Time for Change.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he will not resign after an official report sharply criticized his decision to go to war in Lebanon last year. The 232-page report stated: "The entire government supported the decisions, but it must be emphasized that these decisions were made in a faulty manner - mainly by Olmert, Peretz and Halutz. Responsibility for these decisions is shared by others, but is chiefly theirs - and primarily that of the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert." Despite the fact that Olmert's approval ratings plunged to single digits after the inconclusive 34-day war which ended with a cease-fire in August, he said in a brief televised address: "It would not be right to quit and I have no intention of doing so". (Might it just be not “right to quit” for him, in order to avoid criminal prosecution for corruption, or for the country? Is democracy in Israel dead? Decency was never strong point of the current government of Israel. Public support is less than 2%, but Olmert and his gang of incompetent and self-centered fools are still unwilling to relinquish the grip on power!)

Legal Opinion. Following the findings of Winograd report, Attorney Yosef Fuchs of the Land of Israel Legal Forum, an expert on Israeli constitutional law, issued a statement saying that Olmert has no choice but to resign. Fuchs says that this is the indicated conclusion based on the Kahn Commission precedent that investigated Sabra and Shatila in 1982. "Olmert must resign, which means the resignation of the entire government," said Fuchs. The Kahn Commission found that one who is "found to bear ministerial responsibility for a grave security or political fiasco” must resign or be fired.

Tzipi is Just Another Political Rats. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni made the call at a press conference in Jerusalem after her meeting with Olmert. Livni told the reporters that "I told the prime minister in private talks that resignation would be the right thing. The public has lost faith in the government. We must restore it immediately. I believe that Kadima should stay and run the State of Israel. When the time comes, I will announce my candidacy for the party's leadership," she said. (Nothing will be changed in Israel if again one “political prostitute” replaces another. Livni is just concerned with saving her political future! Peace in Israel is only possible through abandoning the defeatist policy, and then setting and implementing the Jewish national agenda!)

'Essential' to Whom? US President George W Bush views Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as "essential" to Middle East peace efforts. Mr Bush "works very closely with Prime Minister Olmert and thinks that he's essential in working toward a two-state solution. The president remains committed to it", said spokesman Tony Snow. (A two-state solution is not essential but detrimental for Israel! However, it is essential to blame Israel for the problems that the Bush administration is experiencing due its to faulty policy and the war in Iraq! - “If in doubt, blame Jews!” The American “Winograd report” on the war in Iraq is long overdue! It seems, by being able to produce a report critical of the government, that Israel is a stronger democracy than US.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Suicide attacks are being used by Islamic terrorists world-wide. The technique has been well tested by Arabs in Israel, with little international concern or condemnation. According to the German police, around 30,000 Jahadists are living in Germany. MI5 is watching 2,000 terror suspects in the UK. Is all of this also Israel’s fault? Last year 30 Islamic terror plots were prevented in Europe.

Negotiation is Waste of Time. According to a Hamas spokesman, PA President Mahmoud Abbas does not have the full power to negotiate with Israel and Abbas' meetings with Prime Minister Olmert are 'pointless'. Furthermore, the spokesman said that Hamas will ignore any agreements reached between the two parties.

‘Friendly’ Pressure on Israel. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced the appointment of outgoing World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn to oversee the crucial non-military components of Israel's impending withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank. (Transfer of Arabs is not even under consideration! Withdrawal of Arabs from Israel, Judea, Samaria and Gaza would certainly bring peace to Israel and would save billions of international aid dollars!)

There is Alternative to Stop Terrorists. According to sources in the IDF, there's "no alternative to a physical barrier" through the Judean Desert to stop terrorists from infiltrating Israel. Although Defense Minister Amir Peretz halted construction in January due to objections that continuing would hurt wildlife and the desert ecosystem, new plan will be presented soon. (Millions of dollars are wasted, the environment is harmed, archaeological sites are destroyed! But the transfer of Arabs from Judea, Samaria and Gaza as an effective solution to stop terrorism in Israel is not even discussed!)

“Kill Them All”. The acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council stated on PA TV: "Our people was afflicted by the cancerous lump, that is the Jews, in the heart of the Arab nation....Be certain that America is on its way to disappear." "America is defeated and Israel is defeated, and was defeated in Lebanon and Palestine." "Allah, take hold of the Jews and their allies, Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies....Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don't leave even one." (Arab “cancerous lump” must be excised from Jewish land!)

Israel May Get F-22s. According to the former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, the United States would be inclined to allow the sale of advanced stealth F-22 fighter jets to the Israeli Air Force if the State of Israel's security was in jeopardy. (Wouldn’t it be “too little, too late.” Israel's security is always in jeopardy!)

Quote of the Week:

"Capturing Israeli soldiers remains the only way to release the [Arab] prisoners [Terrorists]." - Ayman Taha, Hamas official. – “Removing Arabs from the Jewish land is the only way of bringing peace to Israel.” – Steven Shamrak. - Which opinion do you think more prudent?

Muslim Sense of Wrongness. A Taliban video showing a 12-year-old in a camouflage jacket and a white headband using a knife to behead a blindfolded man accused of spying has angered many Afghans as men cry "Allahu Akbar". "It's very wrong for the Taliban to use a small boy to behead a man," religious teacher Mullah Attullah said. (But it is not wrong to behead people!)

U.S. Sets Eight-Month Timetable for Israel-PA Talks. The Bush administration has drawn up an eight-month timetable setting dates for when Israeli and Palestinian leaders would complete steps meant to bolster prospects for peace talks. (The administration strongly rejects setting any timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, but it is acceptable to pressure Israel again to the stupidity of negotiation with Arabs!)

BBC's anti-Israel bias Report. The BBC has won its legal battle to block the publication of a report into alleged bias against Israel. It is estimated that the BBC spent an estimated £200,000 to keep the report secret. (Why are the BBC’s bias, the Vatican’s role in the Holocaust or US anti-Semitism before WW2 and anti-Israel policies after the war secret? Where is the Christian tradition of repentance?)

Getting Ready for War. Syria has built a huge underground compound that includes 30 steel-reinforced concrete bunkers, production facilities, development labs and command posts for missiles that can cover the entire area of Israel. Salai Meridor, Israel's ambassador in Washington, DC, said that Syria has greatly increased the size of the force it has along the border with Israel, and that it had not built up such a large force "since Yom Kippur"

Archaeology of Eretz-Israel.

Archaeology in Israel has provided a valuable link between the country's present and past, with thousands of years of history unearthed at some 3,400 sites. Many finds attest to the long connection of the Jewish people with the Land of Israel, including Solomon's stables at Jezreel Valley, houses of the Israelite period in Jerusalem, ritual baths at Masada, numerous synagogues and the Dead Sea scrolls, containing earliest extant copy of the Book of Isaiah in still-readable Hebrew script. All finds are recorded, and historical sites are carefully preserved and marked, for scholar and visitor alike.

(At the same time, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have imposed tight political control over any archaeological study in order to hinder any discovery that would prove the Jewish past. Eretz-Israel is the cradle of Jewish, Christian and Islamic civilizations. ‘Surprisingly’, there is very little interest from world organizations like UNESCO to support and promote archaeological work, as well as preservation and restoration, in the region! This is an example of anti-Semitism of the highest and darkest level!)