Tools of anti-Israel Media Bias!


How can readers discern the truth between the lines? Listed here are common methods employed by the media - intentionally or not - to influence public opinion. By being aware of these methods, we can avoid becoming a pawn in the media war against Israel.

Misleading definitions and terminology.

By using terminology and definitions in a way that implies accepted fact, the media injects bias under the guise of objectivity.

Unbalanced reporting.

Media reports frequently skew the picture by presenting only one side of the story.

Opinions disguised as news.

An objective reporter should not use adjectives or adverbs, unless they are part of a quotation. In addition, the source for any facts and opinions should be clear from the report

Lack of context.

By failing to provide proper context and full background information, journalists can dramatically distort the true picture.

Selective omission.

By choosing to report certain events over others, the media controls access to information and manipulates public sentiment.

Using true facts to draw false conclusions.

Reporting news about Israel or the Middle-East conflict media reports frequently use facts to draw erroneous conclusions.

Distortion of facts.

In today's competitive media world, reporters frequently do not have the time, inclination or resources to verify information properly before submitting a story for publication. Quite often they take a shortcut or even unscrupulously generate ‘newsworthy’ reports like paying Arab youths of East Jerusalem to throw stones at Jews or IDF solders…

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Not so long ago, the United Kingdom vigorously and murderously fought against the independence of Ireland and other colonies around the world, and is still holding to some islands; the United States annexed the South East of North America, after fighting a defensive war with Spain, and Hawaii later. France is still unwilling to part from New Caledonia. Spain is still clinging to a little patch of land in Africa. Only Jewish state is not allowed to end occupation of Jewish ancestral land, and establish peaceful future for Jewish people!

S-400 System is Comin to Iran?

Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan has made clear that his country is ready to supply Iran with its S-400 air defense system once the UN arms embargo against Iran expires on October 18. (Time to deal with Iran is now!)

Iron Dome Battery Delivered to US Army

Israel delivers first of two Iron Dome battery for US Army. This is a fully mobile system carries 10kg of explosives and can intercept an incoming projectile from four to 70 km. away. The US Army purchased two batteries off the shelf from Rafael, which included 12 launchers, two sensors, two battlement management centers and 240 interceptors.

Duplicity of Indian Government Policy

The Government of India agreed to fund several projects in the Palestinian Authority worth $36.1 million, including establishing a $29 million hospital in Beit Sahour, east of Bethlehem, a $5 million national printing press, and two schools in Samaria which will cost $2.1 million. (India has a good relationship with Israel lately, economic and military, but maintains its old policy of appeasement of our enemies, but maintains the old policy of appeasement of our enemies!)

IDF Takes Over Ofek 16 Satellite

Three months following the successful launch of the Ofek 16 satellite into space, the satellite’s pre-planned testing process and its preparations for operational use have been completed, and Defense Ministry and IAI hand over Ofek 16 to IDF intelligence. “Ofek 16” is an electro-optical observation satellite with advanced capabilities. It is equipped with a high-quality camera.

Quote of the Week:

“In this city, which we had to leave in tears during the First World War, it is still possible to come across traces of the Ottoman resistance. So Jerusalem is our city, a city from us.” - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan  A former colonial power is 'dreaming' about its glorious past, but liberal media, human right groups and international political Anti-Semites are silent!

Why all Solutions have Failed?

by Steven Shamrak

There are several commonly known solutions to the Israel-Palestinian conflict:

  1. Two-States solution – Israel and new state of Palestine.
  2. Palestinian autonomy - under Israel or Jordan supervision.
  3. One-State solution – Israel absorbing all enemy population.
  4. Jordan is Palestine – moving all so-called Palestinians to Jordan.

None of them have worked or will work!

The intentions of the PA/PLO/Hamas have always been destruction of the Jewish state, not independence! We also must not forget that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are part of Eretz-Israel - Jewish ancestral land!

All the above have failed because they require agreement and co-operation from the PA (Fatah and Hamas), Jordan, and Egypt. How has it worked so far? Anti-Israel international players, like the UN and the EU, have never missed an opportunity to condemn Israel, and they will not allow/agree to any settlement of the conflict, which would bring peace to Jews.

 “The Sinai Option” (see below) – removal of a hostile population from Jewish land – is the only plan that has a chance to succeed!

“The plan can be implemented humanely and gradually under the supervision of the International community or Israel can execute it unilaterally…” when an opportunity presents itself.

“Israel must be ready to implement the SINAI OPTION at any time!”

There is one more option which all our enemies, including traditional international Anti-Semites, would like to succeed:

  1. One-State solution – Palestine, with no Jewish population remaining!

Would you like to see it implemented?