Three Way Political Split on Iran


Israel’s ministers and military chiefs aired three diverse views on how to deal with a nuclear Iran at their latest foreign affairs and security cabinet session:

1. To go along with the negotiating track being pursued by six world powers and Iran in Vienna. Military Intelligence (Aman) director Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva argued that even if they decided to renew the bad 2015 nuclear accord, some limits would remain to curtail Iran’s nuclear activity and Israel and the IDF would win time to properly prepare for a crushing blow to Iran’s nuclear program. This view is not accepted by the Chief of Staff and most of the generals, who assert that he IDF is already now adequately prepared for this mission.

2. Another proponent of the Vienna track is Foreign Minister Yair Lapid – except that he says he hopes Israel will have some influence on the final text of the renegotiated accord and be able to insert important changes.  By referring to this approach as “trench warfare,” Lapid indicates he has little faith in Israel achieving this goal.

3. Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi and Mossad chief David Barnea are of one mind on insisting that a deal with Iran would only be acceptable if the 2015 accord was rewritten and substantially improved. Since they realize that this objective is unattainable, they favour following the path of a military strike right away.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s voice is missing from the debate. And since Prime Minister Naftali Bennett does not look like he is coming down in favour of any of the three views, Israel finds itself revisiting the hot, unresolved debate of 2012, which hampered the decision a decade ago on whether or not to attack Iran in order to cut short its drive for a nuclear weapon.

The common factor in the current state of play regarding the handling of Iran’s nuclear ambitions is a deep fog of uncertainty surrounding the next steps ahead. (Only decisive military action by Israel will stop the nuclear weapon program of Iran.)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Unfortunately, too many Jews are ready to fight anti-Semitism only, but when it comes to discuss and plan the future of the Jewish people and re-unification of Eretz-Israel they do not have much interest to get involve. Other important Jewish issues, like assimilation due to lack of national identity and intermarriage, are ignored completely. At the same time, many Jews - due to a ‘Ghetto Mentality’ and/ or self-hate, are quite vocal and even aggressive anti-Zionists/anti-Israel!

Mad Dogs of Fatah are Still Barking

The ruling Fatah Party of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas marked its 57th anniversary. During a rally in Ramallah on Dec. 30, 3021, Fatah deputy Mahmoud Al-Aloul stressed that the Palestinian people would not stop its struggle and its “resistance to the occupation” until it achieves freedom and independence. (The fake Palestinians were created 57 years ago with the help of KGB. They occupy Jewish land and must be removed from it.)

Deliberate Blindness to Inherent Flaws of UNRWA

On Dec. 30, 2021, the US State Department tweeted that it was proud to announce that it was providing $99 million for UNRWA. The move was not surprising, as the Biden administration announced last April that it will reverse the cash freeze applied to UNRWA by the Trump administration and has funded the organization $417.8 million in 2021. Unlike other refugees recognized by the United Nations, UNRWA is unique in conferring refugee status to its descendants, some of whom are five generations removed from actual purported refugees.

‘Sub-Jews' Must not be in Government

Deputy Economy Minister Yair Golan, Meretz party, labelled Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria as "subhuman." Giving an interview to the Knesset Channel, Golan used the epithet in reference to the inhabitants of the wildcat Homesh outpost in the northern West Bank that was cleared by Israeli authorities last week. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett rebuked Golan for his statement. "Yair Golan's words regarding the settlers in Homesh are abhorrent, generalizing and border blood libel," Bennett tweeted. "Settling Judea and Samaria is the pioneers of our time." "Prime Minister Bennett should fire Golan today," says former premier Netanyahu.

Clash of Two Islamic Extremist Ideologies

The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, verbally attacked the king of Saudi Arabia, saying Riyadh helped spread extremist Islamic ideology worldwide and is taking the thousands of Lebanese, who work in the oil-rich Persian Gulf region, “hostage.” This speech came in response to comments by King Salman, who called on the Lebanese in a speech last week “to end the terrorist Hezbollah’s control” of Lebanon.

Russia does not Care about Israel attacks in Syria

A senior Syrian official who spoke to the paper, which is affiliated with the Shi’ite terrorist group Hezbollah, slammed Russia for essentially ignoring the alleged Israeli attacks, and tacitly giving Jerusalem a green light to carry on such strikes, so long as no Russian troops are hurt. “The Israelis target sites that are inside Russian-controlled areas, and they (the Russian troops) don’t even fire interceptors at the missiles.”

Iran Finances Hamas Terrorists

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh claimed that the Iron Dome defense system could no longer protect Israeli residents from rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Haniyeh added that funding to acquire weapons that would deter Israel using rockets, strategic weapons through attack tunnels and weapons to contain IDF armoured forces was made possible thanks to $70 million in aid and support from the "Arab people."

Quote of the Week:

"I believe that the US will respect Israel if Israel respects itself. If Israel decides for itself what its long-range goals and values are - with regard to its boundaries or other critical issues - the world ultimately will respect it. Israel must do what is best for Israel, just like every other country does, and worry less about the reactions of others." - David Friedman, former US Ambassador to Israel.

The Promised Land and Political Stupidity.

by Steven Shamrak.

It started two millennia ago. Zionism is the inspiration of the Jewish people to return to the land of their ancestors. Promises that the barren land of “Palestine” would be returned to Jews had been given many times, by various rulers. Unfortunately, promises to Jews are often not kept! Compromise after compromise, more and more Jewish land was given to Arabs. Desperate and politicly paralysed, by leftist ideology, Jewish leaders accepted humiliation from Europeans, Americans and United Nations. As a result, since 1946, Jordan and Syria have been occupying 82% of Jewish land. Any International acceptance of this fact does not make it right or fair!

After 56 years of independence Jews still are not able to take control of their own destiny in their own country. It is difficult to imagine what would have happened if Zionist leaders had settled for the creation of a Jewish state in Tasmania or Uganda, where Jews have no historical or legal grounds at all. We must be grateful to Jabotinsky and his Russian Zionist fraction for rebuking those ridiculous ideas.

Israel has never been given a chance to consolidate her victories and establish peace. Time after time the International community robbed Jewish people of their victories over aggressive Arab states. In retrospect, it has proven to be an erroneous policy.  Arabs are not enemies of Israel only.  The language of power is the message they understand. And now all Western societies are paying the price for this mistake!

During the last twelve years, many ridiculous plans and agreements were pronounced and even sighted. None of them are advancing the prospects of peace, only obliteration of the Jewish state. Most ludicrous ideas are still coming from the self-doubting Jewish leadership. Only recently we heard of the ‘Gaza Disengagement’. The plan will not bring peace but encourage more Arab terror and International pressure on Israel to make more concessions. It will destroy whatever residue of Jewish national unity remains!

Now the Israeli Attorney General recommends that the government seriously consider adopting the Fourth Geneva Convention. The US lead coalition had a free hand in fighting ‘insurgents’ and supporting the population in Iraq and Afghanistan, existing countries. At the same time, ‘Palestine’ as a country had never existed, and fake Arab Palestinians are supporting and instigating terrorism. The International status of the territories is not changed. They are still ‘Disputed Territories’, only because Arabs made illegitimate claims. Why impose double standards on Israel? Why should Israel treat Arab terrorists differently?

When will this stupidity of Israel’s political system stop? Those Israeli politicians and public officials who do not believe in the Jewish state on Jewish land should put their personal ambitions aside and leave office. Let others do the job!