmosphere of uncertainty which only encourages PA terrorists to perform their blood-thirsty acts. Many of those editors and journalists are quite knowingly and eagerly participating in this scam!

At present, many Jews do not believe in or even have any knowledge about the rights of Jewish people to the land called Palestine. They are even afraid to express any support for Zionist ideals. We are living in a dangerous time, when the corrupt and self-hating government of Israel is so eager to give up more of Jewish land to the enemies for the illusion of peace, but is not wiling to end Arab occupation of our land and finish Jewish suffering from terror in Israel.

From a Jewish existential point of view, we can’t ignore or dismiss the activities of our enemies as either naïve or harmless. That is why I implore you to participate in actively promoting and defending the Zionist ideals. By the coordinated effort of many supporters of Israel, we’ll be able to positively refute the disinformation, which Jew-haters and self-hating Jews have been spreading, and propagate the right of Jews to live in peace on Jewish ancestral land. I know that we are facing an uphill battle, but somebody must do it. It was partially achieved 60 years ago. We just have to finish the job: “If not me than who, if not now then when?”