There were Never Jew-Friendly Arabs!

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Zionism has nothing to do with Arabs’ pathological hate and violence!

Arabs have always attacked Jews, long before the re-establishment of Israel in 1948! Here is a timeline of Arab violent rapes, attacks and murder of Jews for the past 500+ years, NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE:

1517 – Ottoman Empire attacks Jerusalem. Jews were beaten, raped and many were killed in their home

1517 – Muslim mobs attacked Hebron - unknown number of deaths. It led to Jews fleeing the town.

1660 – Druze Rebels attacked around Tiberias, which led to Jews fleeing Tiberias unknown - numbers of dead.

1834 – Egyptians took Hebron committing a massacre, over 500 plundered, raped and killed.

1834 – Safed – Arab Rioters Reports committed torture and mass-rape of Jewish population, unknown numbers of dead.

1838 – Safed – Druze rebels and Muslim mobs plundered Jewish quarters for three days.

British Mandate of Palestine Era:

March 1st, 1920 – Battle of Tel Hai – started by Arabs, ended with 8 Jews and 5 Arabs dead.

April 1920 – Nebi Musa Riots – Started by Arabs, resulted in 5 Jews Dead 216 Wounded, 4 Arabs dead 18 wounded.

May 1921 – Jaffa Riots – Started by Arabs, resulted in 95 deaths – 48 Arab, 47 Jews – wounded 140 Jews and 73 Arabs.

November 2nd 1921 – Jerusalem – Started by Arabs, 5 Jews killed in stabbing attack. Multiple wounded, including women and children

23rd-26th August 1929 – Palestine Riots – Started by Arabs, 133 Jews, 116 Arabs killed; 339 Jews and 232 Arabs wounded

24th August 1929 – Hebron Massacre – Started by Arabs - 67 Jews killed; 58 Jews wounded.

29th August 1929 – Safed Massacre – Started by Arabs, 18-20 Jews killed; 80 Jews wounded.

April 19th, 1936 – Jaffa Riots – Started by Arabs, 9 Jews killed, 40 Jews wounded (11 critically). Police killed two attackers. Further 7 Jews and 3 Arabs killed the next day.

13th August, 1937 – Safed – 4 members of a Jewish family, 3 children, shot dead by Arabs who broke into their home.

November 9th 1937 – 5 Jewish Keren Kayemet workers killed near Har Haruach in Arab ambush.

Finally, in 1937 Jews started fighting back after taking over 400 years of abuse! (This is just a short list of atrocities that have been committed by Arabs/Muslims in Palestine against Jews!)

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Many well-known anti-Semites had used help from Jews to gain the fame and wealth only to show their true anti-Semitic nature later. Jewish composer Jacques Offenbach was a mentor of Richard Wagner, who showed his ugly character later, and his family was supporting and promoting Hitler and Nazi agenda. The career of actor Brandon Marlow received a kick-start after he participated in fund raising function for a newly created Jewish state, Israel. Some infamous and common anti-Semites like to be treated by Jewish doctors, like the PA and Hamas leaders and their families, enjoy wearing blue jeans, and vaccinate their children from Polio and other diseases. They love watching movies made by Jews - but hate Jews because it is hard to admit their own mediocrity and stupidity!


Sinai Option - Road to Permanent Peace!

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Economic Cost of Friendship with US

Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems pulled its David’s Sling surface-to-air missile defense system from a Swiss tender following pressure from the United States. The David Sling system became operational two years ago. The Swiss defense ministry last year earmarked 1.3 billion-1.5 billion Swiss francs to buy a surface-to-air missile defense system that can protect 15,000 km² and effectively engage targets beyond 12,000m high at a distance of 50 km. (This is not the first time, and not the last one that Israel is pressured by the US not to compete with the American companies!)

Despicable Act of Religious Fraud and Hate!

A married couple who recently moved to Chicago and settled in a Jewish neighbourhood has been outed as Christians. David and Rivkah Castello moved to the Jewish neighborhood of West Rogers Park a few months ago with a mission to influence Jews to adopt Christianity. (This is in line with traditional Christian genocidal tendency toward Jews, complete lack of respect and religious tolerance! They are not ‘brave’ enough to try it in a Muslim community!)

Israel's Own Legal Stupidity!

