Thoughts about UAE Peace Deal

Compiled FaceBook postings

President Trump has brokered a game-changing agreement for the Middle East. This is the first time since the Israel-Jordan peace treaty, 25 years ago, that leader of Israel and an Arab state have agreed to establish full diplomatic ties.

1. “The UAE is already going to "save face", by denying the essence of the deal, and Israel has to be prepared to smirk and smile, and enjoy the benefits of it.”

2. “There's been no peace made here in decades and we've only lost ground. Other Arab nations will fall in line... this is amazing!”

3. “Bibi sold us the right down again. Duh! He will come out the loser in many ways. For Israel, this is a good thing, but what Bibi continues to fail to realize is that you have to serve your base as well, not take them for granted. He promised, and yet again sacrificed. He has abandoned Maale Adumim, ignored our national needs repeatedly. We don't need him coming here and smiling for the cameras. So, the deal is great, the price we are paying for it is not. Bibi sold it out of our pockets.”

4. “One aspect is that if the UAE (and maybe Bahrain) can be part of a unified pushback against Iran, this will have benefits. The mullahs are getting crazier, Hezbollah is willing to blow us all up, and the IRGC has settled in at the Syrian border.”

5. “Prime Minister Netanyahu has betrayed Israel again. This deal is suspending sovereignty and is a betrayal to the Jewish people.”

6. "It is time for Bibi to move aside and for the voters to stop getting kicked in the ass by him. Let's accept this UAE deal if it helps contain Iran and push for the next coalition to apply sovereignty regardless of international meddling!”

I wonder, do they celebrate this agreement with the same enthusiasm in UAE as Israel does? Israel had it with Egypt and Jordan with the same results - Israel makes concessions, they continue to hate! Well, as usual, it presents an opportunity for photo-ops, and Noble prize. (Something Netanyahu always dreams about!)

Annexation on Temporary Hold

by David Isaac

After a call with President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a televised statement to Israel announcing the agreement.

“Today we usher in a new era of peace between Israel and the Arab world,” Netanyahu said. “There is a good chance we will soon see more Arab countries joining this expanding circle of peace.”

However, Netanyahu insisted that the agreement with the UAE did not mark the end of his sovereignty plan, but is merely a temporary delay (Let hope so!), but US President Donald Trump told reporters that the move was “off the table”.

Yemina leader Naftali Bennett, while congratulating UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zaid on his leadership, slammed Netanyahu - “It is tragic that Netanyahu did not seize the moment, and did not muster the courage to apply sovereignty to even an inch of the Land of Israel..."

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Israel is giving up a lot for the illusion of peace with its hateful neighbours! First, it was peace agreement with Egypt – Israel relinquished its right to the Sinai peninsula, which was won in a defensive war and could be used to create a homeland for fake Palestinians, whom the Arab/Muslim states despise and have been using as a political football; Next, was peace with Jordan, which took control over the Jewish holiest place, the Temple Mount, where Jews are still are not allowed to pray! Will the process of reunification of the Jewish land be abandoned and sacrificed to another piece of paper, peace with UAE, and why? After all, it is Arabs need the help from Israel to deal with the aggressiveness of their arch-enemy – Iran!

Thank You for Support!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu thanked the leaders of Egypt, Oman and Bahrain for their "support" of the agreement to normalize ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). (Jordan, 'Peace partner’, is not on the list!)

Turkey Grants Citizenship to Hamas Terrorists

Turkey grants citizenship to 12 convicted Hamas terrorists, freed in the 'Shalit deal'! Some of the terrorists' families have also been granted Turkish citizenship. All of the terrorists are considered active, and are working to raise funds for Hamas' activities and lead its operations. (Now Israel knows where to ship enemies when the time comes to end the occupation of Jewish land!)

UN to End Arms Embargo on Iran

The UN Security Council on Friday resoundingly defeated a US resolution to indefinitely extend the UN arms embargo on Iran, with the Trump administration getting support from only the Dominican Republic but vowing further action to prevent Tehran’s sale and export of conventional weapons.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Israel and the six Arab Gulf nations who supported the extension “know Iran will spread even greater chaos and destruction if the embargo expires, but the Security Council chose to ignore them.”

Arrow-2 and -3 Missiles against Iranian Attack Tested

Arrow defense system successfully shoots down incoming rocket made to look like Iranian ballistic missile. The Arrow 2 interceptor missile was fired in the middle of the night from a base in the center of the country and successfully shot down an incoming missile that was simulating an Iranian Shihab-3 surface-to-surface missile. Israel has also successfully tested the Arrow 3 system.

Israeli Arabs and 'Coronavirus Terrorism'

Israel's coronavirus czar, Prof. Ronni Gamzu, said that the behavior of the Arab sector during the coronavirus crisis has been so irresponsible that it is akin to carrying out "a terror attack" that would have resulted in hundreds of new patients in the country. After the Eid al-Adha holiday - "Gatherings, riots, parties, complacency, apathy - thinking coronavirus would not hurt them."

Need to Empower UNIFIL

The United States backs Israel’s demands for significant changes to the U.N. peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, UNIFIL, whose mandate is up for renewal at the end of August. Now is the time to empower UNIFIL, end the long complacency and enable the mission to fully achieve what it was set out to accomplish," said US Ambassador to the U.N. Kelly Craft. UNIFIL was being “prevented from fulfilling its mandate,” and that the Lebanon-based terrorist organization Hezbollah had “been able to arm itself and expand operations, putting the Lebanese people at risk.”

Israel Deploys Light Blade System

Israel’s Light Blade laser defense system, designed to intercept airborne threats (balloons, kites, small drones) launched from the Gaza Strip, was deployed operationally for the first time last week. This month marks 15 years since Israel withdrew from Gaza in the hope that the "land-for-peace" model proposed by many would be successful. It has proved the opposite. (That what happens when 'wishful thinking' takes over the common sense - enemies get bold, and terror escalates!)

Another 'Farcical' Balloon War

Israel Air Force planes and combat helicopters attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip Thursday night after incendiary bombs launched by Palestinians in Gaza caused at least 24 fires in Israel. The IDF said it struck a naval compound, underground infrastructure, and observation posts of the organization belonging to the Iran-backed Hamas. Some homes in the affected areas were reportedly damaged, but there were no casualties. (Hamas leadership, who are instigating attacks, are not targeted! Even terrorists, who send balloons, are not killed by IDF snipers. What a farce!)

Israel Fighting Cyber War

Israel’s defense establishment thwarted a cyber-attack targeting Israel’s leading defense industries. The attempted cyber-attack was conducted by an international cyber group called “Lazarus,” an organization that is backed by a foreign country. The cyber-attacks were identified in real time - No harm or disruption was made!

Quote of the Week:

“President Trump’s Own Words – ‘Israel agreed not to annex parts of the West Bank. It is more than taking it off the table – they agreed not to do it. This is a very smart concession by Israel. It is off the table now.’   Bibi lied again! I am a Jewish supporter of President Trump but Prime Minister Netanyahu has betrayed Israel… I’m not going to mince words this deal suspending sovereignty is betrayal, in my opinion, to the Jewish people… How many other peace agreements have we signed that we gave our land away and got nothing in return!” – a FaceBook posting – Likud party needs to unseat Netanyahu and return to its original Zionist roots! It is for too long external pressure and opinions, even from the best friends of Israel, have stopped Israel from achieving the Jewish national goal – reunite all our land, Eretz-Israel!


The Jewish National Goal

 by Steven Shamrak.

Many Jewish groups, organizations and individuals are actively involved in signing petitions, writing letters and monitoring anti-Semitism worldwide. These are very important activities, but they all are missing direction.

Jews must unite behind the most important objective - the Jewish National goal: "Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land". Only by uniting behind the National Goal Jews will have the chance to survive the modern, internationally orchestrated, anti-Jewish onslaught!

This is the only goal that is worthwhile to pursue. It is the right of the Jewish people and must be pursued regardless of a political affiliation and external factors such as the Arab intentions to destroy Israel, and International anti-Semitism! It is the National right that Jewish people have dreamed about for 2000 years! Therefore, regardless of the political affiliation of any Jewish group, political party or individual, communist or capitalist; Orthodox, Secular or Atheist - all of them can support and be united behind this goal. And, it would not contradict their ideology.

It is impossible to achieve anything without setting an objective. We need to revive, re-ignite and be clear about the Jewish National Goal and aspirations. We can’t afford to waste time anymore. Our enemies declared their intention clearly, recently and in the past. Our ambiguity is just inflaming their hate!

Jewish national aspirations are not against Arabs or Muslims. It is about the identity and rights of Jewish people. The International community has done everything possible to deny Jewish people the achievement of our destiny. The time has come to take control of our own destiny!

The useless internal political bickering has to be stopped. The Jewish National Goal must be the main priority and motivation for all Israeli politicians, Jewish people and organizations around the world. The personal ego has to be put aside. This idea is the only one that can unite Jewish people.

History is full of examples of a great number of people who became idealistic and enthusiastic when they were led to the achievement of seemingly, unattainable goals. They were unstoppable and pursued worthwhile goals with zeal.

Jews have this goal embedded in the Jewish soul. It would be more natural and easier for Jews to support the creation of the Jewish state on all Jewish lands. On the contrary, it is unnatural and self-destructive to impose on Israel the agenda of our enemies and the duplicity of their supporters!