Time for Israel to Annex Jewish Lands

It is time for Israel to formally abandon the so-called two-state solution as well as the concept of a Palestinian state and instead push for the complete Israeli annexation of the West Bank and retaking of the Gaza Strip, Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin contended.

He was referring to Israel asserting full sovereignty over Judea and Samaria – territories commonly called the West Bank – as well as the annexation of the Gaza Strip.

There have been attempts within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party to pass legislation calling for Israeli annexation. According to reports, however, Netanyahu asked lawmakers to put those plans on hold until the Trump administration unveils its forthcoming blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Feiglin blamed Netanyahu and the right-wing in Israel for “failing” to propose a viable alternative to the two-state solution.

“The only reason that the Trump government will go to that concept of a two-state solution is because of Israel,” Feiglin posited.

 “Not because of Trump. Trump, even before he got into office, he said the two-state solution is not the only solution. He was open to any other solution that the Israelis will bring. You cannot ask Trump to be more Catholic than the Pope. So, I have no complaints with Trump about it. The only problem is that the Israeli right never offered a real solution.”

Feiglin contended that the foundations for the creation of a Palestinian state rest on wrongful information that claims Israel is occupying Palestinian land. “This is our land,” he exclaimed. “We are talking about justice and not just real politik or pragmatism… This is our land more than 3,000 years already...” (Any plan must include the repatriation of Arabs from the Jewish land, otherwise it will not work!)


Hevron Police Arrest a Jew who Defended Himself against Arabs

Arabs attempt to ram Jew, police arrest the Jew and confiscate his weapon. Three Palestinian Authority Arabs on Saturday afternoon infiltrated the grazing area of a Jewish town in the southern Hevron Hills. Hevron police, arriving at the scene, arrested Talia, who had fired a warning shot in the air!

End Judicial Dictatorship

Hundreds of activists demonstrated outside the home of President of Israel’s Supreme Court Esther Hayut, following the court’s decision to temporarily suspend the deportation of thousands of illegal migrant workers. Activists from the South Tel-Aviv called on the court to stop their “judicial dictatorship” on behalf of the illegal migrants. “The Knesset Legislates, the Supreme Court Erases,” and “The People Demand Justice for the Residents of South Tel-Aviv.”

Israeli Courts have Paralyzed Soldiers and Jewish Self-Defence!

The four Israeli servicemen were securing the highway outside Mevo Dotan 8km from Jenin in northern Samaria, when Alla Kabha, 26, from Barta’a village, deliberately crashed his car at high speed into a group of soldiers, killing an officer and a soldier. Why did no one shoot to stop the Palestinian car rampage that killed two Israeli soldiers?


President Donald Trump decided to take the plan off his immediate agenda. There was no formal announcement. Trump briefed his special Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt to pass the word round among officials from the Middle East. Greenblatt said that Trump would not revive the plan for a year or two. (Trump is smarter than his haters give credit to him.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel is the only country in the world which has defeated, several times, multiple attacking enemies, on many fronts, in modern history. Unfortunately, the victories were not decisive and enemies did not learn the lesson! Therefore, aggressors have been readying for another assault. Let hope, that Israel will be able to deliver the final blow to its enemies and will not bow to restraints imposed by its international ‘friends’!

Lebanon Boosts Military Presence on Border with Israel

Lebanon plans to increase its military presence along its southern border with Israel, Prime Minister Saad Hariri said, “We will be sending more LAF troops to the south, and we stress our intention to deploy another regiment.” The European Union pledged 50 million euros ($61.6 million) to Lebanon’s security forces, and Hariri said France had created a 400-million-euro credit facility to purchase “equipment” for Lebanon’s military and security forces. The UK has pledged an additional $13 million. (Arabs are preparing for another war with Israel, with the help of traditional Anti-Semites!)

Self-Hating, anti-Zionists Legal Establishment!

Israeli Supreme Court was condemned after it froze a plan to deport thousands of illegal immigrants who entered Israel across the border with Egypt, just weeks before the program is slated to begin. "The High Court's intervention in the government's policy regarding the infiltrators violates the principle of the separation of powers," said Economy Minister Eli Cohen. "The residents of South Tel Aviv (come before) the residents of South Eritrea."

Threat of Nuclear Escalation

Prince Mohammed bin Salman raises fears of a regional nuclear arms race; claiming that Saudi Arabia does not want the nuclear bomb, but vowing Riyadh 'will follow suit as soon as possible' if Iran builds one.

Israel Hatred is anti-Semitism

The Balkan nation of Macedonia has joined the United Kingdom, Romania, and Bulgaria in adopting a definition of anti-Semitism that includes the demonization of Israel. Next month, the country will see the opening of the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia. The 75th anniversary of the deportation of the country’s Jews during the Holocaust is being commemorated this week! (Some countries, unlike Poland, do not hide their unfortunate anti-Semitic past. This is the only way to wipe it out and move forward - not the law of hate-hiding!)

