Timeline for Terror!

The United States has submitted a document to Israel and the PA, setting tight deadlines for both sides to implement confidence-building steps. Israel must enable opening of two key Gaza Strip passages - the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and the Karni goods crossing with Israel. The US also wants Israel to remove roadblocks in the West Bank by mid-June, and completely remove restrictions on Palestinian travel in the Jordan Valley, in the eastern West Bank, by May 15 and to set up a long-awaited bus convoy between the West Bank and Gaza by July 1. Abbas, for his part, must develop a plan against the firing of Gaza-made Qassam rockets into Israel, and deploy forces in the Gaza Strip tasked with curbing the rocket fire by June 21. Some of the measures, notably the removal of key roadblocks, if implemented would make it harder for Israel to foil suicide bombings and shooting attacks. More ominous, Israel will be forced to provide arms, ammunition and equipment to PA security forces in an “immediate and ongoing” manner.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert already tentatively agreed last week to comply with America’s latest laundry list, according to the Reuters news agency. In spite of the fact that Israel’s security establishment emphasizes that these moves would dramatically endanger an already vulnerable Israeli civilian population constantly facing missile launchings from Gaza, suicide bombings, and other terrorist attacks.

(Why does the US administration impose a useless and stupid “time-table” on Israel, but veto the US Congress on a withdrawal time-table from Iraq? The PA “must develop a plan” and promises only; meanwhile Israel must sacrifice security of the country and Jewish lives! Olmert could, by standing up to the US government and rejecting this plan. But the principles of Zionists were discarded by the Kadima and Labor parties a long time ago!)

Plain and Clear. Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan said it clear: "We in the Hamas movement will not accept any solution that would deny us our rights or detract from our principles.... I will not accept an agreement saying that at the end of the day, Haifa, Jaffa, and Acre are Israeli cities, and part of the Israeli land.... I will not accept any solution that prevents any future Palestinian generation from acting to liberate and regain the rest of the Palestinian land."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Interestingly, the international press quite often expresses concern that the non-existent Ceasefire is under threat when Israel kills Arab terrorists, but never when they kill Jews or send rockets toward Israel!

Another Political Rat with no Military Knowledge. According to the Foreign Ministry, Tzipi Livni called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis with Hizbullah in Lebanon on the fourth day of the war. This was her stance at the start of the war in her testimony before the Winograd Committee. (When the war is on, it has to have clear objectives. One does not negotiate with terrorist thugs in the middle of the war, after they rejected all peaceful options! Tzipi Livni is just another disloyal, political parasite creeping into PM office!)

Mickey Mouse of Hamas. Mickey Mouse look-a-like called Farfour, who in a recent episode called Tomorrow's Pioneers sang about kids arming themselves with AK-47s and striving for world domination under Islamic leadership was featured on Hamas controlled TV. “You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists” Farfour declared. (This is clear indoctrination of another generation of blood-thirsty Islamic terrorists. There is still no UN resolution. I just wonder who had financed the production of this show?) Despite an earlier announcement by the PA information minister, the show was broadcast as usual last Friday.

Competing with IDF. One hundred and seventy Arabs have been killed in the Gaza Strip during internal clashes since the start of the year. (Why not ship them [Arabs] all from Israel and territories to Iraq where they will be more at home?)

Payback is a Must. Likud MK Israel Katz has said that if Hamas ordered any harm done to the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, "the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his friends should be eliminated, after the threats were made by the head of the armed branch of Hamas Abu Ovaydie.

No Respect for UN Resolutions. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon emphasized with concern “the freedom of action and the rearmament” of Hizbollah in south Lebanon, despite the fact that UN Security Council Resolution 1559 calls for the dismantling of Hezbollah. (Arab and Muslim countries use the UN as a tool for inserting unjustifiable international pressure on Israel, but they generally block or ignore UN resolutions addressed toward them.)

Shameful Repression Against Zionists in Israel. Miriam Adler, Mother of six, has been sentenced to three months in jail or its equivalent in public service. Her crime: Attacking a policeman during a Disengagement-related protest. The incident occurred shortly before the Disengagement in August 2005, when police came to arrest her and her husband for their vocal and active opposition to the expulsion.

Duplicity Again. The World Bank has issued a scathing report against Israel's restrictions on movement of Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs, despite security considerations which it noted are "undeniable and must be addressed." (Don’t they have anything better to do? Praising the Western coalition for reducing heroin production in Afghanistan would be nice. Oh... production has actually doubled or tripled since the defeat of the Taliban. Well done coalition!)

Repeating Lebanon Mistakes in Gaza. Gen. Amidror notes that the Winograd report concentrates on the flaws in the decision-making process. His main conclusion is that the mistakes made along our Lebanese border over the past several years are now being dangerously repeated in Gaza. "In the Gaza Strip, a similar process is underway. Hamas is getting stronger as it organizes itself, digs fortifications underground, and builds up its military capabilities." While Israel delays the confrontation with Hamas because of a temporary truce or some other illusory understanding, "we are likely to find ourselves in exactly the same position in Gaza that we created with respect to Lebanon."

Quote of the Week:

“The Israeli people have grown so accustomed to crooks as their Prime Ministers that they tend to elect them again and again and again.” - Emanuel A. Winston.

"It is not right from my standpoint to resign. My reasoning is that the Winograd Committee report was issued in order that mistakes will be corrected quickly," - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. - He did everything possible to delay the report. There can be no respect for corrupted, self-centred traitor and his party of professional liars!

Empty Words. PM Olmert last Monday that Israel would "respond severely" to continuing Qassam rocket fire from Gaza. He said that the attacks "threaten civilian lives in the northern Negev". "The Qassam attacks constitute a tangible threat to Israel". "Israel cannot show restraint forever."

Attack Hits UN-run School in Gaza. Muslim extremists (terrorists) in long white robes attacked a children's festival at a UN-run primary school with guns and homemade bombs Sunday, killing a politician's bodyguard and also leaving seven people wounded in plain view of terrified youngsters. (No extraordinary meeting of UN Security Council is called! No international condemnation!)

Tell Me About your Friends… Both Hamas and Hizbullah have issued statements in support of former Arab-Israeli MK Azmi Bishara. He is accused of treason, aiding the enemy in a time of war and money laundering. He has been on the run ever since lying to investigators. Hamas has issued a call for Bishara to return to Israel to “share the burden of supporting the Palestinian homeland. Hizbullah has also come to Bishara’s defense and also announced that Hizbullah is ready for another round of warfare with Israel. (…and I know who you are!)

Self-Destructive Traitors. ‘Peace Now’ leader Yariv Oppenheimer said that most of the group boycotted the huge protest rally against the Olmert administration. Oppenheimer explained that he prefers that Prime Minister Olmert remains in office if he continues to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority.

Commission for the Oslo ‘War’ is Needed.

by Fundamentally Freund

Essentially, the findings of the Winograd Commission only confirm what most of us have suspected all along: that the Government has failed miserably in the prosecution of last summer's Lebanon war.

Only time will tell if Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz will pay the ultimate political price for their actions and be sent into early retirement.

But with the Israeli media and public now busy talking about topics such as failed leadership, lack of strategic acumen and disastrous policymaking, perhaps it is at last time for a full-blown investigation of an even greater mess: the Oslo "peace process" with the Palestinians? (What about an investigation of the lack of vision and systematic denigration of the Jewish National pride by the string of Israel’s governments?)