The Supreme Court upheld the decision by Israel Police to close the Temple mount to Jewish visitors on Jerusalem Day, on June 2nd, as it coincides with the last 10 days of Ramadan. (They could let Jews for one day in and bar Arabs from entry, after all, Ramadan is a 30 day event!)

Sometimes They Can’t Ignore the Obvious

Germany's parliament has condemned as anti-Semitic a movement calling for a cultural boycott of Israel over its policies towards Palestinians. Lawmakers in the Bundestag said the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) group uses anti-Semitic methods to promote its political goals.

Preventive Strike Against Iran is Overdue!

Two staffers on Iranian Revolutionary Guards publications reported on Tuesday, May 14 that the Israeli Golan is Tehran’s next target after its attacks on UAE and Saudi oil infrastructure. (Iran and its proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah have been continuously threatening Israel with military attack and extermination! It is about time to facilitate regime change in Iran, and destroy their proxies.)

Revolving Door of Terror

Israel released 1,027 terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails in 2011 in return for the release of Shalit, who was abducted by Hamas on the Gaza border in 2006. Over 150 of them have returned to terrorism and have been involved in the death of at least 10 Israelis. (The government was warned about it then! Why were the terrorists not deported? Stupidity of inaction must end!)

TRUMP FACTOR - Terrorists aren't Welcome!

The US government had refused her an entry visa to PLO national treasure Hanan Daoud Mikhael Ashrawi. The ban probably had to do with Ashrawi’s being a vocal critic of President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate the US embassy there.

Quote of the Week:

Is Israel a Jewish state or an Israeli State? That really is the issue! It was the Israeli State that banned Rabbi Meir Kahane and it is the Israeli State that permits Arab Members of Knesset promoting the Nakba and Palestine within the Knesset.” – a FaceBook post – Jewish patriot, Zionists, are systematically harassed by Israel’s legal system! Illegal Arab constructions and settlements are allowed to be built on Jewish land. There is a need for change!

Perplexed Supporters of Israel

by Steven Shamrak

It might surprise some Jews, considering the disproportional anti-Israel coverage in the media and from international pressure the on Israeli government, that there are many non-Jews who strongly support the State of Israel. What even more surprising is, that many of them enthusiastically approve the idea of the reunification of Jewish land, the creation of Eretz-Israel  (Land of Jewish people), as it was designated by the League of Nations in July 1922, - even more than most of Jews.

Quite often I receive messages of disbelief and surprise from our non-Jewish friends. Many members of non-Jewish nations, who have never experienced continual persecution and violence, are unable to understand Jewish passivity and inadequate responses to Arab aggression and terror.  Although most of these nations are Christian, they still struggle to grasp the Jewish concept of love and respect to life, even at this time of existential threat from their mortal enemies. They ask:

1) “How on Earth do Jewish people put up with the injustice?”

My reply: Jews are used to it and we must be very careful with what and how we do things. Before WWII Jews were not allowed to leave most European countries, including the current leading democracy. During the war we were betrayed and killed by our neighbours and friends. After the war the British did everything possible to disallow the establishment of our homeland, which was legally designated for Jews (many Arab and Muslim countries were recently created as a result of the same mandate system which was created by the League of Nations.)

2) “I can’t understand how some Jews can turn their backs on Israel and help the hatred towards Jews.”

My reply: For too long Jews suffered persecution and were told “you can’t do this!” And we started to believe this lie. Many of us are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome. For thousands of years we learned to survive by appeasing our oppressors. It is difficult to break bad old habits, especially when there aren’t many truly supportive friends around.

3) “I don’t understand. When there is non-stop world-wide Muslim violence towards the western world and none from the State of Israel, why the international hatred is centred on Israel and there is no reaction against Muslims…”

My reply: Welcome to the reality of the anti-Jewish world! They love to hate Jews, while conveniently disregarding the fact that Islamists hate Christians and any other religions, Communists and nice democracies even more than they hate the existence of Israel. Israel is just a front line of the world-wide Islamic assault to achieve global domination by Islam!

Jews and Jewish leadership must realize that the horrors of our past should not destroy the future of the Jewish people. We achieve what most people had considered impossible - creation of the Jewish state in 1948 in an utterly hostile international environment. We are in danger to squander our great achievement! The time is now to understand that we will never get approval for anything we do or not do from anyone. Therefore, it is better to do what is right for the Jewish People than for our hateful enemies!