They do not Care for the Land They Claim as Own

Untreated sewage from the Arab villages in the Bir Zeit area has been flowing for months into the adjacent valley, causing massive pollution and posing serious health hazards. The source of the sewage is one or more of the Arab villages adjacent to the highway. (Not a single environmental protection organization or news companies care about it!)

Gaza Aid Conference - but without PA!

Representatives of nearly two dozen countries and international organizations gathered at the White House last week. The PA is boycotting the conference over the Trump administration’s recognition in December of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. UNRWA, was not invited. Representatives of Israel and its neighbors Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates were among the meeting participants. Qatar, which is a major donor to Gaza, and which is being shunned by key US ally Saudi Arabia, also attended. (There is a feel of a new fresh 'wind' in the region!)

Fake Crisis Created by Fake Leadership

Minister Naftali Bennett presented a graph, which indicated that the recruitment of Haredim to the IDF has increased in recent years. "There is not only a fake crisis here, but fake leadership that prefers chasing polls to telling the truth," Bennett said of Defense Minister Liberman and Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid. "Haredi recruitment has grown every year, in ten years we have grown tenfold..."

What a Difference a Change of the President Make!

According to a Gallup report, American support for the Jewish state rose to the highest level ever recorded since Gallup began tracking the issue in 1988, driven in large part by growing support among Republicans, as the partisan divide continues to grow. When asked whether they sympathized more, 64% of respondents said they sympathized with Israel.

What Reconciliation?

The PA said Hamdallah and PA General Intelligence Chief Majed Faraj survived an apparent assassination attempt as a bomb went off next to his convoy during a visit of the Gaza Strip. They were unhurt! However, several bystanders were injured. (Hamas can't do anything right!)

Funding Terror Against Jews is still Popular

The United Nations received pledges Thursday of nearly $100 million in new funding for the UN relief agency for Palestinians after the US slashed its aid, but it is still facing a nearly $350 million shortfall this year. (No doubts the shortfall will be covered by eager international anti-Semites!)

Pre-Emptive Self-Defence Always Works

Arab terrorists who were attacking Israeli motorists along the highway in the Binyamin region got more than they bargained for. A resident who spotted the stone-throwers at the Hizme intersection drove straight at them with his vehicle, and managed to hit one. (Shame that the IDF hasn’t been doing anything potent to stop and end the aggressive behaviour of enemy population!)

Tillerson is Fired over Iran Nuclear Deal

Even though tensions had been mounting between President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for months, a new report indicates the president abruptly fired Tillerson because he went “rogue” and tried to save the Iran nuclear deal. "I wanted to break the deal, he disagreed." “Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State... Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!” (Finally, an obstacle for a new direction in the US international politics is removed!)

QUOTE of the WEEK:

"Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, under King David, 3,000 years ago," Klein said. "It was never, ever, the capital of any other nation except Israel... The Jewish holy books mention Jerusalem 700 times. It is never, ever mentioned in the Quran! Even about Mohammed allegedly going from Jerusalem to heaven, in the Quran...this is described as a dream... When the Arabs controlled Jerusalem from 1948-1967, when Jordan controlled it, they built everything of importance in Amman, not in Jerusalem... They allowed it to be a slum. There was no water, no electricity, no plumbing there. They destroyed the 58 synagogues in eastern Jerusalem." - Morton Klein, Zionist Organization of America President - At last, the Jewish Zionist leadership is waking up, and saying loud and clearly the text book facts!

US Exposes Poland’s Anti-Semitism

by Hana Levi Julian

A declassified U.S. State Department report documenting the vicious anti-Semitism on display before, during and after World War II makes it clear that it wasn’t only the German Nazis by a very long shot who reveled in tormenting Poland’s Jewish population.

The revelation of the existence of this document comes on the day that a lower-tier delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki met with Israeli officials in an effort to resolve the diplomatic crisis sparked by the passage of the country’s Holocaust Law. Israel’s team was headed by Foreign Affairs Ministry Director-General Yuval Rotem. Both teams included historians, journalists, jurists and legislators.

The law, which was set to go into effect Thursday, outlaws the use of the phrase “Polish death camps” and also criminalizes any reference to Polish links to Nazi war crimes during World War II. Violations are punishable by up to three years in prison and a steep fine.

“Religious and economic in its origins, Polish anti-Semitism was preached by political parties and church heads and practiced by officials high and low,” it goes on to explain. “By 1939, it was one of the distinguishing factors of the country’s political, social and economic life. Because anti-Semitism had already become so ingrained in Polish though, it is not altogether surprising that it still manifests itself in post-war Poland, although common suffering at the hand of the Germans might have been expected to bring the Poles and the Jews closer together.”

Out of a Polish Jewish population of approximately 3.35 million before the war, only 80,000 Jews survived.

“All who remain of the pre-war Jewish population… find themselves in a hostile land, their property destroyed, their means of livelihood gone, every synagogue burned down…”

By early October 1945, even Polish officials were said to be advising Jews to leave Poland for their own safety, according to the report. From Prague as well, there were reports of increasing anti-Jewish “manifestations” with leaflets being used to warn Jews to “get out before they were killed